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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine woke up only to see that she was in her room and that she hadn’t even changed from her night gown.

What had happened earlier, she thought as she sat up,still feeling dizzy.

And to answer her question, her mind drifted off to what happened just a while ago, the vase had fallen,the vase couldn’t have fallen with out some pushing it, some one had definitely pushed it, the same person who has been after for a week now.

She already have enough problem in her life, why does this have to happen now.

The door opened and Stacey walked in carrying a tray which had her favourite tea in it.

“You her finally awake?”Stacey asked as she walked towards her

“How long have I been out ?”I asked

“Ever since the vase has fallen. This is getting me worried Celine, first it was the break in and then the snake in your room and then this ? I think it’s time we tell some one that your life is being threatened”She said

“No! we won’t be telling any one and I know where you are taking this to, I won’t be asking help from my step father and my mother, it’s the last thing I will ever do” Celine replied clenching her fist

“Isn’t it time you forgive your mom, I know that you love your dad so much, it isn’t the same thing for your mom, she love married Bruce, your father friend because she loves him. ……”

“Some one who had been having an affair with Bruce even before my dad died or that she didn’t wait a month before she left this house and got married to that man, she is definitely not my mom, she is a whore, a whore who I hate and despise, so it best you shut up Stacey and mind your business, you know nothing and so don’t meddle”Celine said harshly

For a while she remembered how devastated she had been a year ago when her father died and her mother had not even been there to say good bye to him.

How she had left the mansion and went to live with Bruce Denvers whom her father had considered to be his friend and business partner.

Some times she wondered if that is reason why her father had that massive heart attack and died instantly.

It had been a terrible time for her, with the women running Olympic a few weeks away, it had really dampened her down.

Her father had been the only who support her, the one who had told her she could do it even when she had been told that she couldn’t.

Her father death really caused a lot of misery for her and when she though running was the only thing that was left forget that terrible accident came making her limp.

She could still remember her mother and step father standing in the hospital room giving her the bad news.

Ever since then she has become some one hard and cold, some one who doesn’t care if she hurt others as long as they never get to her, some one who prefer to live in misery and to see every one around her in misery.

“Fine then ,I won’t meddle”Stacey said bringing her out of her reverie

“But how will we deal with this issue on ground? Your life is being threatened and ……”

“And I will handle it my self, he or she is just trying to scare me and I won’t be scared, If they have a deal with me, they should face me” Celine replied hotly and just then she began to hear a music playing down stairs

“What’s that?”she asked as she got out of the bed,limping towards the window.

“After you threw the event planner out, your Step father came back him self and while you were asleep, he got them to prepare every thing for the party”Stacey said

“Why didn’t you wake me up! I thought I made it clear to you that I don’t want them. Having a darn party at my father house”

“I couldn’t wake you up , the doctor said you should have enough rest and that you……”

“Shut Stacey! Have had enough, they will certainly regret throwing their party here!”

“What do you plan to do Celine?”Stacey asked as she followed her into the large closet that had a variety of Celine personal belonging.

She stopped and gave Stacey a smile which showed that what she had in mind was some thing very bad.

Mean while Nick sat amongst the guest not really enjoying the party which had a lot of rich politician in it.

He along with his boss stayed sitted on an empty chair.

He has already met Bruce and his wife Stephanie but he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to meet with the great step daughter.

She has been a complete mystery to him and he wondered why he hasn’t even seen her at the party yet.

“Common drink up, you are all stiff”Zack said giving him some drink

“You know that I never drink” Nick replied pushing it away

“Fine then, I will drink instead but try to relax, it looks like you are attending a wake” he said

“Why haven’t I seen this step daughter of theirs ?”

“Be patient, you will see her real soon and you won’t be disappointed because she is a real beauty too”Zack said smiling

“It’s time,Bruce is going to have his speech now” Zack added and every one focused their attention on him.

He spoke about his political career for a while and got the people handling the media part,play a footage of him, showing a lot of charity work he has done just so he can win the people trust and get elected.

“Hello! “A voice said suddenly and we all turned to see a some one limping walking in,dressed in a black lace gown and with her hair tied in a knot and her face bared of make up, she looked like a diva.

Nick have always thought of women who hardly use make up as pretty, they were more better and wouldn’t hide their real face.

Apart from her being pretty, she looked angry though she tried to hide it under her fake smile.

With a mic in her and a glass of champagne, she parade the front,where every one could see her properly.

“Am late right!”She starring at every one

“Am sorry,its just that Bruce Denvers along with his wife didn’t bother to invite me “She said starring at every one with anger

“I heard that today is the charity function that Bruce is having and I thought to myself, why not come, every one here are in favour of him right and they would all vote for him when the time comes but there is a fact you all don’t know about the great Bruce Denvers” she said getting every one curiousity .

While Bruce sat at his sit unaffected, his wife looked a bit agitated.

Just who is she that she is causing such an uproar.

“It so happens that Bruce Denvers had worked along with a man, the man treated him as a friend and welcome him into his home and also into his life, he didn’t know that he was letting a devil in ”

“Years of working together, the man never fathomed that Bruce here will take away his wife”She said and every one gasped out loud

“While laughing with him and working with him, he was cheating along with this man wife and when this man found out, he got a massive attack and died, he died due to finding out that the man whom he trust so much is also the one cheating on him with his wife”She paused for a while and stared at Bruce

“The man wife couldn’t even wait for her husband to be buried properly and she went to live with her lover, marrying him later on, Now tell me if that isn’t being cruel and to satisfy your curiousity on who this man is….I will tell you when the waiters finish serving you a glass of champagne,this is some thing we must toast to”She said and discreetly as they could, the waiters served every one their drink.

“Well with that done, I can finally tell you who this man is…he is none other than Stanley Clifford and the lady sitting down beside Bruce Denvers is the one who cheated on the poor man and went to marry his best friend just days after his death. Now that we all know who Bruce Denvers is! Do you think it’s right to vote for some one like him,in my case I don’t think it’s right and so in honour of him holding the party at Stanley Clifford house, the very person he betrayed , I would like us all to have a toast” she said and with out waiting to see if any one was drinking she gulped down her drink.

“Have a nice time every one and oh! I ordered some desert, the party it self lacked one and so I got it for you all, it’s on me”She said as she walked out of the garden

“This really is really a mess”Zack muttered.

“I will be back soon ” Nick said getting up and following the girl who just made a scene.

Celine walked out of the garden still feeling angry!

How dare them hold a party in her father house, they both deserved what she did tonight and knowing that it would ruin the reputation of Bruce got her feeling a bit good but not contented, she wished she could hit them both and hurt them the same way they hurt her and her father.

“Gosh am so angry!!!”She said to her self

“Miss Celine, Miss Celine, you said to give you this when you were done with your speech “The waiter said stretching a glass of champagne to me

“But I don’t really…….”

“Just have it Miss,it has been prepared for you alone”He said putting the drink in my hand.

What harm would it do to have one more glass, she thought as she took the glass from him, intent on drinking it.

But she didn’t get to drink it because some one pulled it out of her and threw it on the floor.

Celine stared up to see a hand some stranger standing in front of her.

Who the hell is he and why did he do that ? She thought starring at him angrily.
To Be Continued👇

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