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I walked into my room and my roommate gave her male guest a warning look and he left the room immediately…
It hasn’t been a week and she’s already inviting male friends over. She sure is….

“So do you want me to help you unpack?” Tochi asked but I shook my head Negatively at her.
“I have it under control don’t worry” I tell her and she nodded with a smile.
Of course our room was wide and i occupied most of the spaces in the room, Tochi was pretty comfortable with the small space she occupied. Well she has no say in this, I’m kind of the landlady here in our own room.
I unpacked all my stuff and after that I made sure got enough rest before thinking of another thing.
It was nighttime and just as the power came on, I recieved a call from Mabel, she asked me how everything was and I told her I’ve unpacked registered and will be start taking class tomorrow.
We both ended the call and I became bored immediately.
Tochi walked in the room with a fancy dress and heels that made ear bursting noise as it collided with the titled floor.
Seemed like she went out.
She got on her bed and took off her shoes.

“So… Can I ask what course you’re–
“Computer science” I replied immediately.
“Oh okay!” she stated.
“You?” I turned to her.
“Business administration” she replied.
“So are you a freshman like me?” I asked and she nodded.
A freshman huh?
“Why does it feel like you’ve been more than a freshman” I said and eyed her dress.
She laughed nervously when she understood what I meant.
“Oh, well my friend threw a birthday party and besides none of my friends are freshman they’re all seniors” she expound and I shrugged…
“So you’ll be starting class tomorrow?” Tochi asked.
My eyes dart to her.
“Yes” I replied.
“Okay do you know your way around school or you want me to help you out?” Tochi smiled.
“That’d be great, my first class starts by 1pm” I said.
“Ohh… No, my first class starts by 12pm, looks like it’ll be a little impossible” Tochi shook her head.
“It’s okay, I can always ask around,” I said, assuring.
“Oh no I’m not going to let you ask around, let me help, I have friends who are in the computer department too, I’ll tell one of them and let them know you’ll be needing up knowing your way around the school, and besides one of them can at least have the same time table as yours” Tochi smiled.
“You don’t have to make it a big deal” I tried to shrug it off.
“I do, you helped me out enough letting me share a room with you, let me at least help, even if in the smallest way” Tochi added and I sighed.
“Sure, thanks”.
“Good” she smiled.

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I looked at my phone and went to my contact, the only contact I have was Mabel. Come to think of it I never had any friends. My call history was piled up with different numbers from my clients but my contacts was empty. I sighed. Friends or not it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like they’re going to change anything, I like how my life is. Peaceful and easy going.

I dropped my phone and laid under my covers, the night went as fast as I could ever imagine.
And before I knew it, it was the next day.
I woke up to my unfamiliar room and I heard different kind of voices.
I turned to my side to see about a group do friends all on tochi’s bed… I sat up and they all stopped talking.
What? Since when did I turn into a remote.
“Good morning!” I heard tochi’s voice and I turned to her to see all her friends starting at me. Well I’m used to with the stares.
“Good morning” I replied.
About three boys and a girl. And then with tochi making them a total five, no wonder the room feels suffocating already.

“And you must be Bridget, tochi told us about you” the girl among them said and I nodded and stood up.
I grabbed my toiletry bag and walked out of the room and to the bathroom.
After brushing my teeth and taking my bath, I got dressed inside the bathroom thanks to tochi and her friends.
I walked back into the room to see tochi still with her friends.

“So Bridget” tochi called. “This is Cynthia” she introduced, it was the same girl.
“HI” I waved at the girl.
“And just incase these are my other friends too, Emmanuel, Greg, Morris and Austin.” tochi added introducing her male friends.
I didn’t need to know.

“So Cynthia said she knows someone who’s in the computer department too, he’s a freshman and luckily his time table rhymes with yours, so instead of stressing yourself out asking about, you can just go to class with him” tochi said and I gave a small smile…
“Thank you” I said.
“No problem” she added..

I went back to my bed and laid down till tochi friends left, seeing it was just tochi and I, I sat up.
“Tochi” I called.
“Yeah” she seems almost too cheerful every moment.
“So i want to talk about you and your friends.” I said.
“What about them?” she asked taking off her khaki shorts and slipping on a pair of Jean.
“I want to place a rule in this room” i stated and she paused and turned to me.
“What rule?” she asked.
“No inviting of too many friends. It’s suffocating” I stated plainly and straightforwardly.
“Oh… Well sorry I didn’t notice it was suffocating” she said and rolled her eyes a bit not knowing I caught her.
“I’m serious!” I stated…
“Fine I heard you. But who knows you might make more friends than you can count and if you let them get into the room that means you’re breaking the rules too” Tochi stated.
“I know that. I’m not dumb, but at least letting one friend in is okay, but two is a crowd, so…”
“I understand, you’re the boss” Tochi stated and murmured the last sentences.
“Okay then I’m going to head to class a little early.” Tochi said grabbing her bag and some books in her hand.
I gave her no reply and from the corners of my eyes I saw her flower at me and gave an eye roll.
She walked out of the room and I sighed.
I wish I was living alone… This is why you don’t want to live with roommates.
It’s because this hostel is way close to school and since the landlord begged me so hard to let Tochi and I stay together, I could have rented out another place or I could have been living alone.
The room was peaceful and quiet as tochi had left and seeing it will be 1pm soon I decided to get all my stuff ready for class.
Just as I was done a knock came in at my door.


I walked up to the door and opened it to see a very tall guy standing and looking down at his phone.
“Uh? Hello?” I called for his attention.
Did he miss his way or what?
“HI” he looked up revealing his thicj brows and curly lashes.
“Is this room room 002?” he asked.
“Yes why?” I retorted.
“I’m looking for a girl named Bridget.” he replied.
“You’re looking at her” I said and he paused and nodded.
“Oh you’re Bridget?” he asked and I nodded.
“Great, so a friend of mine said you’re having troubles with the school and she said you would need someone to accompany you!” the guy said.
“Well it’s okay, I told her not to make a big deal out of it though” I sighed.
“Well I’m already here” the guy shrugged.
“And why are you here so early, the class doesn’t start until one pm” I stated glancing at my table clock. It’s just seven minutes past twelve.
“I like to get to class early, settle down get prepared, before the lecturer takes over, that way you’ll gain more focus” the guy explained and I sighed.
“Okay well come in, I’m still getting my books ready though” I said and let him in.
Since there was no chair or anything, I let him sit on my bed.
I got my books ready, wore my sandals and grabbed my bag.

“Okay then, I’m ready” I said and the guy nodded and we both walked out of the room.
I locked the door and before I knew it we were on our way to class.
We got to one of the four buildings in the school compound and it was one hell of a building.
“Now lucky us, we don’t have to climb all the way up the stairs, our class is just right here at the bottom of the building” the Guy explained pointing to the windows of our class.
We both walked in to see the class empty.
How were so early.


The guy walked to the front seat and dropped his books on the long desk.
Who the hell favours front seats?

“Aren’t you going to seat?” he asked glancing at me and the space beside him.
“I don’t… I don’t really like front seats” I said.
“Oh, well I have pretty bad eyesight and also the lecturer’s voice will be pretty clear from here, and you don’t know this class, it gets really crowded” the guy explained and I nodded.
I sighed and slowly sat beside him placing my books on the table.
How weird with just the two of us inside the class.

“So you’re just starting school today right?” the guy asked.
“Yes” I nodded.
“Good, you just have a little to catch up on, it’s just a little introduction to com101 and Com 101 isn’t that tough, I heard it gets tougher when we get to Com 103” the Guy explained and I nodded.
He must be all those smarty pants. Like me.
“So you wouldn’t mind me scanning your books for a couple of minutes?” I said and he shook his head with a smile. “I wouldn’t. And while scanning you should take down some notes too” he explained and I nodded. “I will”
As I looked what they’ve studied for the past week, the guy brought out a huge textbook that got the desk shaking.
I turned to him and he paused.
“Sometimes I learn ahead of the lecturer, it helps me understand more than I already do.” the guy explained.
Wow what a geek. And I thought I was one.

He suddenly brought out glasses and put them on.
Right. He said he has poor eyesight.
The two of us remained quiet, studying and slowly time passed us by. The glass suddenly started to get occupied by students and an hour later after the class was filled, the lecturer came in.
I enjoyed his teachings and funny how the guy knew every answer to the lecturer’s question but didn’t bother to answer anyone but just muttered it to himself. I never fail to put my hands up whenever I know an answer, I was pretty popular in high school back then.
Class was over before we know it and my other class was starting by 3pm.
As the guy and I walked out of the class I asked.
“Why didn’t you answer any of the questions yet you knew it!”
He laughed nervously taking off his glasses. “I don’t want to be noticed” he replied.
I see, he’s the introverted type of guy.
“So.. I never got to know your name” I stated.
“It’s Samuel” he stated.
“Samuel” I repeated.
T. B. C

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