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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“What do you mean by I saw the names?”She asked as she stared at him.
“On that night a year ago,you ran out of the house, wanting to escape those who killed your father. You told me you only remember running into the streets and then… car hit you……what am trying to say here is that you didn’t completely remember your lost memory”
“Some memories of yours are still lost to you Celine. You saw the names that night and that’s the reason why they have been after your life “He said
“I don’t think so, I didn’t open that book, all I can remember was that I was running, trying to escape them. You are wrong if you think I saw the names”Celine said trying to think.
Trying to remember if she had opened the book that day.
“You did open the book Celine, think about it. After the accident, they didn’t come for your life immediately but they did that later on. You never bothered to ask yourself why they didn’t come after you since the day you got out of the hospital that’s because they didn’t know that you saw the names but some how they found out and that is why they are after you Celine, they are trying to kill you so you don’t get to ever remember who is amongst the gambling den members”he said as he walked towards her holding her by her shoulders.
“You have got to remember, every thing is now in your hands Celine, you are my other hope in getting those bastards, you have got to remember Celine”he said as he pulled her into a hug.
Celine let him hold her because she needed his comforting arms for a while.
She had opened the book, she had seen the names of the gambling den members but she doesn’t remember that part at all.
“But….on that night you took the bag from me Nick, I remember being hit and then the bag being taken from me and from what Thomas told me, you had come out of the car that night and had taken the bag from me Nick”She said still in his arms.
“That is also some thing we have to talk about, you never gave me the chance to tell you but it’s time I did that”He said as he pulled to the chair by the window so they could both sit there.
“On the night of the accident, it’s true that I was the one driving Celine, I heard my father or no the man I thought was my father and Thomas talking about me. For years I thought they were my family but on that night I got to open my eyes. I heard their disscussion about me being a bastard and Thomas had seen me.”
“I was so angry to talk and so I went to my car only for Thomas to follow suit. If I had known that some thing bad will happen,I would have told him to get down or better yet,I would never have taken the car “
“But I was too angry to talk and so i drove off hoping Thomas wouldn’t bring the subject up but Thomas being Thomas did bring it up, saying that I was bastard and that his father had loved the bastard more than he ever loved him and then every thing went bizzare when he took the steering from me. I tried Celine, I tried to stop him but he was too crazy to listen, it wasn’t until we ran you over that he finally stopped”
“I wanted to get out of the car but he told me to wait, he got out in stead of me, I was too scared to get out Celine, if I had known that you were alive, I would have done my best to help you that night. Thomas made it clear to me that you were dead, if you really think about it, you will remember that the voice which spoke that night wasn’t mine, the one that declared you dead wasn’t mine Celine. You have got to believe me”He said taking her hands in his.
“What Thomas told you was the opposite of that night, though I was driving, I didn’t mean to hit you and leave you there to die Celine. If you still don’t believe me then I have a proof Celine. The bag that was with you that night is in his possession that was how I knew you were the girl I had hit a year ago, you described the bag to me only for me to see that same bag in his office and he confirmed it to me that you were the girl I had hit that night. I didn’t dare tell you because I was afraid of losing you, I love you too much to see you hurt and so I kept my mouth shut but as the saying goes, no secret is hidden forever”He said kissing her hand.
Celine sat still starring at their linked hands, some how she wanted to believe him but she still can’t.
She still can’t trust him again until he shows her the proof, she thought.
“Show me the prove Nick, show me that you really are innocent and I…..just show me the prove.please”She begged.
“I will do that Celine but in return. Promise me that you will stop with me leaving the house, If am away from you, I won’t be able to protect you and if any thing should happen to you, I might…..”
“Shhhhh…….don’t you dare finish that word, you don’t have the right to die except I say so. So you need stay alive and i will also do my best to stay alive Nick”She said giving him a smile .
He pulled her into a hug,holding her to him very tight.
“One more thing I need from you Celine”He said still holding her
“What?”She replied
“Stay away from Thomas. Take it from me that he is not some one to be closed to”he said and Celine moved out of his arms to stare at him
“Why do you say so?”Celine asked
“That’s because I think he is among the gambling den members, he took the bag from you Celine and it has been with him for years. He must have taken the book and hid it. I still don’t have concrete prove but when I do get it, I will handling him to the police officers my self”He said.
His phone began to ring and he answered on seeing that it was Peter.
After a few disscussion,he caught the call and stood up starring down at Celine.
“I would have to leave for a while, I need to see Peter but I will be back and I will be coming back with the proof, I can promise you that “he said and before she could stop him, he kissed her on the lips and then left the room.
As soon as he left, Celine got a call, she picked up her phone only to see him calling, At first she didn’t want to speak but on seeing the message he sent,she called him immediately.
Nick drove down to Thomas apartment, he was surprised to be welcomed into the house.
The maid hadn’t even announced his presence, it was as if they were expecting him to come by.
“If you would come with me, Mr Thomas is in his study waiting for you ” the maid said as she led him to the study room.
Nick walked into the study only to see Thomas standing by the window holding two glasses.
“Hello brother “Thomas greeted as Nick walk into the room
“What’s this! I didn’t tell you I was coming “He said
“But I knew you would come. Some how I knew you would show and so I prepared this for you “He said walking towards Nick to hand him the glass which contained whisky.
Nick took it from him only to put it down on the table.
“Is that a way to tell me that you are refusing the drink”Thomas asked
“You must know that I came here to talk to you not to have drinks with you”Nick replied
“I know but I wanted you to loosen up a bit Nick, you should have a drink before we begin our discussion”
“Sorry but I have no interest in sharing a drink with you, who knows you might have added poison in it”Nick said which got Thomas laughing
“Fine then, I won’t try to persuade you to drink with me”Thomas said
“Let’s just get to the point, I came here solely to ask you to give your self in and tell me all of those that are involved in the gambling den “Nick said
“Still hooked up on that bull shit?”Thomas asked
“It’s not a bull shit Thomas. It’s some thing that is threatning the lives of the people around me, you claim you love Celine then you must know that she is danger and that those people are after so Thomas tell me what you know”Nick said
“I know nothing and that’s because I don’t know any gambling den or their members, so stop asking me about it”Thomas said
“You still won’t cooperate right? Well then you will leave me with no choice but to find out the truth my self and once I do know the truth, I swear to you Thomas you will be amongst those who goes to jail”He said and turned to leave.
Getting to the door he stopped and went back to the desk, drinking the whisky in it.
“On second thought I think I will stay to have some of this whisky, would you mind getting me some more?”Nick asked only to receive a smile from Thomas
“I will gladly do it, this sure feels like old times”he said as he walked out of his office to get the whisky.
As soon as he left the study, Nick began his search, he searched through the little cupboards searching for the bag.
This is the reason why he came to see Thomas in the first place and he wouldn’t leave until he gets it.
He was still searching for it when he heard Thomas voice behind him
“You wouldn’t find what you are looking for Nick because it’s not here”.


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