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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 15

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 15

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



💕Beck Oliver’s POV💕

I dropped Tori off at the front of her house after kissing her face.

Me: I wish we could still spend time together but I really have to do laundry today

Tori: promise you won’t be busy tonight
Me: I can’t promise but I’ll try to be less busy

Tori: okay.

She looked really cute when she said okay. I pulled her and pecked her forehead. Then arranged her hair

Tori : stop treating me like a princess
She pinched my cheek and I smiled

Me: you’re right. I better stop treating you like a princess because you’re a queen

She gasped. She probably wasn’t expecting me to call her a queen.
I smirked and came out of the car then opened the door for her. She stepped down and I closed the door.
I hugged her tight then I whispered to her ear

Me: Beck’s gonna miss Tori
We disengaged and my phone rang

I checked the caller and tucked it in

Me: I’ll see you soon
Tori : I’ll miss you

Me: I’ll miss you more
She blew me a kiss, I smiled happily and entered the car

Tori: bye baby
Me: bye

I started the car and drove off. My phone began to ring again and I do not know who the caller is. The number is unknown.

The calls were getting much so I pulled over and took the phone then picked the call

📲hello Beck Oliver speaking
📲hello. This is Trina Vega

📲what? Trina? How did you get my number?

📲Tori gave it to me few minutes ago

📲wow. Okay, how are you?
📲I’m fine . Will you be less busy tonight, I want us to hang out

📲oh, I already have plans for tonight
📲what plans do you have?
📲Trina, I’m in the car right now. Why don’t you call me later?

📲why don’t you just pull over and let us talk?

I sighed and hung up. Few minutes conversation is like a yoke tied to my neck for many years. Trina is so frustrating. I don’t even know why I find her that way
I started my car and pulled back into the road and drove to Andre’s house.

Andre Harris’ POV

I dropped a cup of coffee in front of Beck and sat opposite him with mine in my hand

Me: so you two are finally dating?
Beck: yep

Me: I’m happy for you two. Especially you, you’re so lucky

He chuckled and drank the coffee
Beck: but I don’t know what her sister is up to

My eyes widened
Me: Trina??

He nodded
Me: you came across with Trina?

He looked up at me
Beck: why do you look bewildered?

Me: because I am. Seriously, Trina is bad luck. You should avoid her. And she’s too desperate

Beck: I found out that she’s too desperate already, I bet she doesn’t know Tori and I are seeing each other

Me: I think it’s better you let her know now. So she wouldn’t be a thorn in the flesh later

Beck: okay, Tori and I will talk about it

Me: so how is your mom?
Beck: she’s fine.

Me: does she still drink?

He shook his head
Beck: she stopped drinking about a year ago. But whenever she gets depressed, the thought of drinking comes back.

Me: then what do you do?
Beck: I try to keep her out of it. The reason she gets depressed these days is when she’s broke. So I just give her money

I sipped my coffee
Me : that’s a relief, somehow

Beck’s phone which was on my piano vibrated. I stood up and picked it up for him.. He looked at the caller ID and dropped the phone

Me: you’re not gonna pick it
Beck: it should be Trina

Me: are you sure? What if it’s your boss?

Beck: my boss only calls me with a certain number. And if it’s someone else, the person should just text me

Me: okay. Whatever you say. Beck I’m thinking of holding a music festival in school

Beck: really? How’s it going to be?
Me: I wanna make it like a competition. Students will perform and get prizes and then the music king and queen will be announced

Beck: sounds great to me. You’ll have to—- Ah, whosoever is calling should just let me be

Me: you said it’s Trina right? Why don’t you answer it and tell her you’re very busy

He sighed and picked the phone up then answered it

Beck: (📲) hello Tri…. Emily? Emily you’re the one who has been calling?…. gosh!

He stood up and walked around while answering the phone. I didn’t put my attention to what he was saying because I know it will be full of apologies

He finished the phone call and sat down beside me
Me: why are you looking that way
Beck: my boss wants me to drive his daughter out today

Me: any problem with that?
Beck: Tori and I have plans
Me: oops

He stood up
Beck: gotta go now
I stood up too

Me: see ya tomorrow

Beck Oliver’s POV

I went home straight and began to do my laundry. Then I’ll have to make researches on the history of drama for my assignment. But my mind is not settled.
I did my best and cleared all my laundry before heading upstairs

My phone rang again. I frowned and switched it off then tossed it on my bed

Me: they just wouldn’t let me be

I took a shower and sat down at my table. I remembered that I’ll need my phone for the research since I don’t have a laptop yet. The one I had is now with my mom because she needs it more than I do.
I reluctantly stood up and carried my phone then switched it on

A message came in
📩Beck it’s me, Trina pick my call

I scoffed and went online to browse my assignment

Emily Brown’s POV

I wore my jacket and took my purse then walked out of the room. I was wearing Blue Jeans and white sneakers. My shirt was white but my jacket was red. My long hair was in a French braid

I climbed down the stairs and met Beck already sitting down. I smiled and catwalked down

Me: hey Beck
He looked back and stood up

Beck: good evening miss
I frowned
Me: miss? I thought we were friends

Beck: oh my bad! Good evening Emily

I smiled
Me: good evening handsome. You’re here on time
Beck: yeah

His expression wasn’t bright. I moved closer to him
Me: are you okay Beck?
He smiled
Beck: yes. Are we good to go now?
Me: yes

Beck: where’s your dad?
Me: forget about him. You’re here for me. Let’s go

I tucked my hand under his arm and smiled brightly. He smirked and we headed out

He opened the door and I got in. He entered in through the other side and started the car. His phone began to ring

Beck: excuse me please
He brought out the phone and stared at the caller ID. He kept staring but he didn’t do anything, it seems he’s contemplating whether to pick it or not

Me: is that your mom?
The phone stopped ringing and he began to type a message

I tried to see what he was typing but I couldn’t so I just sat still.

Beck: sorry for wasting your time
Me: it’s okay. Take your time

He dropped the phone and reversed the car then we took off.

This is going to be a swell night. Or should I say, a swell date

Beck Oliver’s POV
I hurriedly drove her home. I didn’t bother to even drive into the gate, I dropped her outside so she could walk inside herself

Immediately she stepped down and closed the door after tons of good byes, I sighed in relief

I rested my head on the steering
Me: oh God! Oh God! What a girl. Are all girls this exhausting? Gosh!

I lifted my face and closed my eyes. My legs are hurting because I haven’t sat down in one place for even a minute except when driving

Emily has succeeded in sucking out all my energy. We went to the love park. Went through love tunnels, bought candy, took pictures as if we were a couple and she kept pulling me here and there to do one thing or the other

I know if it was Tori, it wouldn’t be this tiring but Emily? Gosh! She yells too much. She keeps screaming and acting all happy
If not for the nice pay, the car and Mr Brown’s kindness towards me, I would have quit this job because of Emily

I couldn’t even pick Tori’s phone call earlier. I was contemplating whether to pick it or not. I didn’t want any questions from Emily so I just texted her that I was with my boss

I took my phone out and called her again. She picked up at the first ring

📲hello Beck
📲hey Tori. Where are you?

📲I’m with the girls at royal stores
📲I’m coming there now

I hung up and turned the car around before zooming off to royal stores

Jade West’s POV

Me: why, is he missing you that much?
Tori: I guess. We were actually supposed to go out tonight

Cat: on a date?
Me : no, on a calender
She chuckled and I glared at her

Tori: hmm, now that I think of it Beck and I haven’t had our first date yet

Cat: really?
Tori: yeah, we haven’t
Cat: set a date
Tori: we’ll talk about it

Tori’s phone rang again

Tori : wow, so soon….. Okay…. I’m coming outside

The phone beeped and she stood up
Tori: Beck’s here. I’ll be back

Me: take all the time you need. If possible, don’t come back

She stared at me with widened eyes
Me: just kidding
She breathed out and walked away

Cat: Beck is so handsome. Tori is really lucky to have him

Me: and it surprises me that Tori chose him
Cat: she loves him

I sighed
Love…. What exactly is this love all about?

Tori Vega’s POV

I saw him standing close to his car. I smiled and hastened my footsteps

Me: hey Beck
Beck: hey

I hugged him and looked up at his face while I was still hugging him

Beck: I’m just waiting for the day you’ll call me a love name
I chuckled as he kissed my forehead

Me: I’m sorry baby
He smiled

Beck: that’s more like it
Me: are you done with your boss for today?

Beck: yes
Me: we haven’t had a date yet Beck. An official date

Beck: hmm, that’s true
Me: how about tomorrow night. Sunday night
Beck: we’ll see about that

I frowned
Me: don’t disappoint me again

He sighed sweetly
Beck: okay, we’re going out tomorrow night. The treats on me

I smiled
Me: great…. Come and say hi to my friends

I pulled his arm and we walked into the store

Mrs Oliver’s POV

I checked the time again. It’s almost ten o’clock. Beck isn’t back yet. He doesn’t stay this long
I stood up when I heard a horn outside

Me: that should be him
I walked to the front door and opened it. I stood waiting for him to come out of the car

Me: hey young man. You came quite early today

Beck: I’m sorry mom
He climbed the facade
Me: why are you late?

Beck: I met up with someone
I looked at his dreamy face

He walked inside and I followed him
Me: you have a girlfriend now? Don’t you?

He looked back at me and smiled then began to climb the stairs

Me: is she your school mate? Or just a girl you know?
He didn’t answer me

Me: at least tell me her name
He turned

Beck: Tori Vega
He smiled sheepishly and went to his room

Me: Vega?
I breathed nervously and ran to my system. I quickly searched for the name Tori Vega. What I saw was :
💻Tori Vega is the eighteen year old beautiful daughter of multimillionaire Mark Vega. She attends Hollywood Arts High School and is the leader of the girl group Victorious. She is the younger sister to Trina Vega and……

I didn’t read the rest, I just scrolled down to get more proof. I saw a picture of the family.
It was two ladies which I guessed to be Tori and Trina because they looked alike. A man was standing between them and they were all smiling happily

Me: Mark!

I breathed out hot air and stood up angrily

My son is dating Mark’s daughter?
To be continued

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