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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Now that every one of you have been paired in a group,I want you all to get together and also………”
The professor voice faded from Celine, she hardly payed any attention to what she was being taught, all through the class she was still thinking about Alicia and Nick.
Just what is between them that Nick had to leave early just to see her.
Now more than ever she wants to know what their relationship is and she regrets telling him not to tell the other day.
“Seems like destiny keeps on bringing us together”Mark voice broke into her thought and she looked up to find him starring at her with four other students behind him.
Was he in the same class with her? She hadnt even notice him in class neither did she notice that the professor had left the class.
“What’s going on?”She asked starring at the others behind him
“The professor had put us in the group for the project, am Jessica and i look forward to working with you” A girl said and the others did the same by introducing themselves.
For a while they all talked about the project and how it will be done, she was aware of Mark starring at her through the whole session and she knew that as soon as they were done he would start bothering her with his questions and it did happen.
While every one left, she was still packing up her things when he moved towards her
“Isn’t boyfriend here?”He asked and she pretended not to listen by taking her last stuff.
“Did you two have a fight? Did you break up? You know am here any time you want me back, even though you are now handicap,I still find you attractive and I still love you” that last word stopped her.
They were both walking out of the building when he said those word to her, she turned to stare at him and he gave her a smile
“Nick and i didn’t have a fight neither did we break up, I don’t want you back and I don’t love you, I never did”Celine replied and that wiped off the smile on his face.
“Fine! If you want to still play hard to get, I will let you but that won’t stop me from pursuing you Celine, i regret letting you go In the past and if I don’t try to fight for you now, I will keep on regretting it” Mark said, Celine didn’t know what to say for him to leave her alone and she turned to leave instead but then she stopped when she saw Nick walking towards them, starring at Mark and then at her.
“Good morning”He greeted as he took her bag from her and he ignored Mark completely
“Seems like the boyfriend finally showed up”Mark said wanting to stir up trouble.
“Leave before I lose my patience and do some thing to you”Nick said still starring at Celine who was silent, he noticed that she didn’t even reply to his greeting.
“The only thing you know how to do is to make threats, what do you even see in this guy Celine?”Mark asked
“You really are looking for it!”Nick said moving towards Mark but then Celine held him back
“No! Don’t listen to him, he just wants to stir up trouble…..look Mark have made it clear to you that I don’t want you in my life, I have Nick now and I love him very much so please just stay away”Celine said and Nick found himself starring at her.
“This isn’t the last you will hear of me”Mark said and he walk off.
As soon as he was out of sight, she pulled away from him and some how that made him feel bereft.
She took her bag from him and began to walk off with out saying any thing. Is she angry at him? He thought as he went after her.
“Have I done some thing wrong?”He asked as he walked in her pace
“No, am heading to my other class now and you can do what ever you want till am done, it will take three hours at most and……”
“Celine what’s wrong?”Nick asked as he held her hand
“What do you mean by what is wrong?”She asked
“You are being distant, are you angry at me for not taking you to school, I had some thing to do that is why and…….”
“You don’t have to give any excuse, I know that apart from being my guard, you also have your life to live and that was what you did today….I will head to my class now”Celine said and turned to leave but then she stopped when she saw Alicia starring at the both of them.
Pretending not to see her, she moved off to her other class.
Alicia stood starring at Nick who stood looking at Celine who was limping off to class. She has always hated Celine and now more than ever she hates her more.
Nick stood wondering why Celine was being cold to him, did he do right by leaving her this morning.
His phone began ringing and when he saw that it was Zack calling, he answered.
“Come to the office, we need to talk”Zack said and cut the call.
Is Zack ready to talk to him, he thought as he left the college, heading to his car and driving to the agency.
“It’s so good to see you again Nick” Tricia, the receptionist greeted him as he walk in and as soon as he returned the greeting, he asked of the where about of their boss.
“In his office and it seems like he has got a visitor? Maybe a new client and he is extremely gorgeous”Tricia added and giving her a last smile, Nick went to Zack office.
“I hope that what ever we are going to talk about…….”Nick stopped when he saw Zack standing by the window and some one he hoped never to see again sitting on one of the empty seats starring at him.
“Finally! I get to see you again”the man said and before Nick could stop him he walked towards him and hugged him tight.
“You should have told me about your brother Nick, I thought you were an orphan”Zack said as he walked towards them.
“I…..”Nick stopped as he glared at the older man holding unto his shoulders
“Nick and the family had some sort of a misunderstanding and so he left home years ago but am back now to take him home isn’t that right bro?”Thomas asked starring at him again.
“Why dont I leave you two to catch up, I knew there was some thing always bothering him, though he never told me what it was,now I know and boy your and I will be having a long disscussion later” Zack said leaving his office for the two brothers to talk.
As soon as Zack left, Thomas let his hand drop and the smile on his face vanished.
“Why are you here?”Nick asked
“To see you of course?”Thomas replied
“Cut the crap and tell me why you came here?”Nick said looking very angry
“Is this how you say hi to your brother, it’s been a year since we saw each other last “Thomas said
“I would have greeted properly if you were really my brother but as it turns out, you aren’t, we aren’t relates, you and your father made it clear to me that night”Nick said again
“We didn’t! You were eaves dropping and if it were up to father and I, you would have never found out the truth”Thomas said
“Why? So you and your father can keep on using me while you and Alicia his real children gets to enjoy all of my hard work?”Nick asked angrily
“Why do you choose to be angry when you should be happy that father took you in when you had no one, he raised you up like his son and just because you heard that you are not really his son, you get furious and left the house, choosing to distant your self from us”Thomas said and Nick went to him pulling him by his collar, looking very angry.
“You very well know why I left!”Nick said and Thomas gave him a smile in return
“I do and it happened to be because of what happened that night right! Why do you keep on blaming your self, it’s some thing we couldn’t stop”Thomas said
“But we could have help, we could have done some thing but you stopped me, you don’t know how much I hate myself for what happened that night!”Nick said as he let go of Thomas.
“Look I only came here because dad asked me to check on you and when Alicia called to tell me that she had found you again, I came to check on you but you are still living in guilt and hatred, there is nothing I can do to stop you from feeling that way, I will take my leave now, enjoy your day”Thomas said and with one last smile he left the office.
Nick stood in the office for a while and when he began to leave the room, Zack phone began to ring.
He went to it and picked it up “What is this! You told me that in a few days,I will surely get what I want, why is Celine still alive? Why isn’t she dead as you have promised”the caller said and on hearing Celine name, Nick stiffened.
“Hello? Hello? Are you even there? Zack! You are messing with the wrong guy here”The caller said and slammed down the reciever.
He was right? Not only is Zack working with Bruce for the documents they stole, he is also working for the men that want Celine dead.
Celine! She must be in danger! Nick thought as he ran out of the room.

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