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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick sat in the car starring at Celine who had gone all quiet.
She had not been this quiet when she was talking to Thomas and Bruce.
Thinking of Thomas made him angry, how dare the bastard buy a share of Celine company.
He is up to some thing ,he wouldnt have buy a share in the company if he didn’t have some thing planned,Nick thought.
He knew his brother well enough, he had made him do a terrible thing a year ago and that is some thing he would forgive or forget, he still blames him self for it, so why he forgive Thomas, the one who made him do it, he thought as he kept on starring at Celine.
The car stopped and she was about to get out of the car when he stopped her by holding onto her hand
“Are you okay?”he asked
“Yes I am and you should stop worrying about me”She said
“But am your guard …..”
“And that is all you will ever be! Am angry that you chose to run to the safe side rather to accept what is going on”She said
“What do you mean?”
“Forget it Nick,I doubt if you will ever under stand me”She said and got out of the car.
Nick sat In the car starring as she walked into the house, was she talking about what happened now or was she talking about the kiss we shared a while ago.
“Sir are you getting off, cause I need to park the car”the chauffeur said and quickly Nick got out of the car.
He walked into the house and saw Celine along with the lawyer and also talking in the room.
“But can’t there be some thing! Can’t I do some thing to change it!”Celine said as Nick went towards the trio.
“He is now the majority holder Celine, he has the power to make decisions for the company, well you being Fourty Percent owner you have a certain right too but since he is the one with most of the shares, he will be the one to make most of the decision regarding the company”He said
“This is crazy! Real crazy!”Celine said feeling very furious
“And there is one more thing Celine!” The lawyer said
“You haven’t forgot the condition your father made on your inheritance” he said
“And what condition is that?”Nick asked
“That Celine has to get married before she can claim any of her inheritance”
“But that’s bull shit!”Nick yelled out suddenly.
“It isn’t! It’s the condition Mr Clifford made before he died”Stacey said
“But that is maddness, how will Celine ever get to have her inheritance ,what if there is not a guy willing to marry her?”Nick said only to get a reproachfull look from the three.
“I know am not that beautiful and men wouldn’t find an handicap like me attractive but if getting a husband will get my hands on my inheritance,then I will have to find one”Celine said suddenly
“What! But Celine …..”
“But nothing, have made up my mind as it Stacey, I won’t let Bruce and that Thomas guy win, I have to get my father company back from them at all cost if necessary “Celine said as she stood up
“Do you all you can to set me up with someone Stacey, I know you go onto those dating site stuff, when you find a guy willing to help, tell me,,thank you for coming sir”Celine said shaking the lawyer hand
“Are you sure about this Celine”the lawyer asked
“Very!”She replied and as soon as the lawyer left, she began to head towards the lift only for Nick words to stop her.
Ever since she had said that she will get married just to protect her father spot in the company, he had gone all quiet.
“Are you really sure about this”He said and Celine turned to stare at him
“You heard what I said to him, why bother to ask again”she said
“But it’s dangerous! “Nick said
“I don’t care as long as I get my hands on my inheritance”She said turning to leave but stopped again
“Will you be willing to Marry me then?”She asked suddenly and he stared at her.
“Is that a joke?”He asked in return
“Forget it then”She said and walked into the lift.
The ringing of the door bell brought Nick down to earth.
He saw that he was still at the spacious sitting room, he had sat down there long after Celine had gone to her room, thinking about the decision she just made.
He hates the fact that her father had put down such a condition ,wasn’t he thinking of his daughter?
“Nick!”A voice called and he stared at the maid standing in front of him holding a card
“Some one just delivered this to us, well not us but to Miss Celine, I think it’s an invite”She said giving Nick the envelope.
Nick took it from her and stared it, just by the scrawl on the out side, he could tell who sent it.
“You can go back to what you were doing, I will take this to Celine myself” he said and quickly the maid left.
As soon as she left, Nick opened the envelope and saw Thomas hand writing
“You must be surprised that am writing to
You.i will be holding a party this evening
And have invited every one from the
Company, not wanting you to be left out
I decided to send you the invite myself.
I hope you will make it there, who knows
We might even come to a conclusion on
Our current situation. Do come, I will be
Expecting you and do not tear the invite
It’s what you will use to get into the party
I will be waiting for your arrival”
Your new Partner
Thomas letter have certainly made some thing clear to Nick , he is up to no good!
He took the invite, heading to the kitchen wanting to get a scissor to destroy it when the lift door opened and Celine walked out of it starring at him.
Realising that she was starring at the letter in his hand, he hid it quickly behind him but Celine was quick to notice it.
“What’s that?”She asked
“Nothing!”Nick said as he tried to hide the paper behind him
“what are you hiding Nick!”She said as she began to move towards him
“Nick! Am tired as it is,don’t stress me more by keeping that thing hidden, if it is another bad news, just give it to me, I can handle it “She said
Nick brought out the invite and walked towards her.
She read it and stared at him “you don’t have to go you know! The party is not worth it”Nick rasped out
“I have to go! I will surely be there to see my father crown stolen, if I can, I will laugh along with them,get close to them and then….I will strike, you wait and see Nick, they will regret messing with me”she said fiercely.


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