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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine stood still starring at her phone which was ringing, wondering if she should pick it if not.
She was still contemplating when Nick voice roused her
“Who is it? Why are you not picking?”He asked
She picked her phone and gave him an angry look.
“You should leave, I would like to speak with him in private” She said
“Him? Who is this guy calling you?”He asked now looking angry
“A friend of mine”she replied
“Is he some one I know or could it be Mark? No. That bastard wouldn’t go close to you, I made sure of that “Nick said starring at her.
“It’s not some one you know okay and I don’t have to give you any excuse, just leave”she said as her phone began to ring again.
She stared at the caller and answered only for Nick to snatch her phone from her
“Is every thing alright? Is Nick gone now? If he isnt, I can help you get some one who will throw him out of the house and……”
“You don’t have to do that you jerk”Nick rasped into the phone, surprising Thomas who thought he was talking to Celine.
“Give me back my phone “Celine yelled as she tried to take her phone from him.
“Give the phone to Celine!”Thomas said
“Why do you think I will do as you have told me?”Nick replied
“Just do as you are told Nick, am older than you and I deserve your compliance”Thomas said making Nick laugh.
“You never considered me your younger brother for once and when it comes to giving Celine the phone, am your brother? Just what did you do to Thomas my dear Celine”Nick said to Celine who was still following him, trying to get her phone from him.
On hearing his question, she stopped to stare at him
“Why would you think that have done some thing to Thomas?”She asked
“It’s because you did the same to me Celine, you got me trapped and no matter what,I won’t be leaving your side….did you hear that Thomas?”he asked Thomas who had been listening to their conversation
“Just give the phone to Celine!”
“You might have succeeded in telling Celine the truth but you didn’t suceed in stopping her love for me, I love Celine and she loves me too, so what ever thing you are thinking, you better stop it because Celine will always be mine, that I can promise you”He said and switched off the phone putting it on the desk.
“Why did you do that?”Celine yelled at him
“Just a reminder to him and to you too, you might hate me right now but I do know that some day that hate of your will dissipate and I will always be around waiting for that to happen “he said.
Knowing that what he said is true, Celine went back to her desk, doing her best to hide her feeling which were clearly on her face.
Once she succeeded in doing that, she turned to him.
“It will never stop”She said starring at him.
“The hatred I feel for you will never go away and you want to know why?”She asked
“This….will always be a solid reminder”She said pointing to her bad leg
“Its a scar which would always remind me of that night a year ago and also of the man who caused the accident”She added
“I think have said enough as it is, I would like to be alone now, so please leave “she said facing her desk, waiting to hear the sound of the door before she could sink in the floor and cry her heart out.
Her phone began to ring again and she saw that it was Thomas.
“Don’t answer!”Nick said behind her but she payed him no attention.
She answered the call “Yes, am fine thomas. You don’t……what are you doing? “she asked when Nick took her phone from her and threw it on the floor..
“Are you crazy? That phone was bought for me by my father!”She yelled as she hit his chest in anger.
“I told you not to answer and i meant it!”He said.If she had known what would happen she certainly have done her best to stop it.
Nick pulled her close to him and kissed her, Celine who was shocked tried to push him away but he wouldn’t budge.
He kept on kissing her lips until she finally succumb to him.
If she could find fault in every thing Nick does, she couldn’t find fault in his kisses, he is the best when it comes to kisses, she thought as she wrapped her arms around him.
He lifted her from the floor and sat her on the desk, now kissing her eyes, nose, her cheeks before going back to her lips.
The two of them were in a world of theirs, if any one had knock, they wouldn’t have heard it because they were so lost in each other.
While he kissed her throat, Celine could feel him pulling him down her zip, she wanted to stop him, had to stop him but her desire to have him was just so strong.
Still in his arms Nick pulled down the zip, caressing her bare back and then he pulled the clothe off her shoulder kissing her bare shoulder.
Celine unbutton his shirt, kissing his hard muscles and enjoying the feel of him.
They were both naked to the waist, Nick pulled her off the desk taking her to the large chair which could fit two people.
He layed her on it, kissing her and feeling more hot as each minute went by.
They both explored each other, knowing that this is the first time for them both,Nick wanted it to last long, to please Celine and did her to return the favour but as it is, he couldn’t control his body reactions.
He took her a while later, giving her the pleasure she needs while he did the same, it was a while later that they both came back down to earth.
Celine layed in Nick arms while he careessed her face and holding her tight so she doesn’t get to leave him.
“This shouldn’t have happened”Celine said a while later
“But it did and that’s only because we both love each other, no matter how much you hate me, your heart just can’t deny me, neither can i”Nick said
“Why? Why did it have to be you? Why couldn’t it have been some one else? Why did you have to be the one who hit me that night” she asked as she cried softly in his arms
“Actually I still have some thing to tell you Celine”He said but Celine was paying attention to him
“I fell for you Nick, I genuinely fell for you not knowing that you were the guy have been hating for a year, a guy which I wanted to meet and make him feel the pain I had gone through.”
“But I can’t do that even knowing you are the one Nick”She said as she turned to look at him.
“I do love you and I also hate you too maybe this is my punishment for being cold and cruel to every one around, some even cursed me for my cruelty”
“But this is a really painful punishment Nick! I love you but I also hate you, you had come into my life just to make me happy for a while and also to destroy that happiness”She said
“You shouldn’t think like that, I didn’t come into your life to destroy the happiness, if you think it’s a punishment then am the one being punished here.”
“I had hit you with my car and I had ruined your life and career, that made you cold and cruel to every one around you but as life will have it, I came back into your life, protecting you and also falling in love with you. I swear to you Celine, I never knew, I didn’t know you were the girl I had hit that night, you have to believe me my love”He said kissing her on the lips.
“Saying this to you won’t solve any thing, it wouldn’t stop you from hating me, it wouldn’t give you back your career but when I tell you I love you, you have got to believe me, I love you…..I love you so much”Nick added
“Celine I……” Stacey who had walked into the room with out knocking stood shocked when she saw Celine lying naked in Nick arms.
“Stacey?”Celine said as she sat up starring at her friend.
“Am sorry , I will just come back later”She said as she left the room in a hurry.

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