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The Last Confessor Episode 55

The Last Confessor Episode 55

(She’s the last of her kind….)

By: Kebby NG




Roseline sat miserably at her own cell, with her back against the wall with her legs chained.
She was stripped off from her royal attire to a prisoner’s uniform.
Her hair that was always styled was just in a messy bun. Dried tears were on her face and she looked really Haggard.

She sniffled her tears and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.
She wiped the tears but it wouldn’t stop rushing down in fast current.

She regretted her actions but it was already too late. The king is sure not gonna take it lightly with her and Jeffrey.

She hugged her knees and buried her head in between and wept.
Her hair was smeared to her face because of her tears and sweat mixed together.

What’s gonna be her fate?
What about her unborn child for Jeffrey?

She’s sure gonna terminate it. She’s not going to have a child for a lowlife.
But then again, she thought – would she even be alive to terminate the pregnancy?

She sobbed harder at the thought.

She hadn’t had only had s*k with a mere bodyguard, she had lied to the king and tried to pin the pregnancy on him too.

The offense was great and she should be ready to face the music and it would surely be great one.

She suddenly regretted everything. She was gonna loose everything she had worked for.
Now, the confessor is still gonna leave in the palace while she… She doesn’t even know what will become of her. She doesn’t even know what the king’s verdict would be.

She ruffled her crazily and screamed out in pain.
She felt so stupid, humiliated and confused. She hopes the king doesn’t kill her.

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Princess Rayna shot the fifth arrow and like the previous four arrows, it went straight to the target.

“Wow!” A big gasped came out from the the person’s that were watching the princesses do archery.

Princess Rayna stepped back and bowed her head in courtesy, with pride swelling in her. She turned and took a quick glance at princess Vida and she saw her seething angrily and she looked shocked too.

Well, she probably didn’t expect that princess Rayna would be very good at archery already.

Other princesses did theirs but princess Rayna won. Princess Vida got only four shots correctly and princess Rayna five and it made princess Vida really jealous and angry.

Prince Ainsley watched from afar and a smile tung on his cute lips. He could see the challenge and it made him even smile to see the zeal princess Rayna suddenly possessed. She doesn’t want to be defeated.

During the horse race, princess Rayna won and princess Vida couldn’t help but seethe angrily.

She felt humiliated because she was defeated by someone she didn’t expect to.

“Hi.” Princess Rayna turned to see prince Ainsley behind her. She was startled but a smile tung on her lips as she saw prince Ainsley behind her.

She blushed deep shades of red.

“Hi.” She smiled back and tucked in a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She chewed on her bottom lip because she felt shy.

“I guess you already know me but let me introduce myself properly to you. I’m prince Ainsley, the second of the two prince’s of Moazana kingdom. My brother is prince Hayden and he’s the eldest.” He introduced and bowed like a gentleman.

Princess Rayna smiled and mentally screamed happily.
Prince Ainsley was speaking to her in such a polite manner and that made her feel very happy.

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It has always been her dream and now, her dream was finally turning into reality.

“And I’m princess Rayna.” She said simply with a bow.

“I liked your zeal out there and I could tell princess Vida felt defeated and pained. I know how good she is in archery and horse race, but I’m more surprised that you could defeat her.
It’s really impressive.” Prince Ainsley smiled at her and she felt her heart melt.

His smile alone was making butterflies dance in her stomach and she couldn’t help but feel honored.

“Thank you. I’m honored.” She smiled enthusiastically and blushed.

“Alright. Let’s take a walk around the castle and get to know ourselves better.” Prince Ainsley smiled and she nodded her head in agreement.



Isabelle was nervous as she made her way to the king’s room with a bodyguard behind her. The king had suddenly summoned her and she didn’t know why.

But then she thought, it’s been quite some time now that the king drew pleasures from her body. He hasn’t called her to bed yet and she thought maybe that was why he sent for her.

She was nervous and at the same time, uncertain.

The guard knocked gently on the king’s door and the king’s cold voice ordered them in.

“You can leave now, I want to be alone with the confessor.” He instructed, his words clearly spoken out.

“Okay my king.” He bowed and walked away.

Isabelle was almost kneeling when the king’s voice halted her.

“You don’t have to kneel. We are paying king Miley a visit.” He said calmly.
Isabelle realeased the beath she didn’t know she was holding.


She exhaled deeply and kept her gaze on the floor.
“Uhm my king, do I have to get changed?” She asked timidly.

“No you don’t have to.” He said and stood up from his chair.

Isabelle didn’t say anything but stare at her feet.


The king and Isabelle sat beside each other in the king’s carriage as they made their way to king Miley’s kingdom.

They didn’t say anything between themselves but they stole glances at each other without them knowing.

Isabelle noticed that the king was looking gloomy and he seemed to be in a deep thought. His jaw line had thickened and she knows it’s because of what’s going on in his head.

Suddenly, the carriage rode across a stone and it made the carriage bump hard and Isabelle suddenly found herself in the king’s embrace.

The king was holding her tightly to his chest, with his arms wrapped protectively around her shoulders.
She was too stunned to say anything but just stare at the king.

But just as she made to turn her face away, the king held her jaw and brought their faces together, it was just few inches apart.

The king’s gaze travelled down to Isabelle’s plump lips and he felt the urge to kiss it.
Slowly, he brought his lips closer to hers and then, he placed it on hers and Isabelle who had been longing for the kiss too, didn’t hesitate to kiss the king 🤴 back.

Kebby lovers ❤💋❤
Much love ❤️ for u all

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