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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Xander woke up the next morning, found his queen sleeping right beside him.

He reached out and moved a strand of hair from her face. He stared intently into her face, carefully and with possession.

She was beautiful, with the way her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted.

He suddenly looked away and sighed. How could he bring himself so low to apologise to a woman who cursed him?

Before he met Kaylan, his plans were different. He’d wanted to kill the woman who cursed him at first sight but now, he would have to beg her.

It unsettled him as he tried to imagine himself, kneeling in front of a woman; begging her for mercy.

Xander stood up from the bed and walked slowly to the window. It was still dark outside with the setting sun rising in the sky.

He heard a movement behind him and turned to see Kaylan waking up. He folded his arms, leaned on the wall as he studied her.

Kaylan opened her eyes and was startled to see Xander, staring at her. “You startled me!” She accused.

Xander smiled as he walked towards the bed. “Get used to it, princess. Get used to seeing me staring at you when you wake up.”

Kaylan smiled and ducked her head. ” Good morning.”

“How was your night? Did you sleep well?”

Kaylan nodded and breathed in. ” I slept incredibly well…with you by my side.”

Xander sat beside her and took her hands in his, staring at her face. “When do you want to go visit your family? You must be missing them a lot.”

Kaylan’s eyes widened. ” Really? Can I really go and see my mom? And dad?” She asked.

Xander nodded. He continued staring at her face and suddenly sighed. “I think…I owe you an apology, Kaylan. A lot to apologise for…” He stopped talking and stared down at their joint hands.

” Apology? What apology, Xander?” Kaylan asked.

” The gold issue months ago… forgive me.”

Kaylan stared at him and smiled. ” But why are you asking for forgiveness? Does that mean you trust me now?”

” It must have been painful. Those strokes…” Xander mumbled.

Kaylan pouted. ” Of course, it was! I was in pain for weeks but it’s all over now.”

” Do you want breakfast before we go?” Xander asked after sometime.

” Well yeah. I know that food lover would like some food before we head back.” Kaylan said, referring to Jaden.

Xander smiled at that. “Go and wash.” He pulled off the blanket from her body and stopped to stare at her. She was still naked.

His eyes roam all over her br*ast, her sexy tummy.

Kaylan cleared her throat and giggled when Xander glanced at her face. “You were staring.”

“It’s worth it.” Xander whispered, taking his eyes back to what they were initially doing. This was his Kaylan, his queen. His wife.

It made him greatly excited and blessed to know this young woman was his forever.

“I will go take my bath now.” Kaylan said, taking her legs down from the bed. It was strange that she didn’t feel embarrassed or shy all the while Xander stared at her nakedness.

She got up from the bed and bent to pick her robe and stopped on a second thought. She decided it was better she walked to the wash room nakedly. She smiled mischievously and after making sure that Xander’s eyes were still on her, she started walking towards the washroom.

Xander stared at her back as she walked, his eyes dropped to her back and his eyes dimmed when he saw a long faded mark there on her back.

It was red and almost fading but still very visible. He could see some more little marks as he stared harder. He stared at her back until Kaylan disappeared behind the door. He sighed and looked away, feeling bad more than ever.

He could tell where those marks came from. He remembered the flogging and cursed under his breath.

How could he leave such annoying marks on her beautiful skin? How could he?

Few minutes later, Kaylan came out, looking all cleaned up with her hair, wet.

“The water was so cool I didn’t want to come out.” Kaylan giggled as she walked back into the room.

She stopped when he noticed the wield expression on Xander’s face. “Are you okay?”

“Get dressed.” Xander replied sharply. He stood up from the bed and left the room.

Kaylan frowned as she stared after him. “What’s wrong with him?” She asked herself as she started dressing up.


Few hours later, they were done and ready to leave the inn. The sun was shining bright in the sky now, and the villagers were here and there, attending to the day’s business.

They got to Ayita’s house in few minutes as it was close to the inn they checked at.

Xander came down from the carriage, Kaylan beside him. He had a look that held no expression on his face as he stared at the house.

Jaden stood behind them, Kaylan had already briefed her on what was going on but yet, she couldn’t help but confused.

The door suddenly opened, revealing Ayita who was going to the market. An understanding look greeted her face as she stared at them. She walked towards them. “Good morning, my Lord. My mother doesn’t wanna see anyone.”

Xander stared at her silently and looked away. ” Lead me to her. Where’s she?”

Kaylan gasped softly, surprised at the arrogant tone Xander used. She looked pleadingly at Ayita. “Please… It’s urgent. We have to talk to your mother. Please… let’s have an audience with her.

“She has been in shock since you guys left yesterday, she’s not well. Please, understand her pain.”

” It’s an order. Take me to her.” Xander said again, a little bit colder.

Ayita stared down, feeling intimidated immediately. She turned and started walking back to the house. Xander followed immediately. He stopped when he noticed Kaylan was following him.

“Stay back here and wait for me.” He said to her, not looking at her face and continued walking.

Kaylan stopped and stared at him as he disappeared into the house with Ayita. She sighed and held Jaden’s hand. “I hope he succeeds.” She mumbled.

Jaden smiled and put her arms around her. “He will, okay? The old woman is a kind woman… I can feel it.”

Kaylan nodded. ” I hope so too. I deeply hope so.”

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