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The Last Confessor Season 2 Episode 4

The Last Confessor Season 2 Episode 4

(She’s the last of her kind….)

By: Kebby NG

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“Roseline!” Jeffrey yelled angrily as he stared at the empty pot on the cooker.

Roseline grumbled angrily with her face scrunched up in anger. She mumbled something incoherent words and hissed loudly.

She stood up from the small and almost condemn bed and grudgingly walked out of the room.
She stood at the door post and stared at Jeffrey as he held the pot cover.

“What is it? Must you shout my name all the time? Can’t I have peace of mind in this useless place you call a house?” She hissed angrily and rolled her eyes.

“What happened to the soup I left this morning before leaving for work?” Jeffrey queried angrily. He let the pot cover fall off from his hand and it made a loud noise on the floor.

“What soup? Did you leave any soup in my care?” Roseline challenged, moving away from the door post to stand behind Jeffrey.

He was trying his best not to smack her hard on her face.
With the way he was angry, he was ready to strangle her to death.

Roseline doesn’t do anything, even to wash her own clothes. She nags all the time and say downgrading and displeasing words to Jeffrey.

A day never passes without her raining abusive words and cusses to him.

Jeffrey even though not really calm, doesn’t like hitting a woman.
Even the king knows and that’s why he never orders Jeffrey to whip any maid because he can’t.

Roseline knows this and so, she used it to her own advantage.

Roseline being lazy as before, doesn’t even do even do a single work, not even to sweep the house or wash the plates she use in eating.

She’s lazy and and arrogant too. But Jeffrey is still being the nice to her.

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“What’s all this Rose? I’ve been working since the break of dawn and even under the scorching sun. I come home and I can’t even find anything to eat, even something little.

Why are you being like this? What did I ever do to you?” Jeffrey exhaled with a sad countenance.
He looked angry and sad too. He was confused – he doesn’t even know exactly what to do to her.

“You really wanna know why I’m being a pain in your neck? Huh?” Roseline asked angrily, glaring hard on him and daring him with her looks.

Jeffrey kept his cool and didn’t utter a word but just continued to stare at Roseline.

If he should slap her, he reasoned…she wouldn’t even survive it.

“I’m this way towards you and I’ll become this way towards you because you’re the cause of whatever I’m facing right now.
If you hadn’t come into my room that day and say trash about you being the father of my unborn child, this wouldn’t have happened to me.” Roseline fumed.

Jeffrey sighed softly and shook his head sadly.
“You were the one who came to me and I agreed. I didn’t force you. I didn’t even ask you, you willingly came to me and we did it.
How do you expect me to know it will lead to pregnancy and the king would hear our conversation. I just wanted to own up to my responsibility.” Jeffrey said and exhaled sharply.

“It’s best if you stop behaving this way towards me. Even with just having one hand, I still work and make sure I put food on your table.
Seriously, I don’t know what exactly you want.” Jeffrey said and started towards the door but he stopped when Roseline voice came up.

“The only thing I want from you is to turn back the hands of time to when everything was almost perfect.” Roseline said.
Jeffrey abruptly turned to look at her with his mouth hanging in the air in shock.
What she had just said, it was unbelievable and so ridiculous.

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“But you know that is impossible Rose.” He sighed tiredly.
“Since you can’t do that for me, then I will not change towards you. I’m only gonna be a pain in your neck.” Roseline hissed while Jeffrey just shook his head and walked out of the small kitchen.

Roseline huffed and at the same time, a smile played on the corner of her lips.
Even with her annoying she is, he is still always calm with her, never raising his voice at her or even attempting to hit her.

She couldn’t deny the fact that she likes it when he calls her Rose – a name that the king has never called her before.
She like the name, especially when Jeffrey calls her that.

But even at that, she couldn’t she bring herself to like him.

How can she love a man who can’t even provide her needs?
How can she love a man that’s so poor and not even up to her standards?
How can she love a man with just one hand?

She just couldn’t.
He was also partly the reason why she’s in the condition today.


The door opened and Jenny walked in, with Amanda behind her.
They both gasped as they saw the scene before them. It was frightening.

“What have you done? Oh my God! Amanda quickly call a guard to come carry Ciara. She’s loosing a lot of blood already.” Jenny panicked.
Amanda dashed out quickly while Jenny walked up to Isabelle with her eyes flashing in anger.

“How dare you! You wicked confessor!” Jenny rasped angrily and smacked Isabelle hard across her face.
Isabelle couldn’t say anything as she continued to cry with her hair glued to her sweaty face.

She was literally shaking and she felt so scared.

“I didn’t mean to. She attacked me first.” She continued mumble, weeping profusely.

“You pretender!” Jenny yelled and smacked her hard again and that gave Isabelle a cut on her lips.
She spat out blood and continued to cry.


A guard and Amanda walked in and hastily, the guard carried bleeding Ciara in his arms and dashed out of the room.

“You witch! You’re gonna be severely punished that you would wish for death. Just pray to whatever you believe that Ciara doesn’t die else, you will die too.” Amanda hissed angrily, staring venomously at Isabelle.

The heard footsteps outside and soon, the door opened again and the king walked in, with that usual powerful aura around him, with three bodyguards beside him.

Isabelle quickly stood up and stared at her feet. She felt so vulnerable and hated herself for what she had done.

She prayed in her heart that, Ciara wouldn’t die.

“Good day my king.” Isabelle, Jenny and Amanda greeted simultaneously and bowed their heads in obeisance.

Isabelle wished that the ground would open and swallow her up.
She doesn’t know what will become of her. What will the king do to her?
She was scared.

The king was quiet and it only made Isabelle more nervous. She couldn’t bring herself to stare at the king because of how scared she was.

“Guards!” The king called lowly and two guards stood in front of him and bowed.

“Take the confessor to the dungeon!” The king ordered in a low tone but with so much anger and hardness in his voice.

“My king…” Isabelle called out tearfully as she was manhandled out of the room by the two guards while the king didn’t even spare her a glance.
What will be Isabelle’s punishment now? 🤔😔😔

Kebby lovers ❤💋❤
Much love ❤️ for u all

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