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Its a pity what the days are turning into.
Permit me to say the heart of men are now WICKEDEST than ever.
It has crawled into majority of our youths and leaving the suppose future of tomorrow at stake.
Many already regretting being born into this generation.
Majority of these youths nowadays can do anything for money.
How did it get this worse??
We dont know who to trust anymore. But i will say trust nobody! Don’t think you know that boy u call the love of your life if he lacks the fear of God. Even with the fear of God, becareful of Hippocrates in the Christian realm. Fake everywhere.!!!
The rate boys are sacrificing fellow humans for money is alarming.!
Sacrificing mostly from the female folks these days has gone to an eliciting level beyond what we ever imagined.
Babes are decreasing, Benz are increasing.
How did things get this worse??
Hold on, all for the love of material things? Things we all will die one day and won’t even remember how wealthy or poor we were on earth?
When they said we can only live once,
when they said we should live the best of our lives,
When they said be the best we could,
When they said dream big and achieve them.
Hear me, the above was not about killing our fellow humans to achieve such heights.
Majority of our youths now take lives without remorse nor blinking.
Being real was never about proclaiming love to a girl in pretence and with plan to use her for rituals.
It was not about using those that matters to you for money rituals or as a means for self actualization and life comfort.
How did it get this worse??
Many now using guns instead of words as last words.
The fear to take away a life you don’t own means nothing to majority nowadays.
We have gotten to an era where the youths steal pants?
How did it get this worse?
Naija now ranked 3rd in terrorism in the whole world.
Who gave birth to these evil?
Why has many become an instrument born to someday take away someone’s life, dreams and truncate a fellow human’s destiny?
How did it get this worse?
You took someone’s life and call it hustle?? Hold on, are you the only one that has issues?
Are you the only one that want the good things of life??
Are you the only one facing the hardship that came with life??
When last did you visit the hospital to see those battling for life and praying for just one more day?
Being contented has become a major issue with majority of these youths. No one want to cut their coat according to their size.
We all want to be OBO & other top celebrities over night and at all cost. Why are you under pressure?? Pressure of social media and the urge to impress.
We don’t have to live our lives to impress.
What is wealth if we can’t use it on those we love or care about??
Nobody is pressuring you for 500 million naira that made you kill someone’s child.
No one is pressuring you to vomit riches that made you steal a fellow human’s pant.
No matter what, rituals for money is not the way out. That’s not the dream of a hustler and you know it.
Why then do you see using a fellow human like you as a way out?? You are not even giving that human a choice or opportunity to live another day for a dream he or she always wanted.
How do you feel when you know your wealth is centered on blood stains??
Do you feel actualised??
I mean for real??…… sincere!
Every dog has a pay day.
How did it get this worse?
When they said don’t kill mama for a Benz,
it didn’t mean kill mama’s daughter instead.
When they said dont kill mama for Cash,
It didnt mean kill mama’s son for a Benz instead.
That son or daughter is a replicate from mama and therefore mama herself indirectly.
Lets bring it back!
Don’t kill mama, mama’s son or mama’s daughter for Benz!
More hit from
Another thing really disturbing is anger.
Anger has become another issue to address.
Destroying lives and property because you were provoked.
As a lady, Pouring acid on her face is not the best way out.
Destroying his car, phone, and other property because he cheated is also not the way out.
Rapping her with your gang is not the solution.
Luring her into sex with aim to release her sex tape is not the way out.
Maltreating her, disrespecting him and other unbelievable ways should not be part of dealing with issues.
I believe we all have heard of occasions where lives were taking out of provocation.
Now, you took lives because you were provoked and angry.??
Hold on, who gave you the right to do that?? Even without the fear of God in you, you should know that’s madness already!!!
Imagine you begging for your life at gun point just because u got the person in possession of the gun angry.
The person never thought of your dreams, how you have managed all your life to get to this time, your hopes and all now faced to be ended by a trigger. You cried your eyes out and still with no remorse from who was in possession of power(Gun) as the trigger was romanced, giving birth to bullet that ended your life.
How did it get this worse??
Hold on, that person you killed with this same bullet may not have known Christ. There’s no repentance in the grave and you just sent a soul to hell??? You actually didn’t just take that life, you took away every chance of that person making heaven.
Hold on, you will later repent and fight to go to heaven abi?? Let’s leave that to the Almighty God to decide such fate.
How did it get this worse??
You haven’t owned half of what king Solomon had, you already have in your hands the blood of innocent humans you killed crying for justice.
Let me stop here for now and before I do, I just want you to know this…..When king Solomon said……”VANITY UPON VANITY, ALL VANITY“,……..He was not joking neither was he drunk.
You shall reap what you sow. Sow good and reap it. Have in mind…..Every dog has a pay day!

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To be continued…...

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