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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



So Celine ordering me to lift the flower pot around was just for fun? She knew the maintenance men would arrive soon and yet she….she ……
Nick took a deep breath and thought of Zack, he is only doing it for Zack,for the man who have helped him..
He was about to lift the pot when he heard Celine scream.
“help me! Help me Nico
* * *On hearing Celine scream, Nick ran back downstairs, expecting to see the worse but he was surprised when he saw Celine standing by the foot of the stairs, looking Well and certainly not harmed
“What happen?”Nick asked
“You got to me so fast, I will credit you for that”She said as she began to limp off.
Nick went after her ,pulling her by her arm “So your screaming out for help was another stunt from you!”Nick asked.
“Will you ……get your hands off me”Celine said pulling free
“If it’s a stunt from me, what are you going to do? It’s not like you have a choice, after all you are here working for me and I can do what ever I want with my worker and you will have to put up with it because this is just the beginning”Celine said as she began to head out of the house.
“Do as have said and meet me at the garden!” She added and left the room.
Angrily Nick stormed back up stairs. It’s been long since he was this angry, the last time he had gotten this angry was almost a year ago and that is some thing he would prefer not to think about.
Just then his phone began to ring and with out looking at the caller,he picked still fuming in anger
“How is my favourite guard coping?”Zack voice wafted through the phone
“Good! As Celine Clifford is some one unique , am doing good”He replied
“Don’t tell me that she is giving you a hard time?”Zack asked
“Not only is she giving me a hard time, she has practically turn me to her slave, if this continues, I don’t know who will survive between the both of us”Nick complained
“Just keep it cool with her! she has been that way because she is a spoilt brat but with time you will adapt and remember that you are doing it to ……”
“Save the company, I know how much this means to you and I also know that I owe you and it’s time that I pay back, so don’t worry, I won’t be quitting ” Nick replied and cut the call.
Mean while Zack sat in his office,putting down his phone after talking to Nick.
“So What’s New?”A man who stood in the shadow caused by the closed window asked
“As it is, Celine is quite a problem, this is just his first day working there, we will just have to give them more time “Zack replied and the man banged the window angrily causing Zack to be startled
“Until how long? How long do we have to wait? You know what the higher up are like, they want results quickly, that was why you sent Nick to her, to get us some thing concrete but with what you have just said now, will that be possible?”He asked
“It will! Nick will certainly get some thing, though for now he doesn’t really know the real reason why he has been sent to the Clifford mansion, he will some day, and as long as I have him wrapped in my hands, he will certainly do what I want because he owes me a lot” Zack said
“I hope so! I do hope that will go as you have just suggested, as it is Celine Clifford is a threat to us all and if Nick turns out to be a threat too, he will just have to be killed “The man in the shadow said and with one angry look at Cade, he left Zack office.
Celine sat in the garden, enjoying the peace and tranquility of it and also feeling good with what she did to…..Nick or is it Nico….it’s not like she cares about knowing his name.
Just then Stacey walked into the garden, talking with three men and when she saw Celine, she stopped.
“Why are you out here?”Stacey asked
“Who are they?”Celine questioned back
“Well they are the new gardener. Just hired them today “Stacey replied
“Fire them!”Celine said
“You heard me, fire them. We have no use for them”
“But with out them there would be no gardener at all and we still have to clear the dirt from the party last ……”
“I have some one in mind already, just tell them to leave” Celine said as Stacey stood there still dumbfounded.
Celine noticed Nico walking towards them and quickly she send Stacey off with the three men.
They were Leaving when Nick walked into the garden.
“Who are those men?”Nick asked
“Are you asking because it’s your job as my guard or because you have to report back to my step father?”Celine returned instead
Nick sighed heavily “Forget it! Just tell me why you have asked to see me?”
“As you can see Nico…..”
“It’s Nick!”He corrected and Celine gave him an angry look
“Does it really matters, I like Nico much better”She said
“Tell me why you have asked me to come here?”He said
“What else than to do the cleaning”She replied
“What ?”
“You are angry right, if you are angry and do not want to do the cleaning, you know where the door is” Celine said and began to limp off.
Yes! He would leave, he would certainly leave, she thought happily.
Why is he not calling me back, why is he not yelling at me and telling me to go to hell, Why! She thought as she kept walking off.
Fed up of waiting she turned only to see him sweeping the garden.
Why doesn’t he just give up already, she thought as she left the garden in anger..
“The last one to go”Nick said as he cleaned off the last dirt in the garden.
It was night already and he has been cleaning the garden for almost two hours now.
Just what would she give him next just to get rid of him? Nick thought.
The house was flooded with light and it made the mansion look beautiful, he hadn’t noticed it at the party because he had a lot of things to do but seeing it tonight made a difference.
Would he have to do this for the rest of his life ,he thought as he stared at the broom.
He stood up wanting to leave and just then, the lights in the house went off.
Nick stood still for a while, wondering why the light will go off, the rain isn’t falling and there will certainly be some one coming every month to do maintainance. He will credit Celine for that and so if the lights went off and nothing of that sort caused it, then some one must be behind it, some one who wants to cause harm, he thought and quickly he began to run in.
He was still running in when he met Stacey by the hall way holding a torch.
“Have been looking for you Nick! I can’t find Celine “She cried out.
“Have you checked her room?”Nick asked
“I did but she is no where to be found,do some thing Nick, please!” She begged.
Taking the torch from her, Nick head up the stairs, in search of Celine but she is no where to be found.
Where could she be! Nick thought as he began to head back down stairs.
Still meeting the agitated Stacey down stairs, he began to head out when she held his hand
“Please find Celine, please find her” Stacey begged and with out giving her a reply, he began to head out of the house and just then he saw a figure running off in the dark.could it be the culprit?
Quickly he began to run after the person, the person led him to the light maintaining room and when he ran in, there was no one there, it was dark and without the torch , he wouldn’t see any thing.
He moved towards the light switch and saw that it had been turned off.
Nick moved towards the switch to turn it on again and just then he felt some thing behind him
“Make any move and you die right here right now”.
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