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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



On seeing Thomas, Celine hid behind Nick while Nick stood starring at his brother angrily and also protecting the girl he loved.
“What a nice little scene we have here?”Thomas said softly
“Let us out of here and you won’t be hurt”Nick said to Thomas.
“Don’t worry little bro, you will be getting out of here but your dead corpse will be the one passing through the door “Thomas said and as he soon as he finished saying that. Four men barged into the room and pulled Nick.
Though he fought, they managed to hurt him and held him pinned down.
“Let him go please!”Celine begged, trying to free her self from Thomas who had pulled her to him.
“Sorry my sweet heart but you will just have to watch him die today. I hate to watch it too considering that he has been my little bro for some years but he will just have to die. Order from the boss my sweet”He said pulling Celine to him.
“Let him go Thomas! I beg you. I will do what ever you want, I will go with you and be with you just like you have asked and in exchange you leave Nick alone”Celine said starring at Thomas and hoping that he would do as she says.
“Sorry love but I can’t do any thing, the boss orders. Remember?”He said
“Who is this darn boss of yours? Why does he want Nick dead? Take me to him, I will beg if necess…..”Celine stopped short when she heard Stacey scream.
She was being pulled into the room roughly by a man and she even had blood traces on her lips.
“Stacey!!!”Celine yelled yanking her self from Thomas and kneeling on the floor to hold the frightened Stacey in her arms.
“You beast! What did you do to her ?”Celine yelled at them.
“A good beating to shut her up was the best thing we could do”Thomas said
“Celine! Get away “Nick yelled at Celine who turned to stare at him
“Now the game have finally began. Who my dearest Celine will you be willing to save, your dearest Stacey or the man you claim to love. Choose one and that person gets to be saved while the other die”Thomas said
“Celine”Stacey cried into Celine arms, feeling scared.
Celine didn’t know whom to choose, it was a difficult task that Thomas had given her.
“This is crazy……”
“Your time is running out, pick one quickly”Thomas said
Knowing how Thomas is, he would surely kill Nick.
If Nick is saved with her decision then she will find a way to beg him to let Stacey go. If he is really obsessed over her as he claimed, he would surely listen to her pleas and in exchange she will go with him to where ever he wanted her to go.
“Do not choose Celine….this is all a lie!”Nick yelled at her and she turned to look at him
“Please Celine! Save me, I beg you”Stacey cried as she drew Celine attention back to her.
“Am sorry!”Celine mouthed at her before turning towards Thomas.
“Let Nick go”Celine said only to hear Stacey wailing behind her
“I knew you would surely choose Nick”Thomas said with a smile on his lips
“How could you do this to me!”Stacey yelled from behind.
“Stop with your darn pretence!”Nick yelled suddenly and that got him every one attention.
“What’s wrong Nick? Why do you think that all this is a pretence”Thomas asked as he moved towards the beaten Nick.
“All of this is a farce and you know that better than any one.”He said starring at Thomas as first before his gaze settled on Stacey who knelt on the floor.
Celine feeling a bit confused with Nick behaviour began to walk towards him only to stop when she heard Stacey voice.
“I think have had enough!”Stacey said as she stood up, dusting off her hand and stained trouser.
Celine turned to stare at Stacey In surprise, shocked by her change of attitude.
“What the hell are you…..”
“It’s time we call it quits Thomas. Judging by the way Nick keeps on starring at me. He already knows”She said cutting Thomas off.
“Really?”Thomas asked as he moved to stand beside Stacey.
“What’s going on Stacey?”Celine asked still feeling surprised.
“Why don’t Nick answer that for you. After all you chose him over me”Stacey said and Celine turned to Nick for an explanation.
“Have always thought of you as some one who enjoys having the spot light, so why don’t you just tell her the truth your self!”Nick yelled at Stacey.
“Fine then,I will surely do the honours if that is what you are telling me to do” Stacey said giving him a mocking smile before turning to Celine.
“You would have known by now that Thomas is one of the illegal gambling den and so I am also one of them but as it turns out am the boss, the leader of the ring”Stacey explained.
“You are what?”Celine asked shocked by what she just discovered.
Knowing that they were all distracted,Nick stood up hitting the men around him and when he got the chance he moved towards Celine, pulling her to stand behind him.
By now the men were already back on their feet and with just one move from Nick, they were ready to attack.
“How romantic. You always save her all the time my dearest Nick”Stacey said softly
“If I have to save her from people like you for the rest of my life, I will Stacey. I wouldn’t even hesitate to kill if necessary”Nick said
“You really don’t value your life Nick”Stacey said
Celine who had been quiet for a while Burst out the question that have been tormenting her ever since Stacey told her the truth.
“But why Stacey? When did you resort to this sort of thing and if you are the boss of the illegal gambling den then you would have been the one who wanted me dead, why Stacey? What did I ever do to you?”Celine asked .
“Never have I thought that I will have to repeat this old story again but if you want an explanation, then I will give you one”Stacey said starring at Celine.
“It all began when my mother died. You must still be thinking that she died because of a heart disease just like I made every one believed but as it turns out she didn’t die because of that. She died because of the pain, the pain of having being through a ghastly situation”Stacey began softly
“My mother was raped and as you can see the result is me. I never knew the identity of my father or the way I was conceived until my mom told me when I was just twelve. Why aren’t you asking Celine? You must want to know who this bastard is that raped my mother and then denied me even before I was born”Stacey said starring at Celine.
“It can’t be Stacey… just can’t be!”Celine yelled out.
“Your father turned out to be that bastard. My mother was just an innocent and even though he had his wife, he raped her and when she found out that she was pregnant. He rejected me quickly and if it hadn’t been for my mother threat to expose his evil deed, he would have succeeded in killing me even before I was born”
“Turns out we are sister Celine. I couldn’t believe it either when she first told me but then every thing was clear to me when I saw the look your father sent my way”.
“I thought I could make him love me, I never told him what my mother told me on the day of her death. If he could love you and pamper you, I can also be treated in the same manner but I was never acknowledged, I had to watch him take care of you like his precious fragile vase while he treated me in a l terrible fashion”Stacey finished hotly
“That’s…..that is a….you are lying to me “Celine said as she listened to Stacey confession in shock.
“Then one day I decided to become some one. Some one who wouldn’t be looked down by my father, some one who will be powerful and some one who could help get him out of his financial issues. So I began the illegal gambling den site. At first I wanted just to make a few money with it but I got so addicted that I couldn’t get out of it. You might be an heiress Celine but I am also an heiress of my own. You had been gone for a running competition when your father had a few financial issues. I had my chance then, to show him that I was a daughter to him as well. I introduced him to gambling den and at first he enjoyed it. The money he won and the new connection he got but all that changed suddenly when he became greedy for my position. He wanted to be the boss and in other to achieve that he tried to coerce me by making me believe that he really cared for me and being the fool I was I believed him”
“All that changed when I heard him talking on the phone. The bubble I was in at that shattered and knowing that he wanted the den for himself, I told him to leave but he stupidly had to take the ledger which had the names of every one involved. That night when you ran off with the ledger, I stayed back in the house and finished it all my self” Stacey said with a smile
“Wh….what….what did you do Stacey?”Celine managed to find her voice behind Nick
“I killed him. I gave him the dose which caused his heart attack. The men who were after you that night made it clear to me that you had seen the names inside and knowning what that entail, you had to die too but then the doctor told me that you had amnesia and i was happy. I didn’t want to kill you Celine, whether you believe it or not, you have been the one only one who had treated me like a family “
“But all that changed when you began to recover and you hardly spoke to me about your plans and so wanting to find out, I got Zack to bring in Nick. He will get close to you and inform Zack about the things you know but then Nick also had to fall in love with you ruining my plan. You just met him, you should have chosen me. I was with you all my life and wanna know some thing I would have gladly let you live if you had chosen me a while ago but due to what you did earlier you have made me realise that keeping alive is a mistake. You are a Clifford and you will keep on being one”Stacey said now looking very angry.
“Thomas get rid of them. Kill Nick if you want to and do whatever you want with Celine and after then, you kill her, I don’t want them alive “Stacey said and turned to leave but she stopped when the door burst open and some men charged into the room along side Peter.
On seeing this Nick took a deep breath.”What took you so long?”Nick asked Peter as he held onto Celine who was still shocked by Stacey confession.
“It took me a while to see your phone. That was a smart move”Peter added tapping his back.
“So did you get the evidence we need?”Peter asked
“Yes I did “Nick said bringing out a recorder from his pocket.
He stared at Stacey and Thomas who was being taken out by the police.
“Every thing you need is in here “Nick said handing the recorder to him.
Peter went to assist the police and Nick turned to stare at Celine, who was still shocked by Stacey confession.
“I can’t believe that Stacey is behind every thing that has happened to me”Celine said
“You have to. I was shocked too when I saw her name in the ledger and I went back to the mansion to warn you but you were no where to be found. I was so sick with worry”Nick said hugging Celine tightly.
Some where in the back ground they heard some men shuffling and then Peter yelling Of Thomas name.
Nick was too late in getting them out of harm way cause the gun shot at them blackned the whole thing.
A little girl can be seen walking towards the mail box and taking out two letters in it.
Knowing who it was addressed for, she ran back into the vast beach house and headed for the beach where she knew they would be.
‘”mama! Mama”On hearing her daughter call, Celine turned to take her into her arms
“So you have finally waken up?”Celine said lightly
“I have and look! I brought you this”the little girl said
“Going through the mail box again. Have told you that it’s dangerous to do that,leave the mail box to me” Celine said
“But I like going through things mom and besides daddy is here to take care of us. So you have nothing to fear” her daughter said which made her smile.
“You are right my little princess. Daddy is here to always take care of you and your mom”Nick said as he lifted their daughter into his arms.
“You must be quite proud to see your cocky attitude in her”Celine said haughtily.
“Of course! After all she is my daughter”Nick replied as he set her down and she ran a bit ahead to build the sand castle.
“One is for you”Celine said giving him a letter while she took the other one addressed to her.
They both read their letters respectively,both brooding and thinking when they finished reading.
“Who is that from?”Nick asked
“It’s from the prison. According to the person who sent it, Stacey had written this to me a month before her death”Celine said looking a bit sad
“What did it say?”Nick asked
“That she is sorry “Celine replied sighing softly.
“You know after her confession three years ago, I realise that she must have had her own share of suffering. She was with my father and I through out our lives, she must have been longing for his love and when he didn’t show her that he loved her, she resulted to becoming rich just so our father could acknowledge her but him being him just used her”
“If I were in her shoes, I would have done the same thing” Celine added sadly and knowing that this particular subject disturbed Celine, Nick pulled her to him, hugging her tight
“I don’t hate her Nick and if I had some how known that she was my sister, I would have done some thing to right the wrong of my father. I miss her Nick, if only she hadnt killed her self in hail, I would have build a relationship with her”Celine said as she cried in his arms.
“Every thing happens for a reason and we just have to accept that Celine. Wherever Stacey might be, she is getting the peace she needs,Just think about it that way “Nick replied as he held her tight.
She nodded softly and it took a while before she asked him what his letter is about.
“It’s from Alicia. She says father is really sick and that he wants me to come back ‘you have been away from home for a very long time, it’s time you came back’ A quote from him. Thomas is going to spend the rest of his life in jail and some one needs to handle the company and so he wants me back “Nick said softly
“So would you refuse going back home?”She asked
“Right now, I don’t know, you tell me. Should I go back home and reconcile with dad or should we continue our life here”He asked
“The answer solely depends on you. What do you really want Nick, what does your heart want ?”Celine asked
“To go back home”he replied softly and Celine gave him a smile.
“Good then”she replied
“Will you be willing to go with me too, to leave every thing here and make a family with me”He asked
“Of course, you are my husband and I will always be with you and also little Alice will surely ask me where her father is and I don’t want that”She said laughingly which got Nick smiling too.
“So then, I better get everything ready for our departure”she said turning to leave only for Nick to pull her back to him
“You asked me what my heart want and I told you that I wanted to go home”he said softly
“Yes you did”She replied
“Well I also want another thing and that’s you Celine . I want you and little Alice too. So Mrs Celine Edmund what do you say to what have just said”Nick asked as he held her by the waist.
Celine put her arms around him and smiled up at him
“It’s a yes and will always be a yes Nick, I love you more than life it self and I will always want you and little Alice and more children to come”She said
“I love you my crazy heiress”he said softly
“And I too”Celine sighed as she gave him her heart and soul completely.
Hope you have learnt some thing from this story of mine.😁
Thanks for reading…
You guys have been the Best so far. Thank you all for your support and your love.
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