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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Nick! Nick! Nick! Are you okay ?”Celine asked as she walked towards the front door calling out his name.

His scream was the last thing she heard of him, what had happened, she thought as she went to see what happened.

It was quite dark at the entrance but she could see that the window had been broken, probably some one had threw in a stone.

“Nick!”She called again, scared for Nick who had come to her rescue

“Don’t come close Celine, don’t!”He said through the darkness

She had to find the switch, she had to turn on the lights and get to Nick.

She head to wall where she knew the switch was and after searching for it for some few minutes, she finally found it.

She turned it on and saw Nick on the floor, clutching one blood foot, seems like he had step on the shattered glass.

“What’s going ……arrgh!!! What happen?”Stacey yelled as she walked down stairs only to see Nick on the floor too.

“Call for an ambulance Stacey, Nick is hurt!” Celine said

“No! Don’t call for an ambulance and you girls shouldn’t come to me, me being injured is enough”Nick said as she stood up and gently walked out of the shattered glass into Celine arms.

“But your foot is all covered in blood, let’s just …….”

“Is there a first aid kit some where?”Nick asked softly

“Yes there is!”Stacey said as she quickly went to get the kit while Celine helped Nick to the nearest chair.

“You should have been careful”Celine said looking all so worried while Nick sat staring at her.

Another part of her he was getting to know, he thought to himself

Stacey came back with the kit and Celine taking reins of the situation began to work on his injury.

“Do you know how to do it?”Nick asked abruptly

“I was once a runner and believe me when I say that I have gotten a lot of injury to learn how to do this”She said all focused on his foot.

“But what really happened? Why is the glass broken and……”

“Some one tried to break in or let’s just say that they tried to scare Celine” Nick replied softly

“I don’t get it! What do they want from Celine? Why are they trying to do this!”Stacey yelled out softly

“That is some thing we will never get to know unless we meet who ever is doing this and that I think will never happen. Instead of being worried, why don’t you call a maid to help clear the glass away, we can do with some one not getting hurt again” Celine said all focused on putting a band aid on Nick foot

“Fine then”Stacey replied after thinking about it for a while.

“Why are you so less concerned about this issue”Nick asked softly

“It’s some thing am used to already and at the beginning, every one think that I was insane and you too?”She replied

“When have this been happening?”Nick asked as she finished with the band aid.

Her hand on his foot gave him a certain warmth and when she left it to stare at him, he felt kind of sad but he made sure she wouldn’t see it, he thought as he kept starring at the girl who was intriguing him little by little.

“A few months ago”She replied non chanlantly

“A few months ago and you never bothered to do a thing about it ?”He asked surprised

“I did talk about this to the police but when they found nothing,they made it clear to me that I was safe and for a while I was safe,the threats stopped coming in and I thought that it was all fine but every thing started again and I well…….”She shrugged dismissively

“This is your life for crying out Celine! You shouldn’t just shrug it off like that?”He said angrily

“I have nothing to live for Nick and have given up a long time ago, if they plan to kill me, then so be…….”

“No!!!”Nick yelled out suddenly and Celine stared at him.

“You still have a lot to live for, Stacey needs you and whether you believe it or not, your mom needs you too, you are not going to die because I will protect you, that is why I am your guard”He said feeling that urge to protect Celine coming back to him.

She sighed softly and closed the first aid box and then stared at him.

“There is no need to do more than what my step father asked of you”She said

“And what do you think he asked of me!?”Nick asked

“You are only here to spy on me to him, I know and you don’t have to look surprise,I know a lot of things Nick and i just choose to be quiet about things”She said softly

“And what are this things you choose to be quiet about”Nick asked suddenly feeling suspicious with what she said last.

“Nothing in particular. Now enough of me, I better help you to your room, since all of the male workers have been fired by me, you will have to rely on a female and that female happens to be me, don’t worry about me being an handicap, I can manage “She said and with out waiting for his reply, she pulled him up and though it was hard for them, she made it to the lift and while it was taking them to the next floor, Nick couldn’t help but to notice that Celine was holding onto him tightly and she had her eyes closed.

Is this some thing new he should get to know about her? He thought as he smiled to himself and at the same time, he wondered who is trying to do this to her!.

This is not some thing he should be quiet about again, he has to get help from some where, maybe from Zack his boss or perhaps he could talk to her step father and make him understand that Celine is not lying and that she is being attacked instead.

Celine grasping of his hand made him look at her again and this time she was the one clutching his hand for support rather him getting the support from her.

“What is wrong?” Nick voice broke into her disturbed thought and she opened her eyes to stare at him. She was surprised to see that she was very close to him and she couldn’t help her self but to stare at his mouth, a mouth she had kissed a while ago.

What is wrong with her? She had only kissed him just to prove a point to Mark and nothing else, she thought as the lift door opened and quickly she got out of it.

“Urgh! Celine?”Nick Called when she walked out of the lift on her own

“Oh sorry!”She muttered as she went back to him and put his arm around her and then began to walk off with her one good leg and he did the same too.

As soon as they got to the room that was given to him, she helped him seat on the bed and Nick watched her limp towards the window to open the curtain and then to turn on the lamp beside his bed.

“Now I think am through, I better head to my room too” Celine said and turned to leave.

“You are claustrophobic right?”Nick question made her stop and she turned to stare at him

“How do you know that?”

“I can read you perfectly Celine”he said giving her a smile.

“Don’t think you know every thing about me,you don’t ! And I would like it if you don’t try to read every reaction of mine, we are not that close to……”

“Why do you always say that?”

“Because it’s the truth! You and I are not close and……”

“But I doubt that, I think you and I are very close and that’s solely because we both shared a kiss”He said giving her a smile.

“A kiss you felt disgusted of”She said stiffly

“Well I was just…….”

“You don’t have to justify your self, I lied and kiss you just to prove some thing to Mark and I regret it so much and as said before, it won’t happen again, have a good night Nick”She said and left the room.

Nick sat on the bed starring at the closed doors, some how he felt weird about her departing words.

He knew he should think the same way with her but why the hell is sure that it will happen again…..why!


“You should have just stayed at home, I could have come to school to enrol my self” Celine said starring at Nick who drove into the college.

“I only stepped on some broken glass, am not an invalid Celine and my job is to……”

“I know and as have said, you don’t have to concern your self with that! Just keep on doing as my step father has ordered, it’s more comforting than to see you pretending you care about my welfare”She said looking like the aloof and cold heiress she is.

She is nothing like the woman he was talking to before the broken glass incident occurred

“You really are a puzzle you know!”He said after starring at her for a while

“A puzzle you won’t be able to solve, stay here Nick, I will just deal with the enrolling stuff and come back, I will be back soon” she said as she got out of the car.

Nick couldn’t help but to notice the way her back side clung lovingly to her jeans or the way her lace top fit perfectly to her body, she might be an handicap as she says but she is very still one sexy little thing……what the hell is he thinking, why is he thinking about Celine in that form, he thought as suddenly some one caught his eye.

Zack, his boss was walking out of the college having a smile on his face.

It’s odd what is Zack doing here when he is suppose to be at the agency.

Taking out his phone, Nick dialled his number and through the wind screen, he saw Zack starring at his phone for a while, obviously wondering if he should pick or not.

On the fourth ring he finally picked the call.

“Hey Zack I just…….”

“Am in a meeting Nick! It’s a very important one, I will call you back”He said and switch off the phone.

Nick put down his phone starring at Zack who looked around him as if he was being watched and then he went to his car.

He is certainly not in a meeting, so why the hell did he lie? Nick thought as he followed Zack car.

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