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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine could hear his foot steps and so she closed her eyes, not wanting him to bother or to try to talk to her.
Nick moved towards her knowing by her stiffness that she wasnt asleep as she tried to make it seem.
“Celine!”He called softly which she didn’t give a reply to
“Celine?”he called again and still she didn’t reply.
“What should I do to make it up to you? “He asked still starring at back
He moved towards her and tried to touch her but she moved away from him m, not wanting him to do that.
“Hey! I know I was a fool, a jerk, a…..what ever name you think of me ,I will accept it, I was blinded by the love I have for Alicia and chose not to trust you but I made a huge mistake and I regret it, how can i get your forgiveness “He said softly and when there was still no answer, he moved towards the sleeping figure and tried to see if she was still asleep but she stood up startling him in the process.
“Celine please let’s talk”He said softly
“Go away Nick!”she said not starring at him
“But Celine I…..”
“I said go away! I don’t want to talk to you right now! You….you make me sick !”She said this starring at him with pained eyes
Seeing Celine react like this then he must have really hurt her.
“I don’t want to!”He said softly and she looked away from him.
She sat on the bed crying softly and he walked towards her to give her a hug.
“Am sorry! Am sorry that I doubted you, I was a fool and I…..”
“You jerk! How could you have believed her over me, let me go! Let me go! “she whimpered cutting him off and instead of letting go of her, he held her tight.
“I won’t! I won’t ever let you go okay, I love you too much to do so!”He said as he held her to him.
She stopped fighting and stayed in his arms while he let her cry her eyes out.
When she finally stopped, she pulled out of his arms to stare at him.
“It’s late Nick, Its time for you to leave”She said coldly.
“You still haven’t forgiven me!”He said softly
“I have,I have forgiven you so please leave”she said as she looked away
“Liar!”he said smiling and she stared at him
“Remember. I know when you lie and right now you still haven’t forgiven me”He added
“You don’t me at all, just leave “She said as she pushed him away and layed on the bed.
He stood up with a smile on his face, “Fine then I will leave if that is what you want but I won’t stop until i get your forgiveness,I won’t stop until you eyes light up for me again”He said softly
“If you don’t leave right now! I will call for the nurses”she said with her back turned to him
“And tell them what?”he asked
“You think I wouldn’t do it?”she asked and he smiled
“I know you can be very rash at times but then before you get to call for the nurse,I would like to take some thing”he said and before she knew what he was about to do, he walked towards her and faced her to him and then he took her lips in his.
At first she stayed passive but then he managed to coerce her into submitting to him and she finally gave in.
Kissing him back with the same force, even though she layed on the bed.
He had to stop, though it was too good to stop but he had to stop or else it might lead to some thing else.
“I will be back to see you my love, get some rest and you can get to call the nurses now”he said as he back walk to the door and with one last smile at her, he left the room..
Celine layed on the bed starring at the ceiling and also thinking about the mind blowing kiss given by Nick a while ago.
She wondered how it would be if she finally gives her self to him.
“What are you thinking! You are still angry at him!”She muttered to her self and smiled again.
She couldn’t wait for tomorrow because she will be seeing him again tomorrow, she thought as she finally drift off to enjoy a peaceful sleep, a sleep she hadn’t had for a while now.
“Open up! Please open the door Miss”The house keeper kept on knocking the door but still no response.
Thomas who had arrived just a few minutes ago, made his way up stairs, to where the ruckus was going on.
“Please Miss Alicia open the door, please open the door “Another of the maid said but still no response.
“What’s happening?”Thomas asked, he had been hoping to come back home to relax from the day work, to think about what to do after Nick visit today, it certainly won’t be the same again, so he had come back home early to think only for this to happen.
“It’s Miss Alicia, she had come back home a while ago crying and had come up to her room locking her self up and destroying the things in her room , we have been calling to her but there is no answer at all”The house keeper said
“You two can leave, I will handle it from here”he said to the two who quickly left the hall way in a rush.
He knocked a few times and when there was no response, he tried opening the door but it was locked from the inside and judging from it, the key has broken Into it’s hole.
Sighing softly, he began to hit the door with his shoulders and when it finally opened up, he saw Alicia room all dishevelled and Alicia curled up on the floor in front of her bed crying softly.
It’s been long since he had seen her crying this way, the last time he had seen her crying like this had been a year ago, the memory was still in his head and while standing there,he drifted to a year ago when he had seen Alicia crying her eyes out after the competition which she came back as second.
“What’s wrong ?”he asked as he stared at his little sister which is very precious to him
“I hate her! I hate her so much”she said still crying
“Who! Who do you hate so much”he asked softly
“I want her dead, I want her to disappear, I want her out of my life”She said softly now starring at him and he pulled her into a hug still not knowing who she hate.
He was still hugging her when he saw the tv on and Celine Clifford in it, taking the award for winning the competition.
His sister hatred had gotten to him that day and that was why when the car had hit Celine, he didn’t bother to help her, he had her calling for help but then he remembered the anguish Alicia had been in that day and chose not to answer Celine that night.
He had thought she would die but she survived and lost her leg, it had been better because Alicia had taken her place, winning every female running race and being at the top but seeing her now,it still isn’t enough, what he did a year ago still isn’t enough for her, he thought as he stood up.
Still curled up on the floor, Alicia stared at Thomas and quickly she stood up , hugging him fiercely.
“Hey.what happened?”Thomas asked as he held tight in his arms
“I want her gone Thomas, I want her gone for good, I want her dead”Alicia cried out and he pulled her back to stare at her crying face.
“Who are you talking about?”he asked
“Celine Clifford”she muttered in between her cries
“Why do you want her gone?”Thomas asked
“She stole from me what I longed for this time, she can have the spot light again, I don’t want it any more because what she has right now is what I want most!”She said
“What does she have that you long for so much?”He asked
“Nick!”She said starring at Thomas
“Nick?”He questioned softly
“Yes Thomas, I love Nick and I want him by…..”
“Do you know what you are saying Alicia! Nick is your…..”
“Nick is not my brother! I know the truth okay, Nick is not part of us so that makes him free for me to love and see as a man”Alicia yelled at him
“Couldn’t you have found some one else, why did it have to be Nick?”Thomas yelled back at her
“Have always loved him Thomas even before I knew that he wasn’t related to us, I thought it forbidden then, I tried to control it but it just wouldn’t stop, I even tried to stay away but when I learned of the truth, I stopped admonishing my self and I let my heart love him.”
“I love Nick and I want him for my self, I don’t care about any thing else I just want Nick and if I cannot get him for my self, I swear I will die!”She said as she held Thomas again.

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