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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“What you are saying right now is that Thomas was the one who sent you and that you think he is up to some thing with George?”Nick asked Bruce who nodded his head in return
“I find that hard to believe, you are just trying to rid your self off the issue”Peter said
“I swear on life it self, you need to believe me Nick, am not amongst the gambling den members and I will never want Celine dead !”Bruce said as he moved towards Nick.
“You don’t have to listen to this Nick, he is…..”
“Let’s give him a benefit of doubt, I will meet Thomas my self and once i get to talk to him, I will know which one of them is lying”Nick said.
“You go and talk to him and you will see that am not lying, I will help you in any way to get those bastards who are working at the gambling den”Bruce said as Nick began to walk off
“That is if you aren’t one of them”Nick said and walked off.
Nick got to the Clifford office and got out of his car.
He stood starring at the building, starring at the upper floor.
Thomas might be mischievous in things but as to join an illegal gambling den, that’s some thing he would never do. He is much of a coward to join an illegal Den.
But all in all he would have to confirm, if he has any thing to do with them, he wouldn’t hesitate to take him down with the rest.
Seems like Thomas has been expecting his arrival because this time his secretary didn’t bother to stop him but instead she treated him with utmost care and led him to
He walked in and saw thomas Standing in front of the window starring out side.
On hearing Nick foot steps he turned, welcoming him with a smile which never reached his eyes
“Welcome little bro”He said gently
“You must have been expecting me and from i Remember,I never told you i was coming big bro”Nick replied
“I have a sixth sense as you see, I certainly know when you will come!”He said.
“Okay, I will take it that you really have a sixth sense and stay to chat with you”Nick said
“Chat about what exactly?”Thomas asked
“About the company, as you must have known by now, am not back in Celine life and so her business Is my business, you can show me the things you have been doing so far”Nick said
“Really? And did Celine send you to do this or are you just doing it because you feel like it”
“Why am doing this is none of your business, what you should be telling me how is every thing you have been doing for the past three days, she is also a share holder in this company”Nick said
“Then she should come her self, I don’t like talking to stranger’s when it comes to business”He said
“But why? You just called me your little bro a while ago and now am a stranger, that’s bad”Nick said sacastically.
“Fine then, since you want to see it, then do “He picked up his phone and called his secretary, asking her to bring the necessary documents.
Nick was still scrolling through it when he began his interrogation
“I heard from some one that you are planning to you bought a land, can you tell me what it’s for?”Nick asked
“And who told you that?”He asked softly
“some one I know, just tell me if you bought a land!'”Nick said
“Yes it’s true that am planning on buying a land but as it is I haven’t bought one yet, we are still looking for it”Thomas lied and Nick thought of what Bruce said earlier.
“Really? Well can you tell me what you planning to do with that land once you have got it?”He asked
“Well I plan on building another branch, it’s time that we begin to set new offices as it is”Thomas said
“I don’t think Celine will like this”Nick said
“What does Celine know, she doesn’t know a thing when it comes business, she is still a baby in the woods,In fact the only thing she knows is you Nick, she is blinded by her love for you”He said
“Well am glad she is ! Because am the same too”Nick said as he stood up
“Well I think I will have to put in more effort then”Thomas said suddenly and Nick stared at him
“I simply can’t let her go to you, you see have grown fond of Celine, I like her and I told her so just a few days ago”He said
“Am sure she didn’t welcome you with open arms”He said
” You are right but at least I got to taste a part of her”Thomas said intentionally
“What do you mean?”Nick asked
“I kissed her and it was the most…. “Thomas didnt get to finish his word because Nick pushed him to the wall angrily
“What did you say?”
“That I kissed her and though she replied by slapping me, I certainly wouldn’t give up! Celine will be mine, that I can assure you”Thomas said and Nick released him
“I trust Celine and I know that she certainly wouldn’t go to you for any thing in the world,as you have said she is blinded by her love for me and that is some thing I will rely on”he said as he turned to leave
“But it will be open some day, her eyes will be open and she will see you for who you really are! Am sure you haven’t told her the truth yet right?”he asked and When much didn’t answer he continued
“I knew it, you still haven’t, I wonder what she will say about you then”Thomas said and Nick turned to stare At him
“Stay away from Celine that’s the last warning am going to give you”he said and turned to leave
“How is she any way,I heard she is at the hospital and today you two almost got killed, not that am concerned about you but I am when it comes to……”
“How do you know about the incident that took place today?”Nick asked as he stared at him again
“From the news of course! It’s on the internet”he said looking a bit nervous.
Nick nodded and left his,the first thing he did when he got to his car was to search about the incident and he didn’t find any on any of the news,so Thomas is lying! He thought as he drove off.
Celine could feel some one sitting beside her, the person had been holding her hand for a while now and she knew who it was even before she opened her eyes
“Am glad you are…..what are you ?”She stopped when she saw Alicia sitting on the chair starring at her
“Why are you here?”Celine asked
“To see you of course”she said
“Why? You aren’t oblige to and…..”
“You caught me! You know I would never come to see you, am not that close to do that, I came to see Nick, I heard he has been at the hospital watching over you”Alicia said sounding a bit angry
“Yes,he has been watching over me as it is and I certainly don’t see what your problem is with that”Celine said
“Really? Do I have to remind you what I am to Nick!”
“His lover? Oh please! Save me that bull shit, I know already what you are to him, you see Nick tells me every thing “She said
“Are you sure? I doubt that! If he has you certainly wouldn’t be talking about him in a sweet way, you certainly will be full anger and hate towards him”She said laughingly
“What do you mean by that ?”Celine asked
“It’s not in my place to tell you but this is what I will tell you. Stay away from Louis, cut what ever ties you have with him”She said
“Why must I do that?”
“It’s simple, I want him “Alicia said
“He is your …….”
“Step brother, which means we aren’t related, have always wanted him even when I thought of him as my brother but now that I know that he is not my brother, what do you think that I will do?”She asked
“I won’t be leaving Nick for your useless infactuation”Celine said
“Then you will leave me with no choice, I wanted this to be a good arrangement between us but you want it to go the wrong way, then I will give you what you want”she said
“What do you mean?”,
“I will steal him away from you, am his little sister after all and he will do what I want, that is some thing I can assure you”She said starring at Celine with anger.

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