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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 13

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 13

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



Tori Vega’s POV
I stood up and tucked the coffee behind me

Trina: why the heck are you outside?

Me: I met up with Jade. She gave me something that I forgot with her

Trina looked me up and down then looked away. I just walked past her and entered inside. I sighed in relief
She didn’t see Beck. If she had seen him, well I’d be in a heated dialogue now

I rushed upstairs to my room and locked the door before sitting on the floor. I took my phone and there was a message

📩sleep early tonight

I smiled and replied
📩I was in my pyjamas when you came

I smiled again and climbed the bed. I tucked myself under my blanket and laid down.
I was waiting for Beck’s reply so I took a magazine and began to go through it.
Few minutes later my phone beeped, I took it and it read :

📩I just dropped my boss and I’m heading home. I’m so tired 😴

📩need a massage right?

📩oh yes please. I could really use your hands here

📩haha, I’ll remember to do that another day

📩just got home, gotta go. See you tomorrow

📩okay Beck. Good night. I’ll dream about you

📩I definitely will too. Good night 🌃

I read the message and smiled then dropped my phone and closed my eyes.
I said my night prayers and drove to the sweet land of sleep

Beck Oliver’s POV
I woke up feeling strong, stepped down from the bed and stretched. I knelt down and said my morning prayers which I never take for levity.
Then I did my thirty minutes exercises before heading to the bathroom.
After brushing my teeth and showering, I wore a white shirt and black pants then I carried my brown jacket over my shoulder before moving out.

I came down and pecked my mom who was preparing breakfast

Mom: why are you all dressed up? Are you going somewhere?

Me: yes, I have a school assignment to tackle

Mom: okay but eat first
She took a plate and dished out the ham she was making

I took it and arranged it in hard bread 🍞 then began to eat it as a ham sandwich.
Mom came to the breakfast bar and dropped a glass of milk

Mom: How many times have I told you not to eat a dry meal? Lazy bones!

She hit my head
Me: oww

She chuckled and sat opposite me.

Mom: Beck I… I won’t be going to work today

I drank the milk
Me: why?

Mom: I’m a little bit ill. It’s nothing serious, just stress.
Me: okay, then you have to rest

I finished my meal and cleared the plates

Me: mom I’m off
Mom: okay honey. Take care

I pecked her cheek and took the keys from the table then headed out to the garage.
I entered the car then took my phone to call Tori

📲good morning sunshine
📲Beck, good morning

📲how was your night
📲it was cool. Just woke up
📲whaaat? Just now?

📲I wake up late every Saturday. Wait….. It’s just few minutes past seven. Wow I woke up early today

📲wow, life of a rich kid. The only time that I stay in bed till six a.m is when I’m very sick and bedridden

📲I guess you had a rough childhood
📲yeah… Anyway you should eat your breakfast now cause I’m already on my way

📲okay. I’ll get ready now
📲see you in thirty minutes


I hung up and smiled, dropped the phone then drove out.
I drove to Andre’s house first. I said hi to his crazy grand mother before leaving.

I drove to Tori’s house and parked the car outside the gate. I texted her

I’m already here
I’ll be out in a jiffy

I rested my head on the seat for a few minutes before I saw her figure coming out through the gate
I smiled and came out then walked to her

Tori: hey
Me: hey

I purposely made my voice low, deep and sexy. I hugged her for a few seconds then kissed her directly on the lips for two minutes

Tori : I missed you
I smiled and kissed her cheek
Me: I missed you more

We smiled and walked to the car
Me: what did you have for breakfast?

Tori: cheese and beacons then sponge cake for dessert

Me: no wonder you look more beautiful.
She laughed and I opened the door for her. She got in and I went the other way and entered the car.
I started the car and drove off to Sichowitz house

Robbie Shapiro’s POV
I’ve been pretending to be sick since I woke up.
It’s because I’m so nervous and I don’t wanna see Laura today.
The worst thing is that a huge pimple grew overnight on my nose and it’s really ugly.
I can’t see any girl now

I’m so ashamed

Me: Rex, I’m so ill. I won’t be able to do my assignment today

He laughed
Rex: I’ll tell Laura that she shouldn’t come

Me : thanks man
I went inside my room and after doing some things I came back to the living room

Rex: I told her already
Me: what did you tell her?

Rex: that you have a huge pimple on your nose and it’s making you sick and ugly

I stood up abruptly
Me: whaaaat! Why did you tell her all of that?

Rex: it’s the truth
Me: but….. but… Ahhhh Rex!!

Rex: how are you feeling now?
Me: I feel so bitter

Rex: the truth is bitter man.. The truth is bitter

Cat Valentine’s POV
I carried my pink teddy bear and walked outside the house. My hair was let down and made me look cute, like a dolphin

I’m actually going bowling 🎳 with Jade today. It’s going to be so much fun.

I stood and waited for Jade’s car. Soon she drove to my front

Me: good morning Jadie
She was chewing gum and was looking forward

I jogged to the other side of the car and entered inside and giggled

Jade: are you ready?
Me: super duper ready

She smirked and started the car. She began to drive at very high speed and her car was roofless (open head)

The air was making my hair fly about. Both of us were screaming and yelling.

Me: this is so much fun. Whoaaaaa

Jade: the police will soon stop us….

I giggled thinking it was a joke. I began to hear siren sound. I looked back and it was the police

Me: oh no! Jade!

Jade: I told you…
She stopped and waited for the police officer to come to our car

Suddenly she punched me on my nose and I screamed and cried loudly. My eyes turned red and my nose began to bleed

The police man came

Police man : why are you driving on high speed kid?

Jade: I’m sorry. But my kid sis here is in an emergency and we have to get to the hospital now

The police man looked at me and sighed

Police : don’t speed too much. Take this and show it to any other police officer that stops you

Jade nodded and drove back into the road

Me: you used me for your own selfish reason?

Jade: no I used you to save our butts. Or we would be in police custody now

I looked into the mirror
Me: Jade

She hummed
Me: I think I’m loosing a lot of blood
She looked at me and screamed

Jade: holy cow! You’re bleeding too much!

She hurriedly pulled out a tissue and tried to wipe the blood that was already flowing down to my neck from my nose

The car began to sway left and right since her hands were not on the staring

Me: oh no! We’re gonna die
She controlled the car with one hand and I became dizzy

Jade: don’t you dare faint! Don’t you dare faint…

Those were the last thing I heard from her before waking up in the hospital

Tori Vega’s POV
We walked hand in hand into the elevator and Beck pressed the buttons
We kept talking about different things before we walked out and traced Sichowitz door.

We opened it and Beck entered first then I followed. Immediately I got in, Beck grabbed me and pinned me to the door

Beck: wonder why I was asking if he had security cameras?

Me: I don’t know
I looked away

Beck: crazy girl, you have a bad memory

I chuckled and he began to kiss my neck.
I pushed him away and he laughed and pocketed his hands then looked around the room

Wait… He’s not gonna kiss me anymore? I thought he’ll still pull me close after I pushed him away

Beck: Sichowitz’ house is nice

Me: and too small and crowded
Beck: compared to yours right?

I didn’t answer and he chuckled
He held my waist

Beck: come let’s go check the other places out

We walked to the kitchen, then to his room and back to the living room. We didn’t check the bathroom

The dinning table was filled with coconut shaft and straws

Beck: he likes coconuts so much
Me: you can say that again

He looked at me and cupped my face sweetly
He stared into my eyes

Beck: I…… I lo…ke you
Me: huh

Beck: I like you. A lot

Why do I have a feeling that’s not what he wanted to say at first

Me: I really like you too
Beck: I began to crush on you the first day I saw you. You were the only member of victorious I smiled at

Me: awwn, how sweet .
He took my hand and walked me to the couch

Beck: you should sit down
He sat down and pulled me down too
I sat beside him and rested my head on his chest with my hands hugging him

Beck: your sister Trina, how is she?
Me: fine

Beck: I ran into her yesterday at a coffee shop
I looked up at him

Beck: her friends were the ones that wouldn’t let me be. Your sister’s life is very funny.

Me: I don’t know what turned her into a bitch

He smoothed my hair as we spoke
Beck: do you know she made me drop her off at your house. That’s why I was there yesterday

Me: what! But she drove her car out

Beck: she did?
I nodded

Beck: then why did she say she didn’t bring her car?
Me: let’s not talk about her please

Beck Oliver’s POV
Tori must have an awful relationship with her sister. I should definitely stop talking about her

Me: okay baby… We should definitely start cleaning.
She frowned

Haha, spoilt kid

Me: don’t worry. I promise it will be fun. We’ll turn on the music and dance…

Tori : okay. Let’s do it
She stood up and I stood up too

My phone beeped and I checked. It was a message from Emily

Beck, are you there? Please come to the house

I’m sorry Emily, I’m so busy now

Tori : who are you texting?
Me: someone from my work place

Tori nodded and walked to the TV. Just then, Emily’s call came in. I gasped and lowered the volume of the phone. I stared at it for some time.

Should I pick it or not?
I remembered Jade’s words, that Tori was a highly jealous type.

I’m not sure if I should pick this call
To be continued

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