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The Last Confessor Episode 51

The Last Confessor Episode 51

(She’s the last of her kind….)

By: Kebby NG



“Prince Kalen was going to rape me?” Isabelle asked, her voice suddenly cracked. She took her gaze from the floor and stared at the king.

“Yes and if I hadn’t found out on time, he was gonna carry out the plan as soon as you and Rayna step out of the palace gate.” The king said, with a bit of pride in his voice.

“But how did you know my king?” She asked.

“Jeffrey had overheard you and the prince talking and everything that transpired between the two of you.

I didn’t want to believe what he said because I believe the prince wouldn’t try such a thing especially with belongs to his older brother.

So, I wanted to have a word with him and ask him if it was true but on getting to his room, I suddenly heard him talking to somebody and I decided to eavesdrop on their conversations and that was when I found out that he was planning with his bodyguard to rape you when you and princess Rayna would be going to the field to practice archery.

I was stunned and so, I just left. And that was why I made sure you didn’t leave the palace. His bodyguard is in the dungeon, being tortured and as for the prince, I’d deal with him later.” The king explained and sighed.

Isabelle was too stunned to speak. She was shocked and at the same time happy. She didn’t know what came over her and how it happened but she stood up and ran to hug the king so tight.

“Thank you so much my king, thank you.” She whimpered softly and the king found himself hugging her back.


She regained herself back and quickly pulled away from the hug and knelt down. The king felt a little bad because he enjoyed hey warmth against him and he wanted the hug to last.

“You can leave now. You need to rest.” The king said in a soft voice.
“Thank you my king.” She bowed and walked out of his room.

The king walked to his library which was adjoined to his room. He too out a book and sat on his chair and started reading. He needed to keep himself busy and distracted from thinking about the confessor.

“We want to leave the palace your highness! We want to stop working for you!” Cries filled the king’s chamber as the maids cried miserably.

Sadly, few of the maids were dead as they couldn’t make it the following day because of how badly injured they were and that had angered the other maids more.

They were all bittered.

The king looked at the crying and angry Protestants.

“We can no longer work for you!” A maid screamed angrily from the crowd.
The king looked dumbfounded.

He realized that what he did was really callous but if he didn’t punish them, they wouldn’t say the truth if at all, the culprit was there.
But guess he made a terrible mistake because they were all innocent.

“What exactly do you want?” The king finally spoke up, after the shouts had come down.

“We want to leave the palace. We want to stop working for you!” They chorused together.

“Then, your wish is granted.” He said simply and walked out of his chamber.


The maids sighed in relief but they couldn’t jubilate because some of their colleagues were dead and it pained them.

Sofia who had brought out the idea of them coming together and telling the king they don’t want to stay anymore, she had died in the middle of the night.

The maids had wept bitterly and they wished she hadn’t die.

Roseline paced to and fro worriedly in her room.
It’s been days already and she hadn’t seen any signs of pregnancy yet. The medicine man had told her that, the fertility pills were gonna work in just two to three days time but it was more than already and she wasn’t pregnant.

If she’s pregnant, the king would tamper justice with mercy on her because he wouldn’t want to do anything that would harm his own child.

“Could it be that the king is impotent? He is infertile?” She asked aloud, with her hands on her waist and her gaze on the ceiling.

She needs the baby more than ever now because it’s only the baby that can save her.
She gat to find her way.

She doesn’t know what the king would do to her and she’s seriously scared of the unknown.

She hasn’t been released from what she called her *house arrest.* She has not eaten too.

She was terribly hungry but the situation at hand was enough to make her loose her appetite.

She doesn’t know if the king would behead her, she doesn’t know what’s in that dark heart of his.

She has to do something.
She doesn’t want to die.


Naya was finally released from the dungeon after she was severely dealt with. The king cut off her two index fingers from both hands – according to him, to serve as a reminder of the callous thing she did and not always teach her a lesson and be a reminder in case, she wants to do something bad.


She was sent out of the palace too and never to step a foot in it else, she would be beheaded.
And solemnly, Naya left in shame and guilt.
During the torture, she had a miscarriage. She knew it was from one of the guards that the king had ordered to rape her.

She didn’t even know the exact father and she was glad she lost the baby.
She had lost everything; she wouldn’t have been able to take care of herself and not to talk of, a child.

Where would she get the money from?

And before Naya left, she asked Isabelle for forgiveness and Isabelle gladly forgave her, then, she left.

All the maids in the palace had left too and the king had ordered for new ones.


A week and seven days later, the councill all gathered at the hall as the king was about to pass his judgement on Roseline.

Roseline was seriously scared and she was held like a criminal.

She was weeping profusely and feared the worst.

“This would be my judgement, Roseline would be…”


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Much love ❤️ for u all

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