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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Stacey wait! Please!”Celine called out but Stacey had already left the room in a rush.
Celine sat up as she began to get dressed, wanting to go after Celine.
“Where are you going ?”Nick asked as he sat up too
“After Stacey”Celine replied quickly
“Why? It’s not like we did some thing wrong, we love each other and it’s only clear that we had each other because we both long for each other”
“It should never have happened Nick. Stacey had come to me a while ago, telling me to make you leave, I planned on doing it but you only had to seduce me for me to……”
“Hold on a minute, I didn’t seduce you Celine, you gave your self to me just as I did with you, do not try to put the blame on me and since when do you do as Stacey says ?”He asked
“Since I realised that you are not the man I fell in love with. Get dressed Nick and leave the mansion”she said as she turned to leave.
“I am the guy you love Celine, I am still the same Nick you knew and will always be, I won’t leave Celine, what ever Stacey had said to you to get me to…….”
“Stacey didn’t tell me any thing Nick, this is coming from me, I don’t want you here at all,I mean it, I don’t want you in my life, I hate you”She said those last with anger and left the room in rush.
Celine began to look for Stacey, her room was the first place she visited and yet there was no one there, the kitchen, the garden, the rest room every where she could think of and still there was no sign of Stacey there.
Celine took the lift heading to her room,wanting to take her phone to call Stacey, she must be sulking some where on her, Stacey have always been that even when they were young.
She got into her room only to see Stacey standing by the window holding a picture in her hand.
“My God Stacey! Do you know how long have been looking for you?” Celine asked as she walked into the room.
“Have never……asked some thing from you”Stacey began softly still starring at the picture.
“Never in my life have i asked some thing from you but the first time I did that you end up paying deaf ears to my request”Stacey said
“It’s not what you think sta……”
“Then what was that a while ago, I just asked you to make him leave but instead of doing that you hopped into bed with him and it wasn’t even in your room but in your father study, do you think that that is right?”Stacey yelled at her
“Look Stacey I…..”
“You always made it clear to me that this house is sacred to you but as it turns out it means nothing to you “Stacey said cutting her off
“You very know how much this house means to me “Celine replied hotly
“Really? If it did you wouldn’t have behaved like a dirty little Tra……..”Stacey didn’t get to finish her word because Celine slapped her face.
“What has gotten over you Stacey, never have you spoken to me like this before”Celine asked Stacey who still had her hand on her cheek.
“It’s because you aren’t seeing reason! That man is the same man who caused you so much pain a year ago, I was there with you Celine, I witnessed how much you suffered Celine. And not wanting that to happen again, I told you to make him leave, I was only doing it in your best interest, I don’t want to see you suffer just like you did in the past and all because of Nick. If I had known that you wouldnt even listen to my pleas, I wouldn’t have bothered begging”
“You own your life Celine and am nothing but the daughter of a maid who is only after your best interest but as it turns out I crossed my boundaries and am sorry about it, I will just head back to doing my duties after all that’s my job here “Stacey said as she walked past Celine.
“You can’t leave yet, we need to talk about this Stacey,I don’t want any fights between us”Celine said to Stacey who kept walking off
“Stacey?”she called again pleadingly
“What? What do you want to say? “Stacey asked in return not looking at her
“Fine then, I will tell Nick to leave, I will make sure I get him out of here”Celine said softly.
Stacey turned to stare at her “That’s the best decision you have ever made so far “Stacey said as she left the room.
Celine sat sitting on the bed wondering why she felt that her decision is the worst one ever.
A while later, changed and feeling like her self, she got out of the dressing room only to see Nick sitting on her bed, now dressed but still looking so very hand some.
“Why do you take long in taking a bathe?”He asked softly
“That’s the way I am and why are you here ?”she asked
“To see you! You left with out saying a thing a while ago”He replied
“I did. I did told you that I have no intention of seeing you again and that you should leave but seeing you here, you arent ready to leave willingly right?”She asked starring at him
“If you know that why do you keep on asking me to leave, did Stacey put you up to it?”He asked and when Celine didn’t give him an answer on time, he drew his answers up him self
“She did ask you, I thought her asking me to leave by herself was because she was worried about you but she behaving like this makes me suspect her actions”He said
“Don’t you dare suspect Stacey! Just do what you want to do and leave Nick, please leave my life and never come back. Isn’t it enough that have suffered so much? , why must you let me suffer more?”She asked starring at him
“Do you think that my being here with you is only making you suffer? “he asked as he stood up walking towards her
“Yes it is Nick. You are suffocating me with your presence, you should know that I hate you, I hate you and you being here only makes me hate you some more “She said as she moved away from him.
He stopped still starring at her and smiled, knowing that she didn’t mean what she just said.
“Liar. Have you forgotten that I know when you lie and when you say the truth?”He asked as he cornered her to a wall.
“Am saying the truth Nick, I hate you and I don’t want you…..”She couldn’t get to finish because he kissed her, shutting her up.
At first Celine did her best to resist him but he managed to get her yielding to him.
She was still kissing him when Stacey words came back to her, she pushed him away and not trusting Nick to keep off his hands or her self from wanting more, she moved out of his arms to stand by the window.
“See! I know when you lie and when you say the truth, You were angry at first for me ruining your life but all that changed when we made love a while ago. You gave me your all Celine, it still shows that you love me just as much I do with you”He said
“You should leave Nick! Leave and never come back please”She begged hugging her self while standing in front of the window
“You are still bent on pushing me away?”He asked
“Well am sorry, I won’t leave”He added when she didn’t give a response.
“Not even if I call the police ?”She asked this starring at him now.
“Well the police might get me out of this house but then I will come back and take you forcefully with me that I promise you “He said
“You just don’t listen right?”She asked stamping her good leg angrily
“We are the same Celine, that’s why we are a perfect couple “He said giving her a smile
“If you aren’t going to leave then get out of my room, I don’t want to see you “She said as she stared at him.
“Am afraid that that would also be impossible too “He said
“Why?'”she asked
“Apart from wanting your apology and also wanting you back in my life, I also came back for some thing else”He said
“And what would that be?” She asked suddenly curious
“The names of the gambling den members “he said
“What does that have to do with me?”Celine asked
“It has a lot to do with you Celine, you saw the names that night”He said .

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