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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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It was late in the evening as Anya was seen walking to the other building of the palace where Akim and her sisters with their mother shared.

She walked swiftly to Akim’s door and knocked. She knocked impatiently again and almost immediately, the door opened with Akim sticking out his head from one corner of the door. “Can I come in? I need to talk to you.”

Akim rolled his eyes and stepped aside for her. She quickly entered after looking around and closed the door behind her.

She turned around to see Akim as she got into the room. “Any progress on what I told you about?”
“I feel so tired.” Kayla groused as she stepped out of the bathroom. Jaden was on the bed, already dosing off.

“Do you think I should go to Lord Xander’s room? Should I go and apologize for being disobedient again today?” Kayla asked but got no reply.

She turned to look at Jaden and rolled her eyes when she noticed she was already fast asleep. She sighed and moved closer to the bed then stared into her friend’s face.

How long would she continue staying with her here in the palace? She knew Jaden had things to do too but chose her over whatever that was.

“Thank you Jaden. You are such a wonderful friend.” She mumbled and smiled then walked to her closet to get dressed.

As soon as she finished dressing up, she heard a knock on the door. She turned Wondering who that was.

“Who’s there?”

There was no response outside the door.

She walked to the door and opened it. Her eyes widened then she blinked twice with surprise.

Standing outside the door was Sharon.

“Hello?” Sharon said, smiling sweetly at her.
Kaylan blinked again. She couldn’t believe whom she was seeing at her door step. What’s wrong?

“I think you are at the wrong door….” She started but Sharon cut her short with the wave of her hand.

“I know where I am, okay? Aren’t you Kaylan, Lord Xander’s wife?”

Kayla nodded slowly still wondering what she was really doing in front of her door. “I am.”


“Can I come in?” Sharon asked, peering into the room.

“It’s late….”

“That’s an unkind way of telling me to go. It’s not midnight yet.” Sharon mumbled, blinking her eyes innocently.

Kaylan blew the side of her hair and stepped aside. “Come in.”

“Thank you.” Sharon whispered and stepped into the room.

Hmm. What a nice bed. Sharon thought. She stared around the whole place, smiling but right inside of her, she was boiling.

I’m supposed to be the one here…. not her…

“Have a seat.” Kaylan cut into her thought, pointing to one of the medium size sofas.

Sharon smiled and walked over to the sofa then sat down. “I was so bored I had to come here. Mansi is busy so….I thought it would be nice if I come here. I hope you don’t mind.” She asked innocently.
Kaylan shrugged and smiled. “Okay. You are welcome to my room.”


Jaden stirred on the bed and opened her eyes. She was equally surprised to see Sharon comfortably siting in the room.

She glanced at Kaylan with the look of “what’s she doing here?” on her face. Kaylan shrugged and looked away.

Sharon ignored Jaden and looked at Kaylan. “It will be nice if we get to know each other. What do you think?”

Kayla shrugged again, really short of words. “It’s okay. By me.” She added.

“Thank you Kaylan. I really look forward to getting to know you better. How about a little get together at the garden tommorow?” Sharon asked.

Kayla glanced at Jaden who widened her eyes, trying to tell her to say no.

“Okay. I will look forward to it too.” She replied.

Sharon smiled and stood up. “Thank you. Goodnight.” She looked at Jaden and left the room.

Once outside the door, she smiled evily. “Wait until I crush you, Kaylan. You will definitely suffer for taking my place.” She said to herself before walking away.

At the edge of the stair case was Akim, staring at Sharon as she took the other staircase. He frowned a little, wondering what Sharon had been doing in Kaylan’s room.

He walked closer to Kaylan’s door when Sharon disappeared from sight and was about knocking but stopped.

He withdrew his hand, deciding it was late already. Maybe he would try talking to her in the morning.

With the new resolution, he walked away.



“Why did you agree to what she said?” Jaden asked immediately Sharon left the room.

Kayla rolled her eyes. “What were you expecting me to say? I can’t be rude to her. I’ve never had any encounter with her, have I?”

“You can’t be sure of that. Have you forgotten what happened to you few days ago? How you got whipped…have you forgotten? Do you know who could have placed that gold in your bag?” Jaden pointed out.

Kayla looked at her. “I don’t know okay? Maybe it got there by mistake.”

Jaden rolled her eyes. “It could have been anyone. Don’t trust anyone Kayla. Most people are jealous of you.”

Kayla looked amused. “Jealous? For what?”

“For being the wife to the Almighty Lord Xander!” Jaden replied.

Kayla chuckled. “I wish I can leave this place Jaden! I’m not happy here. Why would someone in her right sense be jealous of me?”

Jaden shrugged. “Just be careful.”

There was another knock on the door and Kayla groaned.

“Who is that again?” She asked as she walked to the door and jerked it open. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw Axel standing in the doorway.

“Good evening my princess. Lord Xander asked me to….”

Kayla gasped. “Oh heavens!” She whispered and jammed the door close right in Axel’s face. She turned back to look at Jaden with her hands covering her mouth.

“I totally forgot!”

“He asked you to get ready that Axel would come pick you up. I think you should hurry up.”

“Where do you think he’s taking me?”,
Kayla asked as she hurried up to her closet. She hurriedly pulled at the beautiful glowing gowns, thinking of which one to choose.

“I don’t know. Maybe this is a way of saying thank you for saving his life.” Jaden replied with a smile.

“It sure is.” Kayla replied with an eye roll. Can that grumpy guy ever be grateful?

Finally she picked a gown in a light creamed colour and flowers all over the edge. It was very pretty gown and Jaden couldn’t stop staring at it. “So lovely.” She gasped.


Kayla smiled and started dressing up. “Thanks. Ouch!” She yelped as she fell down on the ground with her this while trying to lift her leg.

Jaden chuckled silently but Kayla was fast to see her.

“I saw that!” She yelled.

“Alright! Alright!! Sorry. I’m coming to help you.” Jaden chuckled again and stood up.


Few minutes later, Kaylan was all dressed up… looking like a princess from fairy tale.

“Wow. This is fantastic. Lord Xander would never get his eyes off you!” Jaden said and Kaylan rolled her eyes.

“It’s the night of my treat. I hope it goes well.” Kayla mumbled and stared at herself in the mirror again.

“Be safe.” Jaden smiled as Kaylan walked to the door.

“I will.” She whispered, winked and left the room.

Axel almost blew a whistle with his mouth as soon as he saw Kaylan. He couldn’t believe a lady could be so lovely and beautiful. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling this time around as he said, “Shall we?”

“Yeah.” Kayla replied and both started walking off.


Kaylan was surprised when Axel started leading her out of the palace into the massive compound. She turned to look at him. “Where are we going?”

“To the garden. Lord Xander is waiting for you there.”

“The garden?” Kayla asked again.

They walked all the way to the garden. Kayla’s eye balls almost popped out of their socket when she saw the table set.

She’s never seen somewhere looking so romantic and lovely. The table was well arrange and filled with different dishes, fruits and drinks. “Wow.” A sigh escaped her lips as she stared around.

Then she saw him, coming from the opposite side.

Kayla’s eyes dropped open. It was as though he was made for the darkness. She’s never seen a guy looking so handsome and dangerous. All talk and large. She sighed again and at that moment, a new kind of feeling started bubbling inside of her.

“Sit princess.” His cold voice called out to her.

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