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“So.. I never got to know your name” I stated.
“It’s Samuel” he stated.
“Samuel” I repeated.

“So my next class is starting by 3pm and I..
“My class is starting by 3pm too” I cut him off.
“Wow looks like we both got a matching timetable. Anyways I wanted to go have lunch before attending to my second class, cause learning on an empty brain is like watering a withered flower” Samuel said and I almost smiled.
He seriously needs to read a book on ‘how to not be a geek’.

“Well I haven’t had lunch too, so I guess you won’t be bothered by me having lunch with you too?” I asked and he shook his head.
“No it’s fine, there’s a really big canteen two blocks away from school, their food there is really nice, you’ll love it.” . Samuel stated and I nodded.

“Okay then what are we waiting for?” I smiled and he starts to lead the day.
Exactly two blocks away.
We walked into the crowded canteen with different kind of amazing food smell engulfing our noses and different little chatters coming from different tables.
Samuel and I both got a table and the waitress attended to us immediately.
We ordered the popular jollof rice, which seemed like it was what everyone was having and we were served immediately.

“So are you a friend of Tochi?” I asked striking up a conversation. We were both too quiet.
“I…who? Tochi… I don’t know who that is.” Samuel replied.
“Huh? The girl who asked you to help me out with getting to class today.” I stated.
“Oh the girl who asked me to help you out today is Cynthia, I don’t know this Tochi you speak of” Samuel replied.
Oh yeah right, Cynthia is a friend of Tochi and I guess Cynthia is a friend of Samuel too but doesn’t know who Tochi is. Well I understand friendship circles like that.

“Sammy!” we both heard a voice and a boy walks towards our table.
He glanced at me and flashed a smile.
“Oh. Hey. Kingsley” Samuel said.
“I’ve been looking around the whole campus for you.” the Kingsley guy said.
“Mind of I join?” Kingsley asked already taking a seat. Why did he bother asking in the first place.

Kinglsey ordered his food and gave Samuel a look.
“Oh yeah right, this is Kingsley, Kingsley meet Bridget.” Samuel introduced and I gave a forced smile.
“HI there Bridget.” Kingsley gave one of his best smile. You could tell it was one of his best, his not so deep dimple made a promising hole on both side of his cheeks as he smiled.
“Hi” I replied back.
Kingsley’s meal was brought to the table and the three of us ate quietly.

Until Samuel and Kingsley started their own conversation.
“And by the way have you seen Rita?” Kingsley asked.
“No, and you know how she is, she flies every single moment, one minute she’s in school the next minute she’s in another country” Samuel said and gave me a small glance. I raised my brows at him.
He looked away.
“Another country?” Kingsley repeated.
“I’m just exaggerating so you’ll know how her body and legs will never be at ease and stay in one place” Samuel added.
“You’re right” Kingsley laughed.
Lunch was over for the three of us and as we walked out of the canteen, a loud “Guyss” was heard behind us making me three of us turn. I didn’t even know why I turned. I don’t know anybody.
A skinny girl about my height, fair skinned, braided hair walked up to the guys and gave Samuel a hug.
“Oh Rita.” Sammy said looking like he wants out of the hug.
“Oh my God Sammy its been ages since I saw you” she smiled.
“You saw me last night” Samuel replied.
“I know and it already feels like forever.”
“Where did you scram off to this morning. We were both going to class and suddenly you vanished.” Kingsley said to her.
“Joyce called. She wanted me to give her some stuff” Rita replied.
“some stuff?”.
“Anyways who is this?” Rita turned to me.
“HI, I’m Bridget.” I said before Samuel could start another introduction centre.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Rita” she smiled.
“So where are you Guys headed.?” Rita asked.
“Class.” Samuel replied.
“My classes are done for the day and I’m going to take a nap” Samuel said.
“My classes are done for the day too, want to hang out?” Rita asked and Kingsley shrugged.


“Anyways we’ll be heading to class” Samuel said and turned to me.
“Let’s go” he said and I shrugged and followed him.
The day was as slow as ever and immediately my second class ended, I went back to my hostel. While Samuel went… Wherever. I’m still thankful how he helped out today. And funny how he drew me a lazy looking but pretty and understandable map around the school to help me for my next class the next day, cause he said it’s not everyday he’s going to helpful.
I got on my bed and looked at the time it was 5:30pm. Tochi wasn’t back yet and it was just me in the room and Mabel called at that moment.

“Hey” I said into the phone.
“You sound tired are you okay?” Mabel asked.
“Just took my first classes, you know how it always is. I’ll get used to it” I replied.
“Okay, I understand, so have you made any friends?” Mabel asked.
Have I?.
I mean I met Samuel, kinglsey and Rita today. But then again we just got to know each other names, is that considered as making friends? I don’t know after high school I didn’t really have the time to make friends. I was used to being alone. If I wasn’t ‘working’ or didn’t have any work for that day I’d be taking a nap.
“No I didn’t” I said into the phone.
“You should, make friends, have fun, attend parties, stay out late. you’re going to get old without having fun like me” Mabel joked.
“I am having fun laying on the bed.” I snickered.
“I know you’re not” Mabel stated.
“And of course, I’m Bridget, I know how to have fun, I know how to stay out late even sneak out, have fun, make friends if I want to, get a thousand boyfriends. But no. Let me adapt to this place first, I’m hating my roommate already and I want to focus more on my books. That will be great” I stated.
“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re those geeks who drowns their life in books, I once happen to come across your pasts report cards and goodness your grades are fire.” Mabel added dramatically.
I laughed.
She’s talking about me being a geek. She should meet Samuel then.
“Okay, Mabel, I have to go, I’ll talk to you later I feel sleepy” I stated and cut the door. And just like that I fell asleep with my phone on my face.
I woke up the next morning, I woke up very early too cause I slept way too early.
And by 7am, the door clicked open and tochi walked in wearing a skimpy dress.
“Good morning” she smiled at me.
“Good morning” I replied.
Is she just coming back from wherever she went?
That means she didn’t come home last night.
My class was starting by eight so I got ready immediately. She should go out and come back whenever it’s not like I care.
Dressed in a cropped sweater and loose jeans, I put on a pair of sandals and grabbed my big purse, I glanced at tochi and she was fast asleep on her bed. How accurate.
I grabbed the room key and opened the door to go out when I moved back seeing Samuel standing in front of the door, his hand up in a fist.
Was he about to knock?


“Samuel?” I called. walking outside and closing the door.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Uh” he looked away shyly and Turned back to me. “I was afraid.”
“Afraid?” I tilt my head letting him see my confused expression.
“I drew you a map around the school but I was afraid you still wouldn’t understand it.” he replied.
How nice.
“I clearly understood it, my first class today is in the school’s second building third floor fifth classroom, your map wasn’t too detailed but it was understandable, I like it” I shrugged.
“Well I’m glad I could help, I was too busy seeing the negative side of today, saying, what if Bridget fails to understand the map and ends up missing class, so that’s why I came here”.
I smiled at him being really super considerate to a girl he just met.

“Well thank you” I smiled.
“No problem, so since I’m here now would you like to attend class together.?” he asked.
Why not.
We both walked out of the hostel and saw a girl walking towards us. She suddenly block our path stretching out her hand to prevent us from walking further.
“Sorry” she said to me and turned to samuel.
“Sammy! Please just for today again” she stated.
“I’m not sure I can” Samuel replied.
“Sammy please na” the girl added putting on a faux frown and a pitiful face.
“Okay, but only just for today” Samuel said and the girl smiled…
“Okay, should I come to your place or…
“I’ll come to yours.” Samuel said.
“Great can you make it by 1pm?” the girl asked and Samuel nodded.
“Thanks Sam” she said happily before walking Into our hostel we just came out.

I didn’t want to pry but I’ve always been curious all my life, so why stop now.
“who Is she?” I asked Samuel.
“Oh that’s Success, she’s a friend of Kingsley” Samuel stated and I nodded.
“And what was she pleading for?” I asked. How am I such a nosy being.
“I help her with assignments a lot of times. And looks like I’m helping her out again today” Samuel shrugged.
“And do you get paid?” I asked.
“Why would I get paid?” Samuel snickered.
“What? When people do something for others it’s not free, wherever I go and whatever I see, nothing is free, haven’t you heard the life is all about give and take phase?” I gasped.
“Well for me, can’t I just give without taking, I mean it’s just assignments, I do it all the time for different people and their ‘thank you’ are enough” Samuel expound.
You’ve got be kidding me.
“So for example people ask you to do stuff for them and you do it for FREE?” I almost yelled.
“Yes, I don’t see anything wrong there and besides I’m not having any financial problem, I am financially stable and getting paid with something like that will make me look greedy, so I’m just being helpful” Samuel nodded.
How is he the most considerate guy I’ve met in my twenty years of living. No one, and I mean no one is as nice as him that I know of.
“Okay then suit yourself” I shrugged.
We both got to class that morning and I couldn’t get over the fact that Samuel looked super serious in his glasses and he looked good too.


The lecturer ended the class in a haste, we were supposed to be done with class by 10am but he ended it by 9am leaving us with a striking assignment that got the class angry.
Students starts to leave the class but Samuel sat still and started working on his assignments. Already.!!
“You have enough time, our next class doesn’t start until 2.. So you have a lot of time to work on your assignment” I stated.
“Well I share a room with kinglsey and he’s not a very…. Very… I don’t know how to put it… Just know that with him inside that room with you, you won’t be able to study or even read. If he doesn’t have friends over he plays ear bursting music so it’s easy and less stressful that I do it here.” Samuel smiled and glanced at me from the corners of his glasses.
Just like Tochi.
“if he does things that you’re not comfortable with, then tell him that you’re not comfortable with it, you’re both paying the rent and you have a say in whether or not you like him having friends over or him playing music” I explained making hand gestures.
Samuel took off his glasses.
“I could tell him if I want to. But that will be rude.”
“I don’t see anything rude there, you’re just being human” I stated making a point.
“Well I’ll tell him someday..” Samuel shrugged.
What kind of guy is this?
T. B. C



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