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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 7

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 7

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



👠Tori Vega’s POV👠

I sighted Beck going through the script. I smiled and moved towards him.
I was wearing a red dress and black shoes. And my hair was styled beautifully. Dad even admired me.

Me: hi Beck
He looked up at me and the way his hair fell back melted my heart. He’s looking so cute.
He smiled at me

Beck: Tori
Me: how are you?

Beck: I’m fine. How are you doing?

Me: I’m all right. You just arrived I guess?
He nodded

Me: what’s your role in the play?
I don’t really care about people’s roles. I just see them acting a part and that’s all.
But I wanna know Beck’s part

Beck: uhmm, you don’t know?

I shrugged
Me: no. I haven’t even gone through the script. All I know is that I’m Sophia

Beck: oh, well I’m Jeff. Why don’t you just go through the script?

Me: I will
Beck: how’s Trina?

My face changed
Me: she’s fine

Beck: you’re not really in good terms with her right?

I nodded
He smiled
Beck: I noticed it
I smiled too

Jade and Cat walked towards us
Cat: hi Beck

Beck: hi Cat, you look beautiful

Her cheek turned pink. She began to smile sheepishly.
She suddenly screamed and ran away
We laughed. I mean, Beck and I laughed

Jade: hi…. Beck

Beck: hey Jade
Jade: so you’re Jeff and Tori is Sophia

Beck: how did you know?
Me: she always checks each role and who plays them

Beck: why?
Jade : because I choose the best roles. And anybody that I don’t like who is acting in the play, I’ll take them off

Beck: how?
Me: Beck… If your arm is broken, will you be able to take part in this play?

Beck: no I don’t think I’ll even come to school

Jade: good. That’s how

Then she walked away.

Me: Jade is a psychopath
He laughed and stared at me. I wasn’t looking at him but I felt his eyes were on me. I began to feel so uneasy. I looked at him and our eyes met. I quickly looked away

He touched my hair and held my face up
Beck: you’re so pretty

Me: you’re so crazy
I punched him and he laughed and shifted from me.
I began to wish he didn’t shift away

Beck: oh, here comes Andre
I looked and it was that black boy who could play both the piano and the guitar. I even heard he plays the saxophone and tuba.

Andre: hi..
He waved at me

Me: hi
Don’t mind me, I’m not good with people

Andre: Beck, mind if I talk to you for a minute
Beck: sure

They moved aside and I took that time to go through the script. I firstly searched for Jeff’s role

💭 wow, he’s the male lead role

💭 OMG, he’s going to act as my lover?

💭 this is so romantic

Beck Oliver’s POV

Andre: dude, what the heck is going on between you and victorious?

I twitched my face
Me: Victorious??

Andre: sorry, I mean Tori
Me: I guess we’re becoming good friends

Andre: you’re lucky she didn’t spill your identity

I smiled. I actually told him about what transpired between us. I also told him the Jade part

Me: what’s your point? Spill it out

Andre: I’m happy you’re becoming friends. It’s amazing opportunity
Me: I don’t understand

Andre: come on, just ask her out already?

Me: whaaat?
Andre: don’t make it look so bad

Me: seriously? Andre? Why would you want me to do that? To be honest, I don’t want to do anything that would ruin me

Andre: okay, have it your way. But don’t forget to tell her about me

I furrowed my brows
Me: why would I want to tell her about you?

I looked at him up and down like he was nothing
Andre: hey, you’re crazy. But please tell her about my songs and all that. Please

Me: okay bro. Anything for you Mr Harris

Andre: thanks Mr Oliver

We laughed
Andre : you better go back to your girlfriend
He teased

I frowned and he innocently lifted his hands, like he was surrendering and he walked away

I cracked and went back to Tori who was looking surprised.

Me: why do you have that look on your face?
Tori: well… I just went through the script. And found out that you’re my lover in the play

Me: and there’s a kissing scene
She nodded

Me: I was surprised too. I didn’t know you were acting that part. Maybe I shouldn’t have collected Jeff

Her face changed
Tori: why? Just because of the kissing scene? I don’t bite while kissing

I guess what I said didn’t appear pleasant to her.
And she’s reading it the wrong way

Me: no not that. I’m just thinking that’ it’s inappropriate for you to kiss me in a…

Tori: why? I’m not your type of girl or what

Geez, she just misinterpreted me again

Me: Tori that’s not what I meant
Tori : you know what? Just forget it, I’m not acting anymore

She turned to leave. I grabbed her hand and pulled her by the waist

Everyone looked at us and began to make loud sounds
I gently released her before they think something else is going on

Me: I didn’t say I couldn’t kiss you. I only said I would have withdrew because I thought you don’t kiss boys like me

Tori: why wouldn’t I?
Me: because I’m below your level

Tori: no way, I can’t think that

I smirked
So she even wants to kiss me

Me: you’re sure?
She nodded

I smiled and rubbed her back
Then I whispered
Me: okay

She smiled and the teacher entered

Sichowitz : okaaay, happy Saturday students

I smiled at the man
He was holding a coconut and a straw was poked through it. I guess he’s drinking the milk

Sichowitz : quick Tori on the stage with her script and perform act 2 scene 3, now

Tori: Sichowitz,, why should I perform act 2 scene 3 first

Me: yeah shouldn’t it be act 1 scene 1?

Sichowitz : no… You should perform act 1 scene 1 first

Tori: but that’s what he just said
Sichowitz : no he didn’t say anything like that. He said you should perform act 2 scene 3 first

Me: no, that’s what you said initially

Sichowitz : really…. Wait… No I didn’t.

Then a student spoke up. She was that girl from my dance class yesterday

Britney : Sichowitz, how many coconut milk did you drink today?

Sichowitz : seven

The whole students shouted ‘whaatttt’

Britney: that’s too much for one morning and this is just 9am. That’s why you’re intoxicated and can’t reason well

Sichowitz : which means I should stop drinking so much coconut milk in the morning

Students: yes….

Sichowitz : okay.
He turned to a student with curly brown hair and with glasses.
The boy even looks like Robbie, just that Robbie’s own hair is black and shiny and he always carries Rex

Sichowitz : Sinjin, throw this coconut away
He gave him the coconut and the boy left with it

We all thought that the teacher was done with coconut milk already but he sent another student to give him his bag. He opened it and brought out a new coconut, he poked a hole in it and inserted his straw. Then he began to drink the milk

We all began to laugh at him.

This Hollywood Arts High School is filled with different characters
Here you find the weirdest teachers
A creepy talking puppet
A scary and mean girl who is always on black
And a girl bearing the name of an animal

This school is really weird

_______________________________________💐Trina Vega’s POV💐

I ransacked Tori’s room for anything that I could use to trace Beck. Maybe he’s address or phone number

That boy is too cute to let go. If he follows me to my pool parties, all my friends will know that I can get a good looking rich guy

I checked under her bed and inside her drawers. I looked for her telephone numbers but all the numbers I saw there were emergency numbers or delivery numbers.

I groaned in frustration. I would have hacked into her phone again but she has it totally secured now

I was checking under her pillow when the door opened

Me: dad?
Dad: Trina, what are you doing here?

Me: I’m just checking something out

Dad: while she’s not here? What if you spoil something?

Me: dad I’m not a ten year old. I’m twenty-one

Dad: just come with me. I have a task for you

I frowned and followed him out

Tori Vega’s POV

Me: Jeff, please don’t leave me. Please

Beck coughed and fell down. I pulled him up

Beck: just go.. Run and go get help.

Me: no Jeff I’m not leaving you
Beck: Sophia please… I’m so weak now, I cant do anything

I began to cry. He stared deep into my eyes and held me close.
He was injured in the lower abdomen and was losing blood
And that’s according to the scripts

The next part was the kissing scene and my blood is pumping fast.
We haven’t been able to reach this scene since it is the last. Today is Tuesday and we’ve finally reached it

Beck: Sophia….
I sniffed and blinked out tears

Beck: I love you…
I smiled weakly
Me: I love you Jeff

He’s already drawing his face closer. I’m gonna faint. I’m gonna faint

He leaned on and gently placed his lips on mine. I felt my legs shaking.
He held my face and kissed me deeply

I even forgot we were acting and got lost in the dream world

Sichowitz : and….. CUT!

The students began to clap but Beck and I were still kissing.

We reluctantly withdrew from each other and partially looked into each others eyes before shifting apart

Sichowitz : that was excellent… I even thought you were a real couple. Now everyone take five…

The students left for their break and I shyly tried to walk away
He pulled me back

Beck: that was fun
Me: yeah….
He looked intently at me

The room was now almost empty since everyone hurried out

Beck: care to do it again?
Me: I…… I don’t…

He just lowered his face and kissed me again. This time it was softer and slower.
I closed my eyes and held him

Mehn I love this kiss 💋

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