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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“What do you all think business is in one word ?”the professor asked

“Wealth !”



“Money, money , money! ” a student said and every one laughed

Celine sat at the back seat watching every one chipping some thing in but she wasn’t concentrating that much in class and that’s because she was starring at Nick who sat out side, starring at her through the window.

On seeing that he was looking at her, he smiled at her and she couldn’t help but to smile back.

There is nothing stopping him from being in class with her but she didn’t want too much attention on her,being in class with a guard will certainly make people stare at her and so she asked him to stay out side.

Luckily for her, neither has she run into Mark and Cathy.If possible she is ready to avoid them if it will stop them from bothering her.

“Yes business certainly means money but there is one word am looking for, keep trying and we might get there”The professor continued and for a while Celine was distracted by the students trying to come up with a word that define business.

The professor finally gave up and told them and while she focused on class, she didn’t notice that Nick was no longer sitting at his spot, watching her.

It was a while later that she did notice and that made her feel bereft, she like to know that he was watching over her by standing out side but not seeing him there certainly made her feel strange.

Where could he have gone to? She thought to her self

Mean while Nick stood at the field starring at Alicia who was starring at him angrily.

“You left and all for what? To work as Celine guard, I wondered what they will say when they find out the truth”Alicia said

“They don’t have to find out Alicia”Nick said softly trying to convince Alicia that it’s best for her to keep her mouth shut than for his secret to be known.

“What!”Alicia yelled still looking annoyed

“I said you don’t have to tell them that you saw me again. I will like it if you didn’t tell them that you have seen me “He said softly

“But Nick! Why are you hiding away? Why don’t you just go back , every one is worried? It’s been a year !”Alicia said this time, all her anger dissipating.

“I can’t come back, I don’t want to. Have made a new life for my self and i hope it will keep on being that way “Nick said softly

” But I don’t want that Nick! Can’t you realise that every one misses you?”She said again trying to change Nick mind.

Nick smiled softly, he knew who miss and doesnt miss him and he knew that as long as he lives, he wouldnt go back.

Some where in the distance, Nick heard the ringing of a bell but he didn’t give it much thought because Alicia held both his hand.

“Please Nick, come back! We all miss you,I do most especially”Alicia said holding both his hand.

He pulled free and carressing her cheek with one hand, he smiled at her.

“You are the only one who cares about me and am glad that you do but my answer remain the same, I wont be going back “He said softly

“Are you doing this because of her?”Alicia asked not starring at him.

He followed her gaze and saw Celine standing in front of the class starring at the both of them.

He pulled away from Alicia and Alicia didn’t fail to notice that little action

“Nick what is wrong with you?”Alicia said trying to pull him back but he held her hand and place a card in it.

“Call me later and we will get to talk but now, I have to do my job”He said and walked towards Celine whose mere gaze told him that she was wondering what he and Alicia were doing together.

“Is that your last class for today?”Nick asked as they head to where the car is parked

“Yes”She replied softly, she knew she wanted to ask but this time she will keep it to her self, He is just her guard and if he knew Alicia, then that is his problem, she doesn’t have to know things about him, he was just her employee after all.

“what are you thinking about?”Nick asked intruding in her thoughts

“Nothing!”She replied quickly and she hated her self for it. She sounded angry and why is she even angry? Is it because She saw Nick with Alicia a whole ago! While would she be…….

‘you are just jealous’.

A voice said to her and she shook her head causing Nick to stare at her.

“Are you okay?”Nick asked

“Of course”She replied and began to limp off, she just can’t believe that she is jealous! The last time she was jealous of a girl was when she saw one hitting on Mark at one of a grand party her father held then, she was so furious with rage then and she had a good reason to be furious about it but then Nick.

Why would she be jealous if she should see him with Alicia.

“Watch out!!!”Nick said pulling her to him. It was all so sudden, she found herself in his arms.

She looked up to stare at him and found him starring at her too.

She felt her heart beating fast and loud, she knew Nick could hear it too or was it all a figment of her imagination.

“Can’t the college be saved from your romance?”Mark said softly and that made Celine pull out of Nick arms

She saw Mark, along with Cathy and some other student starring at them.

“Just keep on going Mark”Nick said and instead of doing as he said, Mark gave him a distateful look before starring at Celine.

“Is this the best you can do Celine? A guard! Couldn’t you at least pick some one from your class?”Mark asked

“I once did that and I regret it”Celine replied and that brought an angry look on Mark face.

“It’s a good thing you regret it because he is free for me now and he is mine”Cathy said

“He is free to you Cathy after all you like having my left over”Celine added and Nick couldn’t deny that that made him feel happy.

“Common”Nick said as he held her hand and began to walk away but they both stopped when Mark pulled her by her hand

“You and I have to talk….with out this guy ?”He said not caring if Cathy his so called girl friend was watching them.

“Stop this nonsense and leave me alone”Celine said pulling her hand from him.

Mark stared at her surprised that she still Remembered what he said to her a year ago.

“You are no longer the guy I used to know and love and so it’s best if you stay away from me, you will only bring me Shame and I hate that”Celine continued, repeating every bitter word he said to her at the hospital

“Look Celine I …..”

“Stop it! You broke it off with me a year ago, you asked me to stay away and that is what am doing and so am asking you to leave me alone, stay away from me, am happy with Nick now and even though you are not happy with Cathy, I think it’s best if you find some one else and be happy with her”Celine said and holding onto Nick arm, they head to the school parking lot.

Celine was still shaking when then got to the car and instead of Nick opening the door for her to get in, he pulled her into his arms, giving her a tight hug.

“It must have been hard for you then right?”He asked softly

“You don’t have to feel that way again, as long as I am here with you, you have nothing to fear”He added

Celine couldn’t reply because she was trying to hold back the tears that threatned to spill, she hugged him tight Instead.

A while later they were driving back to the mansion and Celine who had been sad earlier found her self thinking about Alicia and Nick once again.

She was still brooding over it when Nick broke the silence

“Why don’t you ask?”He said softly

“What ?”

“You saw me with Alicia earlier”He said

“Yes I did”She replied

“Alicia is just a……”

“You don’t have to explain your self, what you do with your life is your business and what I do with mine is my business, you are my guard and I thank you for being there for me, watching over me and……”

“Did you just thank me?”Nick asked


“You just thanked me! Have never heard that word from you before, Stacey is right?*He said softly

“Why do you say that ?” Celine asked

“It’s a Secret”He said as he drove into the mansion.

She couldn’t get to ask him any more question and they couldn’t get to talk about Alicia and her role in his life because Stacey and the other workers were out side awaiting their arrival

“What’s going on?”Celine asked as soon as Stacey released her from the hug.

“Since it’s your first day at college today, we all decided to prepare a surprise for you” Stacey said

“We arranged a small gathering and it was Nick idea”Stacey added.

She stared at Nick who shrug and walked towards them.

“You won’t refuse it, a lot of people have put in a lot of work just to make this small party happen and besides it’s been long since I had a bit of fun”Nick said and before Celine could protest a bit more, he pulled her into the mansion.

The guest who had gathered for the small party were none other than the maid, they were having a good time when they all walked in.

“Loosen your self a bit and just enjoy the party!”Nick said behind her and though she felt a bit shivery by his nearness, she moved to one of the empty seats watching her employee having fun.

It’s been long since the house has been this lively, she miss having fun and she regret spending most of her time locked up and feeling bitter.

She stared at Nick who was now dancing with Stacey along with the other employee and smiled feeling very happy in a long time.

“The drink have finish Stacey”one of the maid said interrupting their dance

“Really? I thought I bought a lot”Stacey said

“Well we all have finish it, I can get some if you will just……”

“No need! I will get it myself”Stacey said and the maid walked off to join the other guest.

“Mind if I come with you? There is some thing I need to ask you”He said and Stacey nodded.

As soon as they told Celine where they were headed to, they left the mansion.

“It’s just a few minutes walk, no need to take the car”Stacey said to Nick and they both walk out of the room.

“So what do you want to talk to me about?”Stacey asked

“Well it’s about the document I told you the other day, I went into the study and while checking around,I saw a cabinet which was locked, I wonder if you had the key “he said softly

“When Celine father died, she asked us to lock the door and the key have been with her, you can ask her for it but….. do you know what that document is about?”She asked

“I…..”he stopped when he got a call and it was from Celine

“Have been trying to reach Stacey but she didn’t take her phone with her and so i decided to call you”She began softly and Nick had to smile to her excuse

“Okay, why did you call?”He asked

“Well I need to get some few things and….. what’s going on”She said suddenly

“What happen?”Nick asked, his protective instinct on alert

“The lift….it won’t open, the lights went out and oh God…..oh no…….” Those were the the last words he heard before she cut the call.

“What’s wrong?”Stacey asked

“The lights went off and Celine is trapped in the lift”Nick said

“What! She can’t be trapped in the lift, she is claustrophobic and she….she might die Nick! She might die of suffocation”Stacey said.

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