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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick got back to the mansion only to see Stacey looking haggard and disturbed.
What was the matter? Where could Celine be? Could some thing have happened? He thought as he went towards her.
“Where is Celine? “Nick asked as he stared at her
“Well… she…..she”Stacey stopped to stare at him and when he was already thinking the worst,he heard her calling his name.
He turned to see the her walking out of the lift and quickly he ran towards her pulling her into a tight hug.
“What’s wrong?”Celine asked as she hugged him back fiercely.
She had been getting dressed, so she could go to him, Zack must be very important to him and knowing that the man is dead must be very devastating for Nick.
“Just let me hold you”He said softly pulling her into his embrace
Stacey had some how left them to be on their own.
“Hey! Am okay. I heard about Zack death.Am really sorry for your loss “she said as he moved out of her arms to stare down at her
“Thank you”He replied softly still treating like a fragile glass.
“You look tired, why don’t you come sit over here”she said and pulled him towards the chair.
“You haven’t eaten yet. How about I make you some camomile tea and while you are drinking the maid will……”
“Don’t go “He said softly and Celine stopped what she was saying to stare at him
“Am not going any where, I just want to get you….”
“Hold me”Nick said and knowing he must need a lot of comfort, she opened her arms and he moved into it, holding tight while she cradled his head in her arms.
“Hey. It’s going to be fine, am sure that where ever Zack will be, it will be in a very fine place”she said
“I doubt that”He muttered
“Why do you say so?”he asked
“This has some thing to do with you too”he said as he pulled away from her to pull out the letter he found.
She took it from his out stretched hand and read it.
“They are after my life because they believe a ledger is with me?”Celine asked shocked by what she read
“Yes! Apparently your father stole the ledger that contained the names of every one who participated at the gambling den, they were putting a lot of pressure on Zack to get him to find the book and when he didn’t,they killed him”he said and Celine gasped out in shock.
“Tell me. Don’t you remember your father Giving you some thing important to keep or where you might have keep it, I know you lost your memory after the accident but then you will now have to try to remember some thing, if we can get to know where the ledger and every single one of then is exposed, then we would all be safe “He said as he took her hands in his.
“Actually I do remember a bit but I think it’s not all of them,it’s all like a puzzle coming back to me”She said as she went to stand in front of the opened window.
(A year ago)
“Father, please talk to me. What’s going on?”She asked as she kept on starring at her father who was packing up his stuffs in the study room, he looked scared and a bit frightening.
“They are coming Celine! They are coming, we need to pack up! We need to get out of here”He said as he kept on packing.
“Who is coming dad?”She asked as she stared at him
“Some very dangerous peop…..they are here!”Her father stopped what he was saying to listen to the foots step coming from the sitting room.
“Take this bag with you “He said giving her a little black bag.
“It contains a book , a book which has a lot of people name, take it to the police station, i won’t let my death be in vain”He said as he gave her the bag .
“What death are you talking about? Why are you talking like this father”She said as she began panicking for real.
“Please Celine, do what I ask you to do, take the emergency route and leave, make sure you go to the station and hand the bag over to the police, tell them that it’s gambling…..oh no! Get out of here”He said pushing Celine towards the emergency door way.
She couldn’t get to say good bye because the study door opened and those men barge into the room.
She was too late in running with out them seeing her.
While some of the masked men stayed with her father, some of them ran after her.
As soon as she ran out of the mansion, heading to the streets,she clutched the bag tightly in her arms.
She must at least take the bag to the police station, that was her father last wish and she would be damned if she doesn’t get to fulfil it.
She was an athlete and so running fast was some thing that was easy for her.
She kept on running until she stumbled on a stone.
Her foot got injured but still being determined to take the bag to the station, she began to run again but not as fast as before.
She could see the men coming for her and so she ran into the streets with out watching the road only for a car to drive into her.
Celine closed her eyes as she remembered the last part.
That day she lost her father and her career, she thought as she tried to stop the tears that threatned to pour.
She felt Nick arms around her as she tried to speak again and she snuggled close to him for more comfort.
“You must have really been hurt back then, you lost your father and then your career”He voiced out her thought.
“And the people that should have been there for you weren’t there at all, just thinking about you being at the hospital all alone and also knowing that your father was dead makes me want to kill who ever was after you that night”He said angrily and touched by his words, she turned in his arms to give him a kiss.
“Am okay now, with you by my side, there is nothing that scare me”She said softly and he nodded, pulling her into his arms again.
“Promise you wouldn’t leave me”She said stiffly
“I won’t okay,I like you too much to leave you Celine, never ever doubt that okay!”He said and she nodded in reply.
“The bag and the book was never found on me when I got to the hospital and so I can’t help you with where it could have been,am sorry”She said softly
“Don’t be! I can certainly look for the book and when I do, I will expose each and every one in the gambling den”He said softly
“I don’t want you putting your self in trouble”Celine said quickly
“I won’t, I promise”He said and she hugged him close again
“And you know what?”,
“What ?”She replied starring at him
“Am happy, happy that with what happened that day, you are still alive and here with me”He said and knowing what it meant to have some one say that to her made her like him even more.
“I really really like you a lot”She said softly and that brought a smile on Nick face.
“And I do too”He muttered.
They stood together hugging each other tight and unknown to them they already had an audience.
Stacey coughed slightly and that pulled them apart.
“I didn’t see any thing, I was just passing by.i will head to the kitchen now”Stacey said giving the both of them a knowing look before walking towards the kitchen.
“Knowing Stacey, she will come back”Celine said smiling up at Nick
“How do you know?”
“Just wait….five…four…. three…two….”
“Oh I can’t just walk by with out congratulating the both of you, am so happy for you Celine”Stacey said as she walked back into the room.
Celine gave Nick a ‘I told you so’ look before hugging Stacey and chattering with her.
Nick stood watching the two women heading to the kitchen to prepare a chocolate cake for dinner tonight.
Celine had decided to stay home and cheer him up , the chocolate cake is a way of cheering him up too, he thought as he watched them walk off.
His phone began to ring and he picked quickly, it was from the morgue.
“You said we should give you a call if we find any thing “The lady on the other end of the line said
“Yes. Have you found out some thing”
“Yes, actually when we performed the autopsy test, it revealed that he indeed committed suicide”The lady said
“That’s impossible. Zack was a perfect person,he wouldn’t have committed suicide, he was killed. The autopsy test again”Nick yelled at them.
“Even if we were to do it again, it will still be the same result, he committed suicide sir, this isn’t a murder case and ……..”Nick didn’t let her finish her word because he cut the call.
He was still looking troubled when Celine walked into the sitting room
“Hey what’s wrong?”She asked as she sat down beside him
“They said he committed suicide Celine,the autopsy confirmed that Zack killed him self but Zack wouldn’t do that, he is a coward when it comes to taking his own life.those bastards killed him and made it look like he killed himself”Nick said angrily.
“What are you going to do now?”Celine asked
“Make it my job to get revenge for Zack death, to protect you and also to expose each and every one of them “Nick said
“I know you would want to get back at those who killed Zack and i won’t stop you but one thing must be clear, you mustn’t get hurt, I don’t want you hurt okay”She said and instead of answering.Nick hugged her tight, telling her his answer that way.
“Come back here ! Come back here!”The men chasing Celine called out as they keep running after her.
Injured on her foot, Celine kept on running until she got to the street and not wanting them the catch her, she ran into the streets only for a car to hit her.
For a while, every thing was blank….Celine could feel her self slipping off but the voice which called her name made her open her eyes a bit.
The car that had hit her was still parked at the front and she was still on the floor with blood gushing out of her head.
“Shut up!!!” A voice yelled suddenly and she knew that who ever it was had been the person who hit her.
“She is dead already”The man said again
No! No am not dead, Celine thought as she tried desperately to show him that but she just couldn’t move her body, it felt sore.
The bag was still in her hand but it was taken from that man.
“Looks like you won’t have to need this any more”He said again
“He..lp…”She said as she heard him striding off but he stopped and she knew that he had heard her cry for help but still he went into the car and drove off leaving her there to die.
Celine woke up with a start, she found her self breathing hard as the memory which she had forgotten came back to her.
She now knew why the bag and the book couldn’t be found that day.
The monster that had hit her and had left her to die had taken it.

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