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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“You are finally here! Have got your bag and other stuff ready for you, it’s time you leave “Stacey said as she got up from his bed

“You also want me to leave?”Nick asked softly

“It’s Celine order and I can’t also forget what you did to Celine a year ago, she had suffered so much because of you and so if you love her like you say, you would leave her alone” Stacey said and began to head out of the room

“I intend on staying”Nick said and that stopped Stacey

“What?”she questioned as she stared at him

“I told you, am not leaving”He said as he turned to stare at her too

“I can’t believe this! Why make things worse Celine have had to live her life in a lot of pain, why had more by staying here and reminding her of what happened ?”Stacey said

“Am not staying to cause more pain to Celine, am staying because I love her and I gave her my word on protecting her, I will make sure I stick to that “Nick said and that got Stacey laughing

“Your love is no longer some thing she wants, she hates you and also loathe the feeling she had harboured for you, she told me that she is willing to get another man just to get you out of her life and that had been going well until you showed up” Stacey said

“Dont tell me that the man you are talking about is Thomas?”Nick asked

“What do you think? He is the only guy around her and from the kiss he gave her a while ago, I can tell that he will manage to get her to fall for him”Stacey said

“I don’t get you at all, just a few days ago, you didn’t like Thomas!”Nick said

“That was because I thought you were a best choice for her but as it turns out you are nothing more than the bastard who ruined her life”

“Leave! Leave her alone and live your life, that’s the best for you two”Stacey said as she turned to leave again

“Why do I feel that you are eager to send me away, Celine didn’t put you up to this but instead you did it your self just to make me go! Why Stacey?”he asked and that stopped her once again

“You aren’t just right for her! To me you are the one who caused Celine a lot of pain and so it’s best you keep out of her life before it’s too late”Stacey said

“Well am sorry! I can’t do what you have asked me, I will be staying by Celine side no matter what you say?”He said

“Why won’t you just listen to reason!”She yelled at him losing her cool

“I don’t tend to reason some times, I just do what I want and I doubt it if you or any one can stop it “He said

“You are just unbearable, Celine won’t like this at all”

“She has no choice but to bear it, I won’t be leaving Stacey, am going to be staying for a very long time, so live with that. I want to change and judging from the work you did, you will be giving me a great deal of work by unpacking my luggage, except you want to help me unpack after all you were the one who put it there”He said jokingly and Stacey being Stacey always laughed to all his jokes but this time around she only gave him an angry look before leaving the room.

He sighed and sat on the bed, he thought Stacey would under stand, after all she always under stood him but now…..some thing had changed about her and the sooner he knew what it is. The better for them all.

Celine stayed at her father study, dealing with some files which needed her signature when the burst open and Stacey barged into the room.

“Why Celine? Why did you let him?”Stacey questioned as she walk towards her

“Let who?”Celine asked still surprised by what she was saying.

“Nick! Why the hell did you let him stay? Are you going to take him back after what he did a year ago?”She asked

“I don’t plan to do that”Celine replied as she pushed the document away from her

” Then why did you let him stay here, why didn’t you just send him out? You hate him, tell him to leave, make sure he does that Celine”She said looking very hysterical.

“I did,I tried but you know Nick can be very persuasive”Celine said

“But you are the boss, the owner of the house, you can tell him to leave,you have that right except you still plan on accepting the man who ruined you a year ago”Stacey said

“I have no intention of doing……”

“Then tell him to leave! Right now!”She yelled at Celine which surprised Celine, never had Stacey been this way

“Stacey!”Celine called softly and that some how cooled her down.

“Am sorry! I didn’t mean to yell at you, I just…..I….I can’t stand seeing the man who ruined your career, who made you suffer for a year, I was there with you Celine, I saw you having a hard time, I saw you at your lowest moment and each day that happened, I felt sad, sad that I was unable to protect you, now that I can do that, let me do it.”

“I just finished talking to him, I told him to leave but he insist on staying, you are the only one who can get him out of here, tell him to leave”Stacey added.

Celine was quiet for a while, thinking about what to do.

Nick is stubborn, he wouldn’t want to leave and Stacey….Stacey is just worried about her, just how is she going to do it, she thought.

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“It’s poison, his butler had poisoned him “Peter said

“I know that already, remember that he died in my arms, is there no other findings?”Nick asked Peter through the reciever

“Well they think his butler had been hired to do the job”Peter replied

“Really! Even I can do a more better finding, what’s wrong with the police? They don’t tend to do things right any more”He said

“The police are doing their job, we just have to give them time…..”

“Always this time stuff! Don’t they realise that time isn’t in our hands any more, we have to find the gambling den leader, if he is still out there, every one is not safe!”Nick yelled at peter

“Fine then, I get you, you don’t have to tell at me, i did nothing to ruin your mood”Peter said

“I know and am sorry, it’s just that am….very stressed”

“Trying to woo back the love of your life can be very stressful right?”Peter asked making fun of him

“Am not in the mood for your jokes Peter”Nick said

“Okay! I won’t make fun of you any more, I wish you good luck on winning her back and also…..when do you plan on approaching her on the subject”Peter asked

“I will do that now, you don’t have to worry about Celine, just do what you have to do at the station and give me the feed back I need”He said softly

“I will “Peter replied and they both switched off their phone.

Done with his task, he left the room in search of Celine.

It was getting dark already, the workers will be getting ready for the night, he wondered if Celine is doing the same too.

He was heading up stairs when he noticed the study lights on, he went to it and saw Celine sleeping softly in the room.

A lot of files were on the floor and on the desk too, she must have been working on and then dozed off.

He got to the desk starring at her sleeping soundly, he couldn’t resist the urge to touch her.

“How can you be so calm when am living in a storm right now”He muttered as he pushed back some strand of her hair.

“Mom…”She muttered softly when he pushed back her hair.

“Even in your sleep, you long for your mom, yet you push her away”He muttered again.

He crouched in front of her, starring at her closely and then kissed her fore head.

“I love you”he whispered in to her ear and turned to leave only for her to hold his hand.

“Don’t go……please don’t leave me”She said, still asleep

He moved towards her and sat on the desk, while her hand was still in his, he comforted her until she fell asleep again.

The ringing of her phone woke Celine up and she was surprised to see her hand linked with Some one, she looked up only to see Nick starring down at her with a smile on his face.

“You are finally up”He said and quickly she pulled her hand from his

“What are you doing here?”She asked

“To watch you sleep”He replied

“Seems like you don’t have a better work to do then, I need to finish arranging this file, you need to leave”She said as she tried to ignore his presence.

Just then her phone began to ring again,she picked it up to look at the caller only to see that it was Thomas.

What’s he calling her for this time? She thought as she stared.

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