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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Why do you think the lawyer came to see her?”Nick asked as he and Stacey hovered at the dining room waiting for Celine and the lawyer to come.
“He only comes to this house to talk about the company welfare and also to bring bad news, Celine
3 father had left her his shares, Bruce tried buying it at that time but she wouldn’t sell, the lawyer has been managing it for her for years now and If he is here, definitely its not because of some thing good”Stacey said
“Miss Celine! Miss Celine!” The lawyer voice was the first thing they heard before seeing Celine limping towards the front door
“What’s going on?”Stacey asked as she ran towards the lawyer
“She found out some thing her step father did and has decided to go and confront him”The lawyer said and on hearing that Nick ran after Celine.
She was just getting into the car when he got there
“What is it?”She asked looking all cold and distant.
Is she the one that melted in his arms a while ago, the girl that had shown him her other side, the girl that had been filled with warmth, he thought starring at the angry look on her face.
“If you are going to try to stop then forget it because have……”
“Move over”He said and that cut her short, she moved and he sat down beside her while the chauffeur began the car
“Why are you coming with me?”she asked
“It’s my job and besides you will need a guard there with you if you are going to the company”he said and she nodded softly
“Back to being the guard again”She said and he could notice the anger in her voice.
She was still angry, angry that the situation from earlier didn’t affect him at all, angry with her self for loving him all the same .
“I heard from your lawyer that you are going to confronting Bruce”He said softly
“Yes am planning on confronting him”She said softly
“Don’t you think it’s……”
“I told you that I don’t want you trying to stop me, it won’t work, that man sold his share and the company share just to make himself the president,my father was the one who created the company and even though he is dead, he will keep on being the president, I won’t let Bruce get his way this time”Celine said looking very determined, he knew when to give up and that time is now, he thought as the car stopped in front of the company.
Celine got out and began heading inside with Nick accompanying her.
Knowing her way in the company, she took the lift and went to the top floor, that place had belonged to her father and Bruce had taken over when he died, she was so wrapped up in her sorrow to care about what happened but now she is fine and ready to take on Bruce and any problem that has to do with her father company.
Celine was too deep in her thought to realise that she was claustrophobic and that she was in a lift.
The lift door opened and she got out of it it to be stopped by a lady, judging from the way she dressed you could tell that she was the new secretary Bruce hired after her father former secretary quit.
“Am sorry Miss but you can’t go in if you don’t have an appointment, Mr Bruce is with some one now and he has asked me not to let any one in”she said
“I bet he is in with the person he sold all of his shares to”And with that last remark, she walked past the secretary, she would have been stopped if it hadn’t been for Nick who held back the secretary.
Knowing where her father office was situated, she got to the door and opened with out even knocking.
Bruce sat at her father old spot, starring at her while his visitor sat on the chair with his back faced towards her.
“Why are you here Celine!”Bruce said
“Weren’t expecting me right? Well here I am and I want an explanation or no I demand an explanation”
“Explanation to what? This is none of your business, just go to school and focus on your studies “he said
“It is my business”Celine said raising her voice.
“I might not know some things when it comes to business but I Cleary under stand what is going on”
“You have been using the company for your own gain and that is what is happening now, you think that I don’t have some one informing me, well I got a message and have been told of your dubious plans”She added hotly.
“And if you know what do you intend to do?”The visitor he had in the room spoke and at the same time, he turned in his seat to stare at her.
She recognised him immediately, he was the guy, the guy with the voice, the one who had asked for direction that day.
“Judging by the look on your face, you remember me right?”
“Are you perhaps the one who now owns 60 percent of the company shares?” She asked and he nodded, flashing her a smile a lot of girls would have died for well apart from her
“Yes miss Clifford and am Thomas….Thomas Davenport” he said stretching out his hand and Celine stared at it coldly.
Thomas hadn’t expect her to show up when he was around, he was meaning to give her the news by going to Clifford mansion but seeing her here surprised him and he wouldn’t that the angry look emanating from her makes her look beautiful.
“Keep your filthy introduction to your self, as long as you work together with my step father you are nothing but a thief”
“Celine watch your…..”
“Shut up Bruce! Have had it with you, first you took my father company, did it as you want for a year,then took my mom from my father and I and also threatened to call me crazy if I don’t give you what you want.i did as you asked but am really disappointment, is this the best you could do with it!”She said trying to inflict hurt Into Bruce.
“Watch what you say Celine….you have no idea what I…..”
“Just stop! Am not my mom who buys your lies, you and this sleazy thief like……”
“Hold on a sec….it’s one thing to insult Bruce and another to do to me, I….”
“What? Do you intend to beat me, Mr Davenport?”She said and Thomas couldn’t deny that he liked the way she stood up to him.
Never has he been treated with such disdain and action from a female, Celine Clifford is certainly the first to treat him that way, he thought as he stared at her.
“I want you to get out of the this place….”
“That’s enough Celine”Bruce warned
“Get out of here and take with you your darn money and…..”
“I said it’s enough!!!!”Bruce said walking towards her raising his hand,ready to hit her.
Celine turned away, expecting the hit but then she didn’t feel a thing.
She opened her eyes only to see Nick standing in front of her holding Bruce outstretched hand.
“Don’t you ever raise your hand on her !”Nick said starring at Bruce and then at Thomas who had a smile on his face.
He must have come to this company intentionally, Nick knew that when he has seen them at the college that day, he would try to make some mischief and that is what he is doing right now.
“You know that am your boss right?how dare you do this”Bruce said
“I dare to because I don’t fancy men laying their hands on the females, much less on Celine!”Nick said pushing his hand away
“Celine? Am surprised that a mere worker is addressing you by your name, do I get that privilege too?”, Thomas asked
“Not at all, like have said before, I want you out of my father company, if possible, Bruce can get lost with you too, have had enough of his nonsense, I won’t tolerate more him and neither from you too Mr, this is my father company and it is also mine now, so leave while am being nice, I won’t be nice the next time we meet”She said and turned to leave the room.
One last look at the two men, Nick went after Celine.
“That spoiled……”
“Just let her be?”Thomas said stopping Bruce from going after them
“Didn’t you see how rude she was!”Bruce yelled out
“I saw it and I don’t mind, I find it to be fascinating”He said
“Are you nuts? What is fascinating about Celine temper?”he asked and Thomas smiled
“A lot and don’t worry, nothing will happen, neither she or any one can stop this from happening,so put your mind at rest and Instead tell me more about Celine and when I say more, I want to know everything”He said.

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