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The Last Confessor Episode 56

The Last Confessor Episode 56

(She’s the last of her kind….)

By: Kebby NG



“I thought you were friends with princess Vida.” Princess Rayna said as she walked beside prince Ainsley in a slow pace.
They were walking side by side with each other but they weren’t holding hands and they weren’t in much close contact with each other.

Princess Rayna was grinning inside of her and she felt like exploding with so much joy.

“Oh! We are not really friends. Princess Vida is just being clingy to me. I admire her because she’s good at archery and archery is one of my favorite competitive sports and I like people who are good at it.

But seeing you today showing your archery skill, I think I admire you more than her now. I like your zeal and focused you put on when you were trying to shot at the target.” Prince Ainsley smiled and pulled princess Rayna cheeks playfully and her cheeks reddened as she blushed deep shade of red.

Wow! Did the prince just say that to her? She felt really enthusiastic and top of the world.
“Yeah, thanks. I would love to see you do yours.” Princess Rayna grinned.

“Sure.” He smiled and entwined their hands together and princess Rayna felt goosebumps broke out from her skin. The contact between them made her feel shy and she blushed.

She has always imagined them being this way – in her fantasy and it seems her fantasy was starting to become real.

She would cherish this moment with him.

“Calm down Vida, you have to calm down.” Princess Tamara, princess Vida closest friend, said.
Princess Vida was seething angrily and stamping her feet angrily on the floor with her hand in her chin.
She was terribly angry and her anger was channeled to princess Rayna.

“Don’t tell me to calm down Mara! How dare she? How dare princess Rayna mock me and make prince Ainsley talk to her?

How dare she take what’s already mine? She humiliated me Mara and it hurts.” Princess Vida sobbed quietly.

She never expected princess Rayna to defeat her, especially in archery that she’s so good at. Now, prince Ainsley is with her and they’re probably having the best of their time while she seats and sulks.


It’s her party and she’s supposed to be happy and having all the attention from prince Ainsley but princess Rayna ruined everything by defeating her.

“I know Vida and that is why I urge you to calm down. You have to be calm so you’d be able to think properly. You shouldn’t give princess Rayna the chance to think she has won.

You have to do something and you can only think properly of what you’re gonna do if you’re calm and stop crying.” Princess Tamara advised with a lopsided grin.

Princess Vida wiped her tears and sniffled her tears. “You’re right Tamara You’re right.” She sniffed and rubbed her puffy eyes.

Princess Tamara smirked and patted princess Vida shoulder.


The kiss got intense as they both kissed each other passionately and hotly. The king sucked on her bottom lips while Isabelle moaned softly against his lips.

She was suddenly feeling hot and she didn’t know why.
The king pulled away gently from the kiss and they both breathe out heavily, trying to catch their breaths.

Isabelle’s lips were reddened and plumped and her face was deep shade of red – she was blushing so hard.

She bent her head shyly and licked her lips. The king is a good kisser, she thought and smiled to herself.

She tucked in her hair behind her ear and bit her lower lip.

King Ceasar groaned and faced another side, so as not to stare at Isabelle whose plump lips were enticing.

He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him these days and no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t fathom the feelings he was feeling towards the confessor.

The last time he checked, he felt nothing but hatred, anger and revenge towards her but now, it’s a different feeling and he doesn’t know what it is.

What is the confessor doing to him?

He ran his fingers through his silky smooth hair and exhaled deeply, with his eyes closed like he was meditating.

The remaining ride to king Miley’s kingdom was a quiet and smooth one. Isabelle was already tired and was starting to doze off when the carriage came to a stop, jerking her awake.

“We are here already my king.” One of the guards informed them.
“We are gonna be quick.” The king told Isabelle and in her muzzy state, she just nodded her head.

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They both alighted from the carriage and the cool breeze from the trees around welcomed them.
Then, they started into the palace.


King Miley smiled as he stared at king Ceasar and the confessor as they walked into the palace.

“At last, he decided to bring her to me.” He grinned to himself and left the window.

He had even wanted to send a threatening message to king Ceasar but looks like, there was not gonna be any need for that anymore. He felt really happy.

He knows he cannot loose to king Ceasar and he was also surely gonna have the confessor even if it means war.

But now, seems king Ceasar wanted to do it in a peaceful way by bringing the confessor to him.

He wore his regalia and made his way out of his bedroom to his chamber to receive his visitors.

Four guards trailed behind him as he walked majestically with the smirk never leaving his face.

“Welcome to my kingdom.” King Miley grinned as he sat on a lower chair in his chamber while king Ceasar and the confessor were seating opposite him.

“Keep the pleasantries to yourself!” King Ceasar snapped, making king Miley to chuckle.

“So, to what do I owe you this visit?” He grinned as he darted his eyes from king Ceasar to the confessor who looked rather uncomfortable.

“You tried to kill me huh?” King Ceasar asked plainly.
“Well, you prompted me to. You didn’t want to comply by handing the confessor over to me and I had to do it the hard way. But it’s a pity you didn’t die.” King Miley smirked and drank from the wine in his wooden cup that was in front of him.

He sighed and dropped the cup back.

“Well, is it really the confessor you need or the money? I’m willing to pay you triple the amount you paid her father.” King Ceasar said and stroked his jaw gently.

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Isabelle was starting to get real uncomfortable as she didn’t know where the conversation was headed to.

“I don’t need any f*cking money! I want the confessor!” He gritted his teeth and hit his fist loudly on the table.

The smirk was no longer on his face as he was visibly angry.

“Then, you can have her.” King Ceasar said quietly.

“Huh?” King Miley’s eyes were nearly bulging out. He blinked his eyes rapidly as he found what king Ceasar had just said as something unbelievable.

“The confessor is here now, you can have her. I don’t want war with you and so, I’m giving you the confessor without any fight.” He said, confirming his words.

Isabelle felt a huge lump in her throat as she looked at the king.

Did he just say that?
He was handing her over to him?

“That was thoughtful of you.” King Miley grinned as he saw the seriousness in king Ceasar’s eyes. He was damn serious.

“But my king… please you can’t do this to me. If I’ve offended you, please I’m sorry.

I don’t want to stay with him, please.” Isabelle begged and went on her knees while tears blinded her eyes.

The king didn’t even turn to her direction as he paid deaf ears to her pleas.

“You have to stay with him Isabelle, he owns you and I don’t want war between us and it’s best I hand you over to him.” King Ceasar said, not meeting Isabelle gaze.

“My king, please don’t do this to me. I’ll do anything you ask me to do, but just please take me back your kingdom.” She bursted into painful sobs as her body shook.

“I’m sorry.” The king murmured and got up from his chair.

Isabelle sat miserably on the floor and wept out openly. She was doomed already.
Why king Ceasar? 😥😥
Kebby lovers ❤💋❤
Much love ❤️ for u all

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