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No Mountain Is Insurmountable With God

No Mountain Is Insurmountable With God

A mountain by definition is a large mass of earth and rock above the common level of the earth and usually above 100feets in height. Figuratively speaking it means an exceedingly difficult task or challenge. This figurative meaning is what we are going to take a cursory look at today in relation to the topic at hand.

As a matter of fact, life is full of challenges, no one living is excluded from challenges as you begin to face challenges right from birth. A young child after some few years from birth soon becomes aware life is not a bed of roses or a cake walk as you have to struggle your way and wade through life encountering and surmounting challenges. The devil our arch enemy is very determined to make this world uncomfortable for us humans, he sees this as his major preoccupation because he hates man very passionately.

At first glance most mountains seem insurmountable, until you try tenaciously, consistently and very determinedly to surmount them. There are mountains that sheer determination, will power, fortitude, courage and tenacity is enough to surmount them while there are some mountains that it takes the very special grace and intervention of God to overcome.

This is why it is foolhardy to be far from God, because in your journey through life you will surely encounter some though and very challenging situations that only God alone can help you with, even the atheist cannot deny this fact. They claim God is inexistent but in their closets or hearts of hearts they pray to God when they encounter unpalatable situations beyond their control.

God sometimes answers the prayers or request of sinners so as to show them His loving nature, kindness and mercy and ultimately draw them close to Him. Some sinners, especially atheists in their acute foolery when God answers their prayers, they now look for a scientific and supposedly rational, conceivable, thinkable and humanly comprehensible analysis to water down, suppress or outrightly deny the obvious fact that it was God who helped them surmount the challenge. Instead of giving glory to God, they instead take the glory for themselves.

The truth is you cannot wade successfully through life without the intervention of God. I put it to you very emphatically that there is no mountain, problem, trouble, obstacle, crisis, turbulence, disturbance or unfavourable situation you cannot surmount with the help of GOD.

A lot of factors will determine God’s quick response to you in time of trouble, one major determinant is how you have been relating with God in time past or prior to the problem. Our God is very merciful but His mercy must never be taken for granted.

Many people unfortunately take God for granted, as they only run to God when they are in terrible situations when prior to the problems they were very distant from God in thought, words and deeds. The measure of attention you give to God is the same He will give to you when you are in need of His help.

If you don’t take worship, service, reverence and obedience to God very seriously He will also in like manner not take intervention to your problems seriously when you beckon on Him in time of need. Only with God is no mountain insurmountable.

You also have to have the will and determination to overcome and do all within your capability to surmount the challenge then God will pave a way to victory for you. Some people call on God in time of need but are not ready to do what is humanly expected of them because of laziness, fear or unwillingness.

They complain day and night about their predicament but, do nothing to help themselves. For instance a lazy student who fails to read for an exam but is very quick to pray to God for help will most likely fail the exam because he or she has failed to make an effort. When God wants to help you surmount a challenge He simply crowns your effort with success, but first you must make an effort.

God bless you my Readership.

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