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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 21

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 21

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



🔵Beck Oliver’s POV🔵
I showered and changed into white shorts and a red vest. I strolled to Tori’s room and knocked.

The door opened and her head popped out
Tori: how may I help you?
Me: why I’m I seeing just your head?
Tori: cause I don’t want you to see the rest of my body

Me: why? Are you naked?
Tori: not yet

Me: then I’m coming in
She sighed and opened the door. She was in a towel but her body was dry. Maybe she’s going to take a shower

Me: wow
The little room mom gave her was now very different. She rearranged it with her own stuff

Tori: I just did a little make over
Me: and it’s really nice. Is that what you’ve been doing since?
She nodded

I smiled and sat on her bed. I drew her hand and she sat on my legs

Me: I might share this room with you
Tori: you’ll sleep on the bed but wake up on the floor

I laughed and arranged her hair then kissed her lips
Tori: can I shower now?
Me: you’ll have to use the shower in my room. This one is faulty

Tori: oh really? I didn’t know
Me: let me take you there
She stood up and we walked to my room. I showed her the bathroom and she pecked me before I left. I went downstairs and mom was still baking

Me: this place smells so good
Mom: it’s not the place that smells good but the cookies I’m making
Me: can you add cupcakes too?
Mom: why?
Me: Tori likes cupcakes

Mom: okay I’ll try
Me: thanks mom

I brought out two soda cans from the fridge and went back upstairs. I went straight to my room and dropped the cans on a table. Tori came out of the bathroom

Me: so soon?
Tori: it’s a shower, not a bath
Me: but still, you came out really fast

She chuckled
Me: take this with you
I gave her one of the soda cans

Tori: thanks
She turned to go but I held her waist and drew her back

Tori: Beck
I brought my face close to hers

Me: yes
I took her lips and gently kissed her. I held her face and passionately sucked on her lips
She dropped the can on the table and held unto my shirt

I turned and carried her to the bed, I continued to kiss her until my hands involuntarily removed her towel. She gasped but I smiled at her

Me: scared?
Tori: no but.. is this the time? I mean your mom and…
Me: sshh.. You talk too much

She breathed a sigh and I laughed and kissed her again. I didn’t plan for this to happen but I guess it’s going to happen today

🔵Mrs Oliver’s POV🔵

I poured out the milk into the glass and rearranged the cookies. Then I took my phone and went through Mark’s picture online. I sighed and dropped the phone when I saw Tori and Beck holding hands and coming down the stairs. I stood up with a sad face

Beck: hey mom
Me: hey, you can have your cookies now

They smiled and sat down, Beck looked up at me and frowned. He already knows that I’m not in a good mood.

Me: I’m going to my room now
I left and immediately began to feel headache. I sat down on my bed and groaned while pressing my temples with my fingers.
When I feel this type of headache, it means my blood pressure has increased

I laid down and closed my eyes, I hope what I’m about to do will not go wrong

🔵Tori 🔵

Me: why do I feel like your mom is sad?
Beck: she’s just tired
Me: I don’t think so. Why don’t you try and ask her, maybe she got a call which upset her

Beck: hmm, okay.. I’ll do that later
Me: all right, uhm baby can we go and get some ice-cream cake later?

Beck: ohh, sure. But first open up
He brought a broken piece of cookie before me. I opened my mouth and he dropped it in

I chewed on it
Me: it’s sweeter when it comes from your hands
Beck: uhhh you just wanna make me do it again. Hahaha

I laughed with him, he brought another one and I deliberately bit his hand

Beck: hey,, bad girl
Me: bad girls don’t love good boys
Beck: are you saying I’m a bad boy?
Me: I don’t know.

I smirked at him and he cracked.
So cute

Just then, his mom entered

Mrs Oliver : Beck please come over
Beck: okay mom… I’m coming baby
He pecked me and went to his mother. My eyes met with hers and I knew all was not well

🔴Beck Oliver’s POV🔴

I followed her to her room. She gently sat on her bed while I closed the door

Me: what’s wrong mom?
She sighed

Mom: so you really love Tori?
I raised a brow
Me: yes.. Is there a problem with that?

Mom: yes. I want you to quit seeing her?

Mom: no need to shout about it? I don’t want you to continue dating her. There’s a strong reason behind what I’m saying.

Me: then tell me the reason. I wanna hear your so called strong reason

Mom: I don’t have anything to say to you now just do as I say
Me: but why? You don’t like Tori? But mom, you were nice to her moments ago

Mom: I didn’t want her to suspect anything that’s why I was being nice

I scratched my head and laughed sarcastically
Me: you know what mom, I’m not breaking up with Tori. No I’m not!

I turned and opened the door
Mom: Beck! Don’t you dare walk out on me!

I ignored her and walked out, banging the door angrily
I went straight to my room, I know my face would be red with anger so I decided to wash up and try to steady myself before I go downstairs. As long as Tori is concerned, I’m not leaving this relationship. Not because of my mom, not because of her damn reasons, not because of anything!

I entered the bathroom and turned on the tap, I poured water on my face and breathed in and out
I dried my face then went downstairs

Tori: hey, what took you so long?

She was sitting on the couch so I sat beside her and took her hand
Me: mom was having migraine so I had to get her medications and attend to her

Tori: oh my! How is she now?
Me: she’s better now
Tori: is she sleeping? I wanna go and see her
Me: uhh, she’s already sleeping. Let’s just go outside okay?
She nodded and I stood up with her. We went outside and sat on the facade. She leaned on me and rested her head on my shoulder

Tori: baby
Me: yes

She sighed and didn’t say anything more. I looked at her face but I couldn’t read her mind. But she looks disturbed

Me: are you okay baby?
Tori: yes, but I feel like you’re not. Your mood has changed, it’s because of your mom’s health right?

My blood pressure lowered. For a moment there, I thought she heard what mom was telling me. But I don’t think she eavesdropped on us

Me: yeah, but don’t worry. I’ll brighten up now. For you..

I let out a beautiful smile and she smiled too.
Me: sing for me
Tori: what song do you want me to sing?
Me: hmm, on second thought.. Why don’t I sing for you instead?

She sat up
Tori: yes, I wanna hear you sing
Me: hahaha, look at you. You wanna hear the groggiest voice in LA

Tori: hahahaha…
Me: okay. Listen to the song I have for you. It was written by Andre when we were still in middle school

Tori: okay, I’m listening

I cleared my throat
🎶I don’t wear designer clothes🎶
🎶I don’t go to the finest schools 🎶
🎶but I know… I ain’t no fool baby🎶
🎶I may not.. Be a star🎶
🎶I’m not driving the sickest cars🎶
🎶but I know… I can make you happy baby🎶

🎶I don’t know what you’ve been used to 🎶
🎶never been with a girl like you🎶
🎶but I can give you a love that’s true.. to your heart, not material things🎶

🎶I’ll give you my song🎶
🎶these words.. to you🎶
🎶sing you what I feel.. my soul is true🎶
🎶I don’t have the world, can’t give it to you girl🎶
🎶but all that I can do (all that I can do) 🎶
🎶is give this song to you🎶

I smiled when I finished the song
Me: hmm, I think my voice is getting better
I looked at Tori and my smile gradually died down. She was shedding tears

Me: baby
I pulled her to myself and cuddled her

Did my song touch her?
Well it should, because that was exactly what I wanted her to know.

I don’t have anything materialistic to give her, but she needs to know that she’s with something that I can’t take back and that’s my heart

🔵Mrs Oliver’s POV🔵

I angrily left my room and walked to the living room. I heard Beck singing a love song outside

Me: and when did he start singing?
I scoffed and looked at the couch

Me: wow..

There was a very expensive phone on it. It must belong to Tori
She’s carrying a phone that it’s worth is equal to our house and everything in it.
Just a phone.. I wonder how much more of the expensive things she has.

I admired the phone and turned on the screen. Of course it had security.
Just then, it started to ring but luckily, it was on silent. I quickly brought out my phone and took the number that was calling, it was her dad.

I dropped the phone the place it was before and hurried upstairs. I sat on my bed and called the number, it immediately picked up

📲hello Tori, did you get a new sim card? I don’t have this line

📲this isn’t Tori

📲this isn’t Trina either Mark
📲then who are you and how did you get this number because only my daughters have this number

📲you’re speaking with Monika

📲Monika? Excuse me, I don’t know who that is
📲so you’ve forgotten me so easily? After everything we shared? You don’t remember Monika?

📲wait? Monika Oliver?
📲finally you remember
📲oh my God… How did you get my number?

📲we need to see
📲Monika, I’ve already ended things with you. I don’t have anything to see you for

📲your daughter Tori is about to make the greatest mistake of her life. If you love your daughter…. then meet me tonight, 7pm at Continental restaurant. I’ll be waiting for you…

I hung up and dropped my phone on the bed.

Me: I’m sorry Beck if I ruin your happiness with Tori.. But trust me, you’ll get times Two of that happiness if you know what I’m planning for you
To be continued

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