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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“My love….I do love you, you have got to believe me Celine”Nick said when she turned to leave the room again.
“Let me go Nick” Celine said as she tried to pull away but instead he back hugged her, holding her tight when she tried to pull away again
“Don’t! I beg you, don’t leave me because of it, I will do all I can,I will make sure I pay you back for the rest of my life, just dont leave me,I beg you”he said holding the crying Celine in his arms.
She turned in his arms to stare at him, with tears trickling down her face she moved out of his arms.
“I can’t! I no longer see you as the man I love Nick, now I see you as the one who caused me so much pain, you will be a reminder to me always”She said
“Celine”he called softly
“Take your things with you and Leave Nick, as of today you no longer work for me, you are fired Nick, leave and never come back” Celine said and ran out of the room before he could stop her.
“Are you okay Celine?”Stacey asked as Celine ran out of the room
“Help Nick, he is leaving “she said to Stacey as she wipe her tears.
“Celine!”Nick called and she didn’t feel like talking to him,so she ran off heading to the study.
“Celine my love….you need to”
“I think that is enough! You need to leave Celine alone”Stacey said as she blocked his path.
“But I have to….I have to…..I”
“You have to leave her alone, if only I had known that you were the one who caused her so much pain a year ago, I wouldn’t have let you close to her…..please Nick leave, do as she says”Stacey said
“But I still need to talk to her, I still have to tell her that I love her”
“Do that another time, right now she is very sad and hurt, like wise me. so I think it’s best that you leave her alone for now ” Stacey said as she kept on blocking his way..
“Fine then, I will leave for now but I won’t give up Celine,I might have hurt you so much but my life to you is genuine, I really love you Celine, I really do”He said as he left the house.
Nick drove the car like a mad man, he was so angry, angry at him self for not telling Celine on time and angry at Thomas for telling Celine the truth.
He got out of the car and went straight into the company, judging by the time, Thomas will still at the company.
He walked right past his secretary, with out acknowledging her presence some thing which got the lady on alert.
“You cant sir! You just can’t walk in with out having an appointment” the secretary said as she went after him but Nick wasn’t ready to listen she had to say.
He walked into the room to see Thomas and Alicia in his office.
“You bastard!”Nick yelled as he walked towards Thomas giving him a punch which got him out of his chair.
“Why! Why the hell did you lie to Celine, why did you have to tell her!”Nick yelled at him only for him to give Nick a smile, a smile which only infuriated him more.
Nick pulled him by his collar, giving him a punch on his face twice while Alicia kept trying to stop the both of them but they weren’t listening to reason, while Nick hit Thomas and Thomas did the same, Alicia told the secretary to call for the guards which he did immediately.
The guards got into the room pulling the two men apart.
“I will make you pay! I will make you pay for what you just did today”Nick said
“Go ahead! You fool, your time with Celine is enough as it is, you had the chance to tell her the truth but you kept quiet, giving me the chance to do it for you and I did it well right?It gave me so much satisfaction to tell Celine that you are nothing more than the bastard who hit her a year ago”He said laughing.
Nick got him self freed and ran towards Thomas giving him another punch which broke his nose making him bleed
“Nick! Please! please”Alicia said standing in front of them, trying to separate the two of them from killing each other.
“Let him come at me Alicia, it won’t change what happened, after all am not to be blamed, the only thing I did was to tell her the truth, a truth which you have been hiding and judging by your behaviour, you have been given what you deserve, with you out of the way,I get to be with her”Thomas said
“I will kill you….”Nick said as he tried to move towards them only for Alicia to slap his face
“What the hell is wrong with you! Just for her….just for some one who is not worth it, you are behaving like an animal!”Alicia yelled at him
“Do not talk to me! You are also in it with him”Nick said starring at her with so much spite and anger
“And so what? What if am into it …..I only did it because I love you and if Celine does love you as she claims, then she should be willing to forgive you but instead she decides to send you away, if I were her! I will definitely forgive you”Alicia said
“But you aren’t her and am glad about that. Just to achieve what you want, you decide to stoop so slow, you decide to be like him, what can I expect, you both are siblings “Nick lashed at Alicia who was already crying because of his insult
“Hey! Leave Alicia out of this, you came here to settle things with me and you did that, so guards get him out of here”Thomas said as he pulled away from the guards who held him.
“I will leave, just seeing the two of you makes me so very sick and there is some thing you need to know, I won’t be giving up on Celine, any notion you have of being with her better be destroyed because I doubt if she will ever stop loving me and you should also better be prepared, I know you are amongst those working in the illegal gambling site and I will expose you all, you won’t be an exemption Thomas,that I can promise you”Nick said as he walked out of room.
“He hates me Thomas, he hates me so much !”Alicia said as she cried into her brother arms while the guards and the secretary left the office leaving the siblings on their own.
“This is not the time to cry Alicia, we have manage to pull them apart and so the only thing you have to do now is to make Nick yours while I do the same with Celine”Thomas said holding her face
“But how can I do that when he wouldn’t even let me close to him”Alicia asked
“I can only think of one way”Thomas said giving her a crooked smile.
Mean while Nick drove back to the guards agency, intent on getting some thing on Thomas,to pin him amongst those who are in the gambling den business.
“Have got the files you said you needed, they are all here, all you have to do now is to confront George with this files while you have the recorder with you” Peter said as he met him on the way.
“Prepare every thing,now more than ever I have to make sure I get a hold of him “Nick said as he took his seat.
“I will then and oh! Celine had been here yesterday but you weren’t around and so she asked me to hold onto this for you”Peter said giving him a box of chocolate.
Nick took it from him and smiled softly, just yesterday things had been going well for them both.
“You need buttering up and I know just how to do that and you also need to relieve your stress, you are doing this for me and so let me do some thing back for you”
Remembering Celine words made him smile, she has indeed buttered him up, he thought as he opened the package.
“To my one and only love… might be a little childish but if you love me, you should love me being this way, enjoy this chocolate and think of me when you eat it”
Nick stared at the message and smiled softly to him self.
He took a bite out of the chocolate and grew more sad when he remembered the last look on Celine face.

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