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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Sharon stepped out into the balcony and saw a maid walking past with a scroll in her hand. She stopped her, staring at the scroll in her hand. “Where are you taking that?” She asked.

The maid bowed before answering. “It’s for princess Kaylan.”

Sharon raised an eyebrow. “Oh. Really? Well I’m going to her room right now. Give that to me, I will hand it over to her.”

“Alright my princess.” The maid replied. She bowed before handing the scroll over and went back.

Sharon stared at the scroll, wondering who sent it.

As she took a step, a crazy idea popped up in her head.

Her eyes widened with excitement. Another excellent plan! She thought happily.

She turned and went after the maid who gave the scroll to her.


“The post man gave it to a guard and asked to get it delivered to Princess Kaylan.” The maid, Eliana said a little bit surprised as she stared at Sharon wondering why she was asking her about the scroll.

Sharon stared at the scroll and started unwrapping it.

Eliana’s eyes widened. “My princess…?”

“How dare you try to question me? Are you nuts?” Sharon barked at the maid.

“I’m sorry.” Eliana mumbled.

Sharon stared into the scroll disdainfully and realised that the letter was from Kaylan”s mother, the queen.

She scoffed and wrapped it up again looking angry. “Why can’t she just come right here and take away her stupid daughter away if she misses her this much!” Sharon groaned, referring to Sharon’s mom.

She stared angrily at the floor. She will definitely make Kaylan pay for taking away a life time opportunity from her.


Kaylan was cleaning up her basket while Jaden sat on the bed, gawking at her.

There was a knock on the door and Sharon walked in, uninvited.

Jaden scoffed and rolled her eyes. “You should have waited to get invited.”

Sharon glanced at her. “The last time I checked, this isn’t your room!”

“Oh really? It isn’t yours either….”

“Jaden. Stop it.” Kaylan quickly stepped in and the latter clamped her mouth shut.

Sharon turned to look at Kaylan and smiled. “Hi Kaylan. Good morning.”

Kaylan smiled back. “Good morning Sharon. Thanks.”

“I’m here to remind you of tonight. I don’t like to be disappointed you know.” She said with a pout.

“Oh. Do not worry. I will be there.”

“And I brought you this.” Sharon said, stretching the scroll to her.

Kaylan took it from her wondering what was inside. “For me?”

Sharon nodded, watching her face.

Kaylan stared into the scroll and after a while, tears started streaming down her face.

Jaden was shocked. She stood up from the bed and walk straight up to kalyan. “Kaylan? What’s wrong?”

Kaylan couldn’t answer. After reading the letter, she wrapped it up and hugged it to her chest, feeling so emotional.

“It’s from mom. I…. Miss her so much.” She mumbled and sat on the bed.

“Then go visit her. What do you think?” Sharon asked innocently.

Jaden looked at Sharon and rolled her eyes before going to console her friend. She hated the fact that Sharon was meddling.

“It’s okay. I’m sure the queen is doing great. Stop crying doll.” Jaden consoled, touching her hair.

“I’m sure tonight will make you feel better. You don’t have to worry about anything. I will be on my way now. Just call me when you need anything.” Sharon said, smiled and left the room.

“She’s nice.” Kaylan mumbled as soon as Sharon left.

Jaden rolled her eyes. “You are quick to judge. Don’t trust her. I just don’t like the air around her.”

Kaylan sighed and stared into the letter again then smiled.

Oh mom. I never knew I would miss you this much. She thought.


Lord Xander sat on his chair behind his large table filled with scrolls.

A candle was burning lowly at a side with the flames making the room darker.

He suddenly stopped writing and stared into space. His mind wandered off to Kaylan; what she had the courage to do few hours ago.

No one had ever done that not even his dead wives for once except the maids. He rubbed his index finger on his jaw, acknowledging the fact that she was different. Very different.

He was still thinking about her when Axel nodded on the door. “I made it clear that I do not want to he disturbed.” Xander’s cold voice came as an answer.

“My lord…’s very important.” Axel replied from outside.

When he heard nothing, he decided to come in.

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