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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine stood at the balcony starring at the workers while they party away, Stacey was there too, making every one laugh while they danced to the little celebration.
Celine smiled watching every one being happy, it’s been so long since they have had a party like this, how she wished her father was still here.
“My love! Have been looking all over for you”Nick said as he held her from behind.
“And the doctor said you shouldn’t be up yet, you are still ill and still won’t be able to…..”
“Am fine okay, as long as I have this on me, I will be fine”she said showing him the ring that glistened in her hand
“So the ring is the one giving you the strength?”he asked and she nodded
“What about me? Don’t I give that injured leg of yours strength?”He asked and she turned to stare at him.
“This ring is a proof of your love to me and it also means that you love me and you will keep on being with me forever, so seeing it will certainly give me the strength I need”she said softly and that earned her a smile from him.
“You are the best thing life have ever given me, do you know how much I love you”He said again and that niggling doubt Alicia had set into her head began to disturb once again.
“You don’t know a thing about him….he is not who he seem to be”.
Some how Thomas words too came back to her.
He had told her Alicia was his family so she would certainly know things about him, things that he would surely be hiding.
“Hey”he called softly and that brought her back to reality.
“What’s wrong? You seem a bit preoccupied?”He asked
“Uh! Oh it’s nothing, I was just thinking of our life ahead”she said softly
“I know when you are lying Celine, so don’t you dare lie to me”Nick said softly and she took a deep breath before asking the question that has been tormenting her for a while.
“Are you hiding some thing from me? “she asked softly and she didn’t miss seeing the way his face changed or how pale he suddenly become
He moved away from her to seat on the chair that has been placed there.
“What’s wrong Nick?”she asked as she moved towards hoping that her question wouldn’t turn out to be true.
Nick stared at Celine as he kept on fighting with his conscience. If he told her the truth, she would hate him and that is what he is trying to avoid, her hatred, he would rather have some thing else that to see the look of hate in her for him and so he would keep the truth from her.
“Nothing! I….I…..tell me what prompt you ask me this? Are you in a doubt about some thing”He asked changing the subject all together
“It’s nothing like that! I don’t doubt you…I was just trying to…..oh let’s just forget it, forget I ever asked okay”she said holding his face and then giving him a kiss before hugging him tight.
Alicia walked into the latest company her brother had just acquire.
She was so very angry, she didnt even get to finish her necessary class for the day.
Seeing Nick and Celine leaving the college together and also having bright smile on their faces certainly makes her very angry.
it’s been a week, a good long week and yet Thomas isnt even doing a thing, Nick avoids her and each time she glanced at Celine, it was to see pity in her eyes.
Why would she be feeling pity for her ? She thought as she walked into her brother office.
Thomas was having a conversation on the phone when she walked in but seeing the determined look on Alicia face, he knew she wouldn’t go easy on him
“We have to talk” she said as she hit his table angrily.
“I will talk to you later”he said into the line cutting the phone immediately.
“What’s going on?”He asked as he stared at her
“You made a promise and so it’s time that you fulfil it!” Alicia yelled out angrily
“What promise”
“It’s been a week now and yet nothing! When are we going to separate them”
“This is not the right time yet?”Thomas replied
“That’s what you keep on saying, it’s been over a week and just seeing the two of them spending time with each other every single day makes me so angry” Alicia yelled at him.
He wasn’t able to reply because his secretary walked in, holding a news paper in her hand.
“I think you should see this!”the secretary said as she gave him the paper
“Celine Clifford, our once beloved athlete has a new man in toll, they are being seen every where and it certainly tells us that they are dating each other, well though they are keeping quiet about it, we all know that there is some thing going on, there is even a ring to prove that she really in deep,well this is the love life of our beloved athlete.”
On reading the papers Thomas threw it away angrily.
He had been buying time, time was the only time he need but seeing the ring on Celine finger certainly shows that he will need to do some thing soon, he thought as he stared at Alicia who was reading the news paper.
“No!!!!”she yelled out as she tore the papers into shreds scaring the secretary who was still in the room.
“Did you see that! I told you! I told you that she we should do some thing, if she has a ring…..then …..then it certainly means that they are planning to get married….they are getting married Thomas and yet you still ask me to wait!”She said hysterically
“Leave us will you”Thomas said and quickly the secretary scrambled out of the room.
“What are you going to do? Cause if you don’t try to do some thing this time around, I promise I…..”
“Let’s go ahead with our plan and that plan must take place today” Thomas said cutting Alicia off.
Celine walked out of the school hall, it’s been a week as it and she wouldn’t deny that it has been the most happiest week of her life.
Nick has been nothing but great with her, he has always made her feel loved, always protect her though they have not been any threat recently and he has always been there for her, picking her up at school, going to dinner dates together, enjoying their own make up cinema in the mansion and just being lost in each other…
Celine is now convinced that what Alicia and Thomas had told her about Nick were all just bunch of lies, she had been a fool to even doubt Nick for once, she thought as she waited by the school entrance for Nick to show up.
She was still waiting when she saw Mark, it’s been a while since she has last seen him and seeing again made her feel angry, he just had to ruin her day, she thought as she kept ignored and surprisingly he did same.
Walking past her as if she didn’t exist, that certainly made her feel very happy, she thought as she watched him walk off to his car.
“Bye bye mark”she muttered happily to her self and just then she got a call, thinking it was Nick, she picked the call with out looking at its caller.
“You must have thought it to be Nick when you picked the call but it isn’t”the strange voice said
Celine was about to caught the call when he spoke again
“Don’t! Do not caught the call”he said again
“Who are you?”Celine said softly
“The one who will enlighten you, the one who will tell you the secret your precious Nick have been keeping from you”He said softly
“If you are playing a trick with me right now, then you better stop because I won’t have you…..”
“You are currently wearing a gown right now! You are wearing pink gown and clutching your bag to your side, you are out side your college gate, waiting for your lover “the voice said and Celine stared at her self confirming every word of his.
She had chosen the pink dress to look good in front of Nick and because she was scared, she has been clutching her bag to her self and right now she is standing in front of the college gate.
Quickly She began to move when he spoke again.
“Don’t!”he said and that stopped her
“Aren’t you curious to know what Nick have been hiding from you?”He asked again and this time it was quite tempting.

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