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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Stop there!”Nick kept on yelling as he ran after the man who was dressed up as a doctor.
Nick caught up with him when he bumped into a nurse and a patient.
Nick caught him and pulled off the hospital mask on his face.
“Who sent you! Who the hell sent you!”He yelled at the man who gave him a crooked smile.
“Call the police, some one call …….”Nick couldn’t finish his word because he was pushed away.
While the man ran off in a hurry, Nick stood up too, running after the man.
He ran through a hall, which was dark and has no one in it.
Nick stood still looking for him in the little dark Ness that enveloped him.
He ran further in and there was still no sign of the bastard.
He was about leaving when he noticed some thing on him.
There were three red spot of light pointed right at his chest through the large glass window.
Nick stood starring at the window and he knew that if he moved,the gun would be shot and there was no way he could do it, he will be hurt too.
He stood still and just then men who had the gun pointed at him shot right at him but it didn’t meet him because some one pushed him to the floor.
“Lay low “Peter said as they both lay on the floor while the shooter shot all their bullet.
The shooting stopped after a while and when they were sure that they were safe, they both sat up.
“Are you all right?”Peter asked
“Yes” Nick said still shocked by what just took place.
If Peter hadn’t been here, he would have been dead already!
“What happened? How come you ended up here?”Peter asked
“I was chasing a man who tried to kill Celine …..”he stopped thinking about Celine.
“Seems like the man had lured you…… Wait where are you going?”Peter asked as Nick stood up to leave
“I need to go to Celine! “he said as he ran out of the hall which a lot of people were already waiting by the entrance,thinking the worse but when they saw Nick walking out they all sighed, gushing over him and asking about Peter who had run into the hall,not caring for the danger that was there.
He assured every one of them and asked them to call for the police and then he excused him self heading to Celine ward.
At a distance, he saw some nurses around a patient who insisted on leaving, he looked closer to see that it was Celine who was crying profusely, wanting to leave.
“You don’t under stand….that gun shot…..just let me go!”She said trying to move past then but they were also determined not to let her leave..
“Celine!”he called and she turned to see him, immediately she saw him, she stood up limping with her one good leg to him.
He walked towards her too and when she was about to get to him, she fell on the floor.
He moved towards her quickly and she stared up at him, carressing his face
“I thought some thing bad had happen to you”She said as the tears kept pouring
“Am a guard, you should put your trust in me”he said
“Not this time Nick! Do you know how worried I was! I don’t want you to ever leave me, ever!”She said and he pulled her to him giving her a tight hug.
Just a few minutes ago, he had been almost killed, during that time, the only thought he had was Celine.
“She is still not feeling well, can you please help us take her to her ward”A nurse said as she walked towards them.
He carried her in his arms and took her to the ward.
“Don’t leave okay, stay with me”she muttered at him, holding onto his hand.
The nurse gave inject some thing in her arm and she slept off like a log but her hand never left his.
Nick sat for a while starring at Celine, he bent towards her and gave her a kiss and then released his hold on her.
He walked out of the ward to see Peter talking to the nurse he had seen earlier.
“What’s wrong?”He asked
“She was just telling me about the man she had seen in Celine room earlier”Peter said
“What was he doing in Celine ward?”Nick asked
“He had injected a deadly drug into her drip bag, the doctor had said that if we hadn’t been there on time, she would have died but luckily we were able to detect it on time”She said
“Thank you!”Peter said and with one last nod at them she walked off
“Those bastards had tried to kill Celine”
“Don’t forget that they had tried to kill you too”Peter said
“Seems like they were targeting both Celine and I”He said as he hit the wall angrily
“The cops are at the hall where the shooting had taken place and also at the building were the men were, they didn’t find any one but they were people who stood there saying they had seen two men fleeing the building” Peter said
“While the police work on that,I will be visiting George”he said
“Stay here and watch over Celine, I will be…..”
“Why do you want to go and…..”
“I have to see that bastard! I have to make him pay for what he did today” Nick yelled out angrily.
“Don’t be blinded by rage, George is an important man, once you do some thing to him, he will file a case on you, don’t give him that satisfaction”Peter said and that calmed him down a bit
“Listen to me Nick,this is what they want! They will take you away from Celine side and then kill her. Is that what you want?”Peter asked and he stopped to think about what Peter said.
“So just calm down, let the police do their job and let’s keep digging for more evidence and when that is done, we will take each and every one of them down”Peter said..
The two were so immense in their talk that they didn’t notice Bruce approaching them .
“Excuse me”Bruce said softly and recognising his voice Nick turned immediately to glare at the man
“What the hell are you doing here?”he barked sharply
“I came to see Celine”he said
“That’s what hypocrite will say”Nick said angrily
“Look am not here to fight,I only want to talk to Celine, Her mom is angry at me and she wouldn’t……”
“That is what you deserve, you deserve that and a lot more, after attempting to kill her, you still show your face here again”
“Have told you that i don’t want Celine dead!”He said
“Really? Are you sure, you were with George, the man in charge of the illegal gambling den?”Nick asked not believing a word
“Since you won’t believe what I say, I will tell you the reason why I went to see George yesterday”Bruce said softly .
“Let’s say I believe what you say! Tell us why you went to see George yesterday?”Nick asked
“Thomas plans on working on a new project with him,as the president, he sent me there to get him some documents to sign”Bruce finished lamely
“But then I figured some thing wasn’t right ?”Bruce said suddenly catching the attention of Nick and Peter
“Thomas had told me that he would be buying a particular land for a certain sum of money, I had asked him what it was for but he only told me that it would be for business,I never got to find a land because it was quite hard and he told me also that he was unable to get one but one day while his was in his office, I saw a land name and every thing in one of the folders the secretary was taking to him”
“He had payed for it and it only needed his signature, which he signed on that particular day, he had had it all set only for me to ask him about it and the answer he gave me was that…..”Bruce paused
“Was that what”the two of them asked in unison
“That he hasn’t acquire a land, I found it odd that day and I was more surprised when he asked me to keep finding one and when I did he bought that one too and asked me to take the folder to George. That was why you saw me at George house, I wasn’t doing any thing shady, I was only doing what Thomas asked of me”He said.

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