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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Kaylan walked to the big closet, still embarrassed.

She opened the closet and her jaw dropped at the beautiful things she saw in there.

Did all these things belonged to Xander’s former wives?

She shrugged and took out one of the gown and dressed into it, walked to the mirror and smiled on seeing how pretty she looked.

The door of the study opened and Xander stepped out. He stared at her with that admiration, evident in his face. “Come on.”

They both walked to the table and sat down. Xander uncovered the dishes, told her to eat to her satisfaction.

“Hmm. This is delicious, Jaden will like some of this.”

“Have the maid take some to her.” Xander replied.

Kaylan smiled appreciatively. “Thank you, my Lord…Xander.”

Xander smiled at that and looked at her. “Why are you finding it so hard to call me by my name?”

Kaylan stared down at her and shrugged. “Because it is hard. I still find it hard to believe that you are here, sitting with me, smiling.” Kaylan mumbled and lifted her eyes to his face.

Xander nodded. “With time, you shall get used to it, princess.”

Kaylan nodded with a smile. Yes, with time, she would get used to it.

Minutes later, they were done eating. The maids came in and cleared the table, putting everything back in order.

Kaylan sat on the large chair in the room, taking a rest after a satisfying meal.

She saw Xander coming out from the washroom and quickly adjusted.

Xander walked towards her and sat down beside her. “Did you enjoyed the food?”

Kaylan nodded. “Yes, I did. It was great.”

“You wanna spend the night?” Xander asked, keeping his eyes permanently on her face.

“Can I? Uh… actually, I would like to go back to my room.” Kaylan replied nervously. She knew what might happen and wasn’t really ready for it.

*What’s wrong with you, Kaylan! You are supposed to be brave, stubborn and strong! What’s happening to you!*

Kaylan yelled in her head. She didn’t know why she was suddenly developing cold feet.

Xander nodded and sat back as he watched her. “What do I do to stop you from getting uncomfortable when you are with me?”

Kaylan glanced at him, looked away again. “I’m not uncomfortable, my Lord…”

“That again.” Xander cut her short and Kaylan sighed.

“I’m sorry. I keep on forgetting.”

“Axel will walk you to your room. It was nice spending the day with you.”

Kaylan stood up and bowed. “Same here… Xander.” She added the name slowly, as if tasting it on her tongue.

“Axel.” Xander called, his eyes on Kaylan.

Axel walked in immediately, bowed and awaited his order.

“Walk thru princess to her room.” Xander ordered, using his cold voice.

“Yes, my Lord. Let’s get going, my princess.” Axel spoke softly and respectful as he walked to the door.

Kaylan followed, glancing back at Xander. She could see the mixture of sadness and admiration in eyes and he stared at her until she left the room.

Xander inhaled deeply as he threw his head backward. His mind was on Kaylan.

He wouldn’t blame her for being so uncomfortable with him judging from what he made her go through in the past.

He even had her beaten up over his gold. Now, as he thought about it, he began to doubt if Kaylan really took his gold bracelet.

He felt suddenly bad that he’d raised his hand on her, beat her up when she could have been innocent.

Xander ran his palm over his dark hair, thinking of how best to win her over.

Then, his other worries stepped in and he sighed. What would he do after winning Kaylan’s comfort and trust?

He badly wanted to make love to his wife, to show her how much he loves her but then, she might take in.

She might get pregnant and might die like the other two wives.

When the curse was placed, he’d never cared, it never bothered him, because he never knew he would come across someone who he would want to spend the rest of his life with; someone who would bring out the softness in him and someone who would make him laugh just like Kaylan.

For the first time in his life after this curse, Xander really wanted a change.

He wanted to be redeemed, to break the curse but how?

It was such a long time ago…

How should he start? Where exactly should he start from?

Kaylan was already back in the comfort of her room, sharing her experience with Jaden who just couldn’t get enough of the love story.

“What a great start, sis. I’m super excited for yah!” Jaden exclaimed and hugged her friend as they both laughed and fell on the bed.

“So, how did you spend the evening? Don’t lie to me.” Kaylan asked and giggled.

“Nothing much. Just that Akim won’t stop being a pain.” Jaden mumbled and Kaylan made a face at her and laughed.

“What was that?”

Jaden waved it off and suddenly looked very serious. “I’ve been thinking about something, Kaylan.”

“Okay, what’s it?”

“You remember that lady who helped me into her house that day I got poisoned?” Jaden asked.

Kaylan looked lost for a while and her eyes brightened suddenly. “Yes, yes! I do. The day Lord Xander had a dwell with one certain Kingdom…I can’t recall the name though but I remember everything that happened that day. Ah! It was awful.” Kaylan breathed.

“A lady had died that day at the event, mysteriously. She died in place of me. I would have died that day, Jaden, if she hadn’t taken they drink from me. It still gives me chills anything I think about it!”

Jaden chuckled. “Thank God we survived.”

“But…why are you bringing it up though?”

“That lady…that kind lady that saved me they day from dying when you left to get help. She helped me into her house, treated me.”

“Yeah. You are right. She was such a kind lady.”

“I want us to go visit her. What do you think?”

Kaylan’s eyes widened.

“Yes, she deserves it. I never really had the time to say thank you to her, for saving me. Let’s go see her and take some fruits along as a show of gratitude.” Jaden suggested.

“I think you are forgetting something here, Jaden. Have you forgotten how the lady’s mother threw us out of her house like some strayed dogs, huh?”

Jaden rolled her eyes. “I can’t really remember that because I was sick at the time but that’s not enough reason to deny that lady of our thanksgiving, please.”

Kaylan stared at her friend for a while and sighed. “But things have changed now. I can’t go anywhere without letting Xander know. He cares about me now and will be very mad if I leave the palace without telling him.”

“Then tell him to go with us.”

“Jaden! Are you sick in the head?”

“No, I’m not. He’s your husband and he can escort you. Can’t he?”

“Okay. I will try and ask him but I’m not assuring you of anything. Why don’t we just sneak out and have Akim follow us instead…”

“No!” Jadem snapped unconsciously and Kaylan stare at her. “I mean, no.”

“You seem to be paranoid these days whenever Akim is being mentioned, even when he’s around. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Let’s go to bed.” Jaden snapped and quickly turned her back.

Kaylan stared down at her friend and smiled. “Is it what I’m thinking!?” She exclaimed, slapping her friend’s back playfully before joining her and laughing.

They both talked for some time, concluding their plans before finally sleeping off.

***Three days on***


Ayita walked into the small house, looking very worried. Her mother has been sick for some days and the woman has bluntly refused to get treated or taken to any physician.

She had some concoction in her hand as she entered the inner room. Hopefully, the old woman would take it.

“Mother?” Ayita called as she closer to the wooden bed.

Camilla turned on the bed, her eyes on her daughter. “Where have you been?”

“Mother, I needed to go out and get you something to take, I’m scared of your illness.”

“I’m only tired, Ayita. I will get better soon.”

Ayita rolled her eyes and placed the little black bottle on the table before walking towards the woman. “Then you have to take something to make you strong again, mother. We still have a lot of time to spend together, I don’t wanna lose you just yet.”

Camilla sighed and slowly sat up. “I will be fine. Trust me, Ayita.”

“So, what are you gonna take? I made some porridge. Would you like that or something else?”

“I’m gonna take the porridge. Thank you, Ayita.”

“Oh mother, not again.. why do you keep on thanking me? You are my mother and my only family now. It’s proper I take care of you.”

“I know, Ayita. I’ve been a terrible mother, always complaining, always driving away your suitors. I’ve been more of a pain than a mother.

“I’ve been a nag, a harsh mother and anything else you can call bad. I stopped you from associating with people, I’m sorry.”

“It isn’t your fault that you turned this way, mother. After the death of Serenity, everything changed.

“She was such a vivacious girl, vibrant and so full of life. She was always willing to do everything and anything to see us survive.”

Camilla’s eyes filled with tears as she nodded. “We killed her, Ayita. We send her to her early grave.”

“Mother, when will you stop blaming yourself for Serenity’s death? We know what happened to her…”

“Yes but she died because of us. My little angel,She was only 18.” The woman was sobbing now.

Ayita sighed and touched her arm. “You don’t need this right now, mother. I know how pained you are, I’m also pained too but you have me mother. I work now and I’m able to put food on the table.”

Camilla smiled. “Yes, you are trying my dear but sometimes, I can’t help but remember all that happened in the past; how I lost my second daughter, you sister.”

“It’s okay, mother. Take your drugs while I’m gone, I need to head back to the market.” Ayita said, standing up from the bed.

Camilla nodded. “Yes, go on. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”

Ayita picked up her bag and left the room.

The old woman sighed and stared into space. The past was rushing back now and the pain, unbearable.

She thought she’d overcome it but she never did, the painful past would always be there no matter how hard she try.

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