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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick was following her when he noticed a waiter standing by the table, he had a sort of look, a look which told Nick that he was planning some thing and he confirmed Nick thought when he poured some thing discretely in the drink and he was more surprised when he saw that the waiter was taking it to the strange girl he just followed.

He saw the him approach and after a few minute of persuasion,he got her to accept. On seeing this, Nick ran towards her and knock the glass out of her hand.

She stood shocked starring at him and Having her this close to him, made her see the Emerald colour of her eyes.

Her confused expression changed to one of anger, an anger which was directed at him

” who the hell do you think you are?”She asked

“You shouldn’t have asked that question that way, it should be more like, Why did you do it ?”He replied

“That was my celebratory drink, how dare you throw it away”she asked again

“Well I dare to do it because that drink was spiked with some thing, what ever was put there I certainly don’t know but what I know is that you were in danger just now”He said

“Danger my foot! Did you come after me to talk to me about what I did during the party, if so, you are just wasting your time, cause I have no intention of going back in there to apologise and if you love your self you will get your bloody self out of my sight, I can be pretty crazy when am angry “She said and turned to leave it for some one yelling out her name to stop her

“How dare you Celine!” He was surprised to see Stephanie Bruce with her

“I knew sooner or later that you would show up”She said starring at the angry Stephanie.

“How can you do that, you knew how important it was for him, you knew that his reputation was at stake and yet you made a fuss and did that, you really are ……..”

“What! Complete it, you also said that to him, you made it clear that he is a monster, you left him just so you could be with that bastard rig…….” She didnt finish her words because Stephanie hit her

“How dare you Insult, he has been nothing but caring towards you, he has been watching out for your good but instead you keep on insulting,you keep on pushing him away, don’t you think it’s time you accept him as your father”

“Never! He will never be my dad okay, just because you married him doesn’t mean I have to call him my dad,mom!”She yelled at Stephanie while clutching her cheek

Did she just call Stephanie mom,if Stephanie is her Mom, definitely she must be Bruce Denvers….step daughter.

“So she is the one am suppose to guard” Nick thought as he stood a bit far from them starring at the two women arguing in front of him

“Stop this maddness Celine, just because you suffered that accident which led to you limping doesn’t mean you should destroy your self, it’s time you come out of this shell you have protected your self with, please Celine! I don’t want to keep on seeing you this bitter “Stephanie said.

Ever since she walked into the garden, I never noticed that she was limping and if it hadn’t been for her mom who talked about it ,I wouldn’t have noticed.

“You are a year late to tell me that, when I needed you the most! Where were you? You were with that lousy man,having a lot of fun and so don’t start preaching to me, I hate listening to what you say, especially when it comes from you who I think of as a whore !”Celine said with out blinking an eye

Isn’t she being too cruel, Nick thought as he kept on starring at her

“That’s enough Celine!”Bruce him self said as he walked up to the three of us

“Insult me all you want but don’t Insult your mom “He said

“You just have to meddle all the time, that was the same thing you did in the past, you meddled and took away the only woman my father loved, you two are monsters and as long as I live,you won’t even receive any sympathy from me because I hate you,I hate you two”Celine said as she began to limp off

Having seen this, Nick began to head back to the party.

This family are such weirdos, he thought as he went to where the waiters were serving looking for the waiter that just served Celine but he was no where to be found.

Who is he and why did he get try to do that to her, Nick thought as he turned to leave only to hear some one amongst the crowd talking

“Yes, her first drink had been spiked too, don’t worry as long as she is intoxicated she will certainly lose it”

Following the trail of that voice, he began to head to the direction and though the every one was now walking about, going to table to serve themselves since it was a buffet party ,it was hard to find the person who had just been talking on the phone.

He was still searching when he remembered what he heard a while back

“As long as she is intoxicated, she will surely lose it ”

Celine is in danger, she had drank the first glass and so she would be intoxicated by now,he thought as he ran out of the garden,heading to the house

This isn’t like him! He just met her today and yet he has this protective instinct towards her, he thought as he walked into the vast mansion searching for Celine

“The house isn’t where the party is being taken, I would advice you to leave now before it gets worse” a lady said as she walked out of a room

“Where is Celine?”Nick asked

“Just who are you to address the Miss by her name and……hey stop there”She yelled at Nick when he turned towards the lift

“Why isn’t this working?”Nick asked when the lift wouldnt open

“It’s under maintenance and ……will you just tell me who you are and what is going on?”She asked But Nick didn’t Answer and instead he began to run up the stairs with the lady going after him

Where could Celine be? He thought as he walked through the vast hall way.

Why is this house so big, he thought annoyingly

“Tell me what’s wrong?”the lady behind him said as she pulled him back

“Where is Celine?”Nick asked

“She must be at the party, she went there a while a…….”The lady stopped when we heard some one scream

“Celine!”She called out and began to run back downstairs

Nick followed suit and when we got there, we saw her sitting on the couch with her head bent between her knees.

“Celine!” The girl called abruptly and though she heard us, she didn’t answer

“Celine….”She called wanting to go towards her but I pulled her back.

“Those monsters “Celine muttered

“Those darn monsters”She again this time starring at us both

“They are really cruel, how can they do this to In my dad house,how can they dishonour his memory this way”She said as she clutched the chair she was sitting on

Could this be the effect of the drug? Nick thought as he kept on starring at her

She began to laugh softly and then like a demented person.

“It’s all their fault that I suffered that accident! It’s all their fault”She said suddenly angry

At first she was sad and then happy and now angry, seems like the drug keep changing her feelings

“What’s wrong with her? She is never like this!”the lady confided to Nick who stood finding a way to get to her

“I will kill them all, I swear I will kill them all”She said as she began to limp towards the kitchen but she wasn’t fast because Nick caught hold of her from behind and even though he held her, she was still going ballistic, yelling that will kill her own parents.

Finding a way,Nick hit her on the neck and that knock her out.

“What did you do to her?”The lady said as she ran towards me

“Tell me where her room is”Nick said Instead and reluctantly the lady Led him up the stairs.

As soon as they got to the room that was fit for a princess, he layed her down on the bed and used the quilt to cover her.

“Just what is going on? Who are you? Why was Celine behaving that way and…….”

“Celine was drugged and from what I think, some one is after her” Nick replied

“Oh no,this is getting worse”The lady replied starring at the sleeping Celine and then once again she stared at him

“And who are you ?” She asked waringly

“I am Nick Edmund, her new body guard”He said making her stare at him in shock

“Well I for one is shocked but am sure that she would be more shocked when she wakes up to learn that she has a guard and let me tell you that she won’t like it”The lady said starring at the sleeping Celine.

This is my first job since I finished the training and judging from what happen tonight she is certainly is danger, some one wants to harm her and now it’s all due to me to protect her, Nick thought as he saw some thing on the floor in her room, without hesitating, he went towards it and took out that thing.
To Be Continued 👇

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