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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services




Celine woke up to find her self in a room, she turned her head a bit to see the beeping monitor and also to see that a drip has been placed in her hand.
Was she in a hospital, she thought as she moved her head a bit to see the clothing on her body.
It was an hospital attire, so she is definitely in a hospital, she thought.
What had happened, she thought as she sat up only to see Nick sitting on the chair not so far from her.
It’s been a week, a week since she had last seen him, he hadn’t even come to see her at all but he showed up when some thing was wrong with her.she thought sadly.
As if he sensed her watching him, he opened her eyes and saw her starring at him.
Immediately he stood up and went towards her, looking worried.
“Are you okay?”He asked
“Am fine! Why am I here?”She asked
“You don’t remember ?”He asked softly
“If I did remember,I won’t be asking you?”She said
“Some one attacked you three days ago and you have been in a coma since then, you just woke up today”he said and as if it was the only thing she need in remembering, memories of three days ago came back..
“Stacey! Is Stacey okay, I need to see her”she said trying to get down but Nick pulled her back
“Let go of me Nick!”She said trying to get down but the pain in leg stopped her and she yelled out feeling hurt.
“You have got a fractured bone Celine, you can’t get up”he said
“But Stacey….I saw that there was blood….where is she? I need to see her, if I lose her Nick….I will die too”she said trying to pull free from him
“Stacey is fine! It was only a hit, the jerk who attacked you two hit her with some thing, she woke up three days ago, she Insisted on staying but I had to send her back home, she is okay and she is at home, she would come visit you soon”He said and she was at first still doubtful.
Was he saying just saying it to calm her down, could Stacey really be in danger.
“I don’t believe you Nick, let me talk to her If she is really fine ” Celine insisted.
“I will be waiting to see you at the hospital, you need to come as soon as you can”Celine said into the reciever and after a few more words. She switched off the phone and stared at Nick who was looking at her.
“Thank you”she said giving him his phone back
“You are welcome, are you feeling uncomfortable, I can call the doctor”He said
“You don’t have to and thanks for staying to watch over me and Stacey, Stacey will be coming to the hospital soon and as you can see, am doing well, a few days at home and my fractured leg will be fine and……”
“What are you trying to say?”he asked
“What am saying is that you don’t have to worry any more, I will be fine on my own, thanks for every thing and…….”
“For the past three days have been sick with worry over you and suddenly you woke up only for you to ask me to leave?” he asked
“What do you expect! You were there for me when I was sick and now that am okay and I can take care of my self, you are free to Leave”She said as she turned away from him.
“Hearing You asking me to leave hurts”He said softly
“Really? You weren’t thinking about hurting me the day you left a week ago”she said
“It must have hurt like this too”he muttered softly
“There is no point in us talking about the past, so it’s best that you leave”she said as she layed on the bed expecting him to leave just like she asked him but she was surprised when she felt him behind her on the bed.
He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.
“What are you……”
“I love you!”He said softly and that stopped her from completing her words.
“I love you Celine and so not to hurt you, I left a week ago”he said
“I regret it more than any thing, I regret leaving you a week ago”he finished holding her close
“If you really love me, you wouldn’t have left me a week ago”she said
“I had my reasons Celine”he said
“Your reasons being Alicia! You say you love me but you never even showed your face and just four days ago, I saw you in your car with Alicia too”she said
“You saw me?”He questioned
“Yes I saw you Nick and there is no need denying it, you don’t love me,so please leave, don’t cause me more pain”she said trying to pull away.
“I haven’t told you yet right? Each time I try to tell you, you cut my word and don’t let me finish”
“I don’t need to hear you telling me that she is your lover,have had enough of that as it is and…. “
“Alicia is not lover or any romantic sort of thing, she is my sister, well let’s say my step sister”he said cutting her off.
She turned to face him and he gave her a smile.
“Well let’s just say her father took me in when my real parents died and he took care of me,all my life have always thought of him as my father but as it turns out he is not my father, I found that out a year ago and left home in anger”
“It’s been a year since have last seen them and so when we met again, she wanted to spend some time with me, even though she is not my biological sister,I still think of her that way”he said softly
“You should have told me, I thought…..I …..*
“You thought a lot of things right!”He said giving her a smile
“So then Thomas is your brother too or I mean he is your step brother “she said
“Yeah”he replied
“You should have just told me, you should have made it clear not that…..I thought a lot of things, I was so jealous”she finished softly
“Am glad. Glad that you were at least jealous, now do you believe me when I say that I love you”he asked
“I don’t know Nick, you are very secretive, I barely know a lot of things about you, is that really good of me to say, you know almost every thing about me but I……”
“What do you want me to tell you, I will tell you every thing as long as that will make you believe that I love you”he said
“Nick…..”she said softly and he bent to capture her lips.
They kissed for a long period of time before he let her go.
“Oh Nick! Tell me every thing, I want to know every thing about you but first you need to tell me why you decided to leave a week ago, you must have had your reasons and so I want to know “She said and he stared at her nervously.
How would he tell her that he was the one who runined her life and career that night! How is he going to tell her ? He thought as he kept on starring at her.
“Okay time out love birds? It’s been a while that have been standing here and my leg is hurting as it is “Stacey said by the door way interupting the two love birds
“Stacey!”Celine said as she opened her arms while Stacey walked towards her to give her a hug.
While the two talked to each other, Nick left the room after he got a text message from Peter.
As soon as he walked out of the ward, he read the message over again.
“The man have decided to talk and you
Won’t believe who sent him,come to
The station and find out your self, I can’t
Tell you through the message, just come
To the Station and find out “
Nick read the message and sighed softly.
Finally they were close to the truth, the guy who had been sent to get rid of Celine has finally Spilled the bean
So now it’s up to him to find out who did it, he thought as he went back to the room to tell Celine that he needs to leave for the police station.

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