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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I mean it Celine, Nick is up to something and am sure that it has some thing to do with you” Thomas said
“Stop it! have heard enough,why don’t you just leave”Celine said as she turned to leave only for Thomas to pull her back
“I won’t leave until I know that you will be fine”He said stiffly.
Celine pulled her hand away angrily, giving him an angry look
“I told you to stop it, Nick might be everything but he wouldn’t harm me”Celine said
“Are you sure about that? Don’t you even think about what he did to you”Thomas said starring at her leg.
It made Celine remember the pain she had to go through a year ago and her anger towards Nick grew again
“Do not let Nick come back Into your life, you will only be opening more pain to your self “He said as he held her hand.
Celine stared at their linked hands and that was when she noticed the injury In his hand.
“You are bleeding Thomas”she said as she held his hand
“Oh! Don’t concern your self about it, I might scraped my hand over some thing, it will go,leave it”he said wanting to pull his hand away but she pulled him back
“This cut is deep and if you don’t get it covered up, you might get an infection, can some one get me the first aid kit?”Celine said to the maids and Stacey who were hovering in the sitting.
Taking Thomas hand she pulled him to a nearby seat and when the first aid kit was brought to her, she did the necessary thing possible to cleanse it.
Some how it made her Remember the day she had been cleaning Nick injury.
She paused starring at the band aid in her hand, some thing which Thomas noticed.
Thomas was about to speak when he heard some one foot steps, he saw Nick approaching the door through the window and stared at Celine who was still lost in what ever memory had taken hold of her mind.
Seeing it as a perfect chance, he bent towards her and kissed her lips.
Celine was quite taken aback, she had been thinking about Nick and had been lost yo what ever Thomas was saying , she hadn’t even notice him moving towards her.
He moved away just as quickly as he kissed her.
“Am sorry! I just couldn’t hold back, your lips were quite tempting “He said softly giving her a smile.
Celine moved away from him and it was then she noticed Nick standing by the door watching them.
“You must know I feel about you Celine, I love you and I just can’t stand the fact that Nick caused you to be this way. He is not worth you thinking this much, just….just forget him and give me a chance to make you happy, what do you say? What’s your answer going to be?”Thomas asked knowing that Nick was behind him listening to their conversation.
“Let me give you an answer to that myself “Nick said suddenly and that got Thomas turning.
“Why did you come back, from what I heard you were sent packing!”Thomas said
“No”Nick said as he kept on starring at Celine.
“What?”Thomas said
“Your answer to the stupid question you asked Celine a while ago. It’s a no Thomas”Nick said this as he got walked the few paces that separated them
“And who are you to answer for her…oh her boyfriend or fiance but from what I heard, she already told you to leave, so you have no right to meddle in her business”Thomas said as he stood up to glare at Nick.
Knowing what will happen if she didn’t do anything, Celine stood up getting into their middle
“I think it’s enough you two”she said trying to coerce the two men but they were far from listening
“I might have been sent packing as you have said but that doesn’t mean that I will leave, Celine and I still have a lot to do with her, she can’t get rid of me just as you wish, so now I suggest you leave, leave before I wreck your face some more”Nick said moving close to Thomas even though Celine stood in between
“Try it this time, i won’t be holding back, that I can promise”Thomas said moving too not bothered about Celine who was now cramped in between
“Your really asking for it?”Nick said now very angry
“What do you intend to do? What are you going to do “Thomas asked taunting Nick
Feeling so very angry by their behaviour, they didn’t seem to care if she was standing on between and that angered her a lot
“Will you both just stop it!!!”She yelled at them and they finally noticed her in between them
Vexed by their behaviour,she pushed the first away and then the second starring at them both.
“I have a mouth and I can certainly answer for my self”She said this starring at Nick
“I didn’t let in here to pick a fight”She said to Thomas too.
“Look! You two are the last people I want to see or talk to, So I will kindly ask you to leave” She said
“He can leave, I live here with you Celine”Nick said only to be given an angry glare from Celine
“But you have been kicked out and that’s ft because of what you did, you bastard”Thomas said
“One more word Thomas and you are dead”Nick threatened
“Get lost”Thomas said defying Nick word and Nick walked towards him wanting to hit him when Celine stopped him by putting her hand on his chest
“I suggest you leave now Thomas”Celine said
“But! “
“Please! I would rather deal with one of you than to have the two of you fighting each other in my house”She said
“Fine then, I will leave, give me a call and if that doesn’t work out, I will give you a call “He said as he picked up his jacket
“Don’t count on it, I will be around her to make sure your calls are never Answered “Nick said putting on a devious smile on his face.
With one last look at Celine, Thomas left the house,leaving Celine and Nick alone.
With Nick gone, Celine took a deep breath and stared at Nick to find him starring at her, she realised that her hand was still on his chest and dropped it quickly moving back from him
“That was warm”He said softly.
“What?”she questioned
“Your hands…they were warm”He said giving her a smile
Celine clenched her hand in anger, not wanting to succumb to his charms and that worked like magic, clenching her hands made her stare at her leg, that brought a remainder that Nick is the one responsible for her being this way and that alone always made her angry.
“Why are you here? I thought I told you to leave”She said starring at him
“I missed you”he said after being quiet for a while
“Take your things and leave Nick I mean it”Celine said trying to harden her heart
“For the few hours that I left this place, I realise that I can’t live with out you Celine, I missed you like hell and I….I…”
“I don’t want to listen to you Nick, I already made my self clear, I didn’t miss you at all and I can certainly live with out you. You should realise that what I felt for you until I found out the truth changed when I knew it was you….when I found out the truth about you being the one….who runined my life”Celine said as she held back the tears that threatned to spill.
“Just leave Nick! Leave and don’t come back, I beg you”She added when he said nothing.
She began to walk off when suddenly he wrapped his arms around her, holding her back.
“Like I said before, I won’t leave Celine, I don’t intend to leave you now or ever, hate me all you want, I will bear with it but never seeing you again is some thing I won’t be able to bear, I love you, I love you so much “he said holding her tight to him.
The tears which Celine had been holding back began to pour out and for a while they both like that, enjoying the comfort of being in each other arms.
Nick finally let go and turned Celine to face him.
She stared up at him and he gave her a smile before bending towards her to give her a kiss on the lips.
Some one foot steps interrupted them from kissing further.
Celine pulled away Quickly while Nick did his own the opposite way.
“Oh I thought they were gone miss”A maid apologise when she still found Nick in the room
“He is about to leave too”Celine said as she head to the lift, getting into it quickly.
“Don’t mind her, I will be heading to my room”Nick said to maid.
He got to his room only to find Stacey sitted there waiting for him.

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