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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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He quickly bowed immediately he stood before him.

“My Lord.” He greeted.

“What’s this about?” Xander asked, without glancing at him.

“My Lord…. someone broke into the stable and stole a horse.”

The writing feather in his hand dropped to the table as he stared at Axel.

“What did you just say?” Xander asked again, his eyes growing big with anger.

“But….he was caught. And he’s in the throne room right now. What do we do with him my Lord?”

Xander stood up and angrily dashed out of his Chambers. He barged into his weaponry room and grabbed a sword then headed straight to the throne room.

How dare someone steal something from him?

Axel walked behind him as they both marched to the throne room.

The maids scampered away on seeing him coming. They could’nt bow to him. He looked so enraged.

Jaden who was also heading to the garden to check out the blooming flowers saw the situation. She came out from her hiding and ran all the way to Kaylan’s room.


“I’m sure gonna make some money today.” Kaylan said, smiling at herself in the mirror.

Jaden jerked the door open and ran in while Kaylan gasped and turned to look unbelievably at her.

“Were you planning on yanking that door off!”

Jaden panted, trying to catch her breath. “It’s Lord Xander. I saw him while going to the garden. He looked so…..mad! And he was with a sword. I’m sure he is going to kill someone again. God.”

Kaylan blinked. “With a sword? When will he stop shedding blood?” Kaylan asked worriedly. She sighed and hugged her arms around her body. The thought that her husband was about killing someone gave her goosebumps all over her body.

She shook her head and started walking towards the door.

Jaden’s eyes widened. “What….where….where are you going?” She asked, confused.

“To the throne room. I won’t allow him kill anyone!” She said angrily and walked out of the room.

Jaden gasped again, her eyes so wide. Does this girl have a death wish!
She asked herself as she ran after her friend.

Xander stormed into the throne room and there was the man, kneeling with his head bowed in front of the throne.

Immediately Xander walked in, the man looked up sharply. He had started crying. He knew he was going to die as soon as he was caught.

Xander stood before the man, glaring hard at him. The man was obviously an elder but Xander was past caring.

“Who are you and how dare you break into my stable?” Xander’s cold voice resounded in the room.

The man trembled as he tried pleading. “My Lord! I know I’ve committed a grave crime! Please… don’t kill me. I have three daughters and my wife is sick! I have no money with me! My Lord please have mercy.” The man cried out.

Xander’s angry eyes didn’t leave the man. “You knew you had three daughters and still marked your own death wish. No one steals from me and lives on.” Xander concluded.

“Please… please… Ahh!!” The man screamed as he watched Xander lifting up his sword high up in the air.

He closed his eyes, expecting the slash but something else happened.

“Stop! Please….stop!” Kaylan’s voice quivered as she forced her wat into the throne room.

Xander’s eyes landed on her and his hand holding up the sword began to drop. “What are you doing?” He could’nt believe her audacity.

Kaylan stood behind the man, panting. “Please….just stop. You can’t kill him just like an animal. He’s human…like you!”

Xander was tempted to laugh for the first time in a long time; an angry one though.

The man kneeling turned to look at Kaylan. He could’nt believe someone was trying to save him.

Xander was speechless. He was staring at Kaylan wondering what to do with her at the moment. “You won’t stop me from carrying out justice.”

“Punish him for whatever he has done. Not kill him! It’s not fair. He has a family.” Kaylan pleaded again.

Slowly she went on her knees. “Please…for the sake of everything you love.. don’t kill him.” She said in a more soft, bowing.

Xander scoffed, turning away. What’s with this lady?

Is she trying to take advantage of her position in his castle?

“Take him away and lock him up in the deepest dungeon.” He ordered with his bank against everyone.

“Yes, my Lord!” Axel said immediately and he rushed forward with a guard and they both dragged the man away.

Left alone with his daring wife, he turned around and looked at her. “I think you are getting something wrong princess. What you did today….is what I call crossing boundaries.” Xander’s voice was extremely cold and it wrapped around Kaylan like web.

She slowly got up on her feet but still couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I know but I just couldn’t watch that man die. He’s got family….”

“He never thought about that before he tried stealing from me!”

“Yes but he didn’t succeed….did he?? Just punish him and let him go! Stop shorting lives! You can’t give one!” Kaylan said back, looking at him now.

She didn’t know where she got the courage from but she knew she needed to make him see reasons. Maybe no one has ever made him see reasons why he should stop killing people the way he pleases.

Xander stared back at her and moved back. Just then Axel returned. “Take her and put her in the royal lock room.” He ordered.

Axel didn’t waste a second. Although he was surprised but he knew he couldn’t disobey if not, his own head will come rolling on the floor instead.

“Let’s go princess.” He said respectively to Kaylan who was glaring at Xander for sending her to the lock room.

She sniffed and followed Axel out of the room.

Xander sat on his throne, glaring around furiously. What was wrong with him?
How the hell did he to listen to her?

Why did he dropped that sword? He didn’t know and that was exactly what made him more furious.

The news of what Kaylan did circulated in the palace few minutes later and it amazed the people.

Kaylan sure had broken a record.

Jaden and Akim ween seen going to her lock room but no one was allowed to see her. Jaden was so sad. She didn’t know what to do to help her friend so they just had to go back to the palace.

“You don’t have to worry. Xander isn’t gonna hurt her.” Akim assured Jaden.


Xander stood in front of his wide window, staring outside which was getting darker now.

He sighed deeply, still trying to control his nerves.

He poured himself a drink from the gourd on the table behind him and gulped down the whole content.

The drink didn’t help his temper. He turned slowly to look at the door. “Axel.” He called but no one answered him.

His anger only rose. “Anyone fucking there!”

The door opened almost immediately and a guard dashed in. “My Lord. Axel has gone to supervise the cleaning of the stable.”

“Get me Anya. Tell her to appear here immediately.” Xander ordered, pouring himself another drink.


Anya was applying cream on her body after taking her bath for the evening when the guard knocked on her door. She didn’t need to ask who it was.

She knew with the situation of things, she would he needed that night. “Tell him I will be there at his service.”

She got up from the mirror and started dressing up. She wanted to look a little different that evening. For Spike’s sake….she is someone special.

She smiled and touched her stomach. She will be having almighty Lord Xander’s baby! It was a privilege but also a death wish should Xander find out.

After dressing up, she left the room.


Princess Sharon was heading to Mansi’s room when she saw Anya elegantly dressed and heading to the Master’s chamber.

Her chest rose and fell with enraged breath as she watched her approaching the stairs then decided to wait for her.

It’s been so long she wanted to get rid of the shameless s*x slave.

Anya climbed up the stairs and saw Sharon standing there, glaring at her. She tried walking past her but Sharon stopped her from moving.

“Where do you think you are going?” Sharon asked staring disdainfully at her.

“Let me go.” Anya said, staring back.

Sharon scoffed. “How dare you? Do you know who I am?”

Anya smiled. “Of course I know who you are. Princess Sharon of the Seder empire. But then, this is not your kingdom and don’t expect me to respect you. Why are you always here, trying to have what will never be yours?” Anya asked boldly.

Sharon gasped. “How dare you talk to me like that!”

“Let me go!” Anya said, trying to walk past her but Sharon grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“You aren’t going nowhere!”

“Let go of my hand!”

“No! Repeat what you just said!”

“You heard me right. Let go of me!” Anya shouted.

Sharon got so mad and pushed her back with all her might. Anya lost balance and stumbled back. She screamed as she missed her step and rolled off the long staircases.

She hit the ground below and passed passed out.

Sharon covered her mouth but she was further shocked when she suddenly saw the blood flowing out of Anya’s legs.

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