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How do you discover your partner Before getting married


Why did you think one should get married
And how can reason marriage be as important as who you marry

Many marriage have been broken,some are not in peace. Many youth wanna settled down and have a home,but the problem is how can one discover his/her soulmate? 

How sure are you that you won’t fall into a wrong hand??

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According to one of our partners she said:


I study a guy, pray about it. If he won’t satisfy me. I will doubt his character during courtship…. Then I move forward
Can’t wait to have a patner I have to wait for
Love is life
When you’re in love you see life
I pray God orders my step jare
Cos that man I have been waiting for mustn’t be the wrong choice at the end
Abi na
I have a guy. His own shortcomings is. He likes to command his gf to do anything to look good for him
Makeups,hair and dressing
Another guy, his own is that he loves only spiritual stuff
Another one, he likes ladies too much
Whenever I think of marriage. I pray for an understanding husband
The one that is always concerned about how I feel
That’s care. A caring guy defines love
But some guys forget love when they don’t have money
They have forgotten that even money can’t purchase love
Although they should go together. No lady wanna get married to a poor guy
No hard working guy prays to remain poor at the same time
“She define husband as”

Honest: Relationship is all about being real and trustworthy

Understanding: U as my husband should know my mood and care about it

Spiritual: You as a husband should take the spiritual lead

Brilliant : of course my husband should be brilliant. Even if I am not. Two wrongs can never make a right. If am not sound academically. I don’t have to go for an husband like myself. That produces generation of dullards. Our children can’t be better of.

Ambitious: an ambitious man is he that keeps his passion for success even after married. Your wife shouldn’t be the cause of your failure in life and your inability to utilize your potentials

Natural :natural here,is a group word for being natural in character, dressing and affection. A man doesn’t need to take drugs before making love with his spouse

Devoted :a responsible man must be devoted in all ramifications. Devoted to his God, his wife, the children and his parents as well. A responsible man doesn’t forget his first family (parents and siblings) after marriage. He also should learn to be dedicated to his wife’s parents. They trained and nurtured his wife for him.

By sardonyx

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