Beautiful Love Song Episode 22

Beautiful Love Song Episode 22

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Han Lilly p.o.v

I decide to use my opportunity well,
I can’t just give up on Royal.
He is so good and a very big catch that only me deserve.
Royal,I promise am changed.
I mean it this time,
please,I am human and humans make mistakes. I can’t just give up on you!
I uttered as I wore a yellow short top all over a black leggings,on my feet are pairs of classic black sneakers with yellow on it’s base. I sighed and apply my makeup.

I am only doing this because my dad is inviting royal over for some stuffs based on his comeback song. I need to give him the impression that I am changed,I also told my dad to speak with him on my behalf and I think it will work out and turn out good.
Han Lilly is never a loser!
I smiled and slump on my bed. I used the pillow to cover my face then I started memorizing the apology speech I am going to present to royal
Not quiet long,
six cars drove in, if I could count well,
I sprang up and rushed to the window side excitedly.

Gosh!!! I started drooling.
He was putting on white.Royal and white. His hair was embroided with a yellow bandana,he tied the head bandana in a girly manner and it made him look like a genie playboy.
Royal,you’re a soon to be ruler,
why dress like a playboy!
I drooled at the way his pink lips stuck together.

Gosh!! I expounded and left the window side because I was already wet underneath, my vagina was dripping wet like I urinated but it was royals sight that made me like this.
I’m attracted to him sexually.

I sat quietly on my bed,glancing at every corner quietly.This place had been my formal room when I was still leaving with my dad.but I stopped when I won the face of dice high.
I became wealthy at a tender age of seventeen. I had a manager,an account and then,I formed my crews.
I changed my house recently. I’m now 20years.
I left the room I was in and headed downstairs.

“okay sure”
royal nodded and stood up.
I think he is leaving.
I follwed him and was lucky to have caught up with him.

“Hi” I greeted.
“hi” he greeted back,looking elsewhere.
I’m not understanding Royal anymore, his attitude towards me keep getting worst.

it made me sad.
“ummm Royal, I wanted to invite you to feature in my next dance video on stage” I said,waiting for an answer since his appearance with me will make me more popular.
He didn’t answer,he just keep looking elsewhere.

“what did I ever do??
I bursted out when he wasn’t answering me.
“crying will make you sick” he took his lips in. I wipe my tears and hugged him from the back.
“baby,let by gone be bygone” I said.
“should I speak?? he scoffed..
“No” i replied and hug me,more tight.
He didn’t say anything,he kept on looking elsewhere.

“should I say what’s on my mind?
he aaked with the most cold voice but very pleasant to the hearing.
I left his body and look into his face,
it was so clean and fresh.

“I already said its over, remember I already tear the paper that is joining us together. Go your way,let me go mine…I can see your moves,don’t call me anymore,try to call me off.. give up on me already and if possible, let us not cross path again” he said,looking directly into my eyes.

“do you really hate me?. can’t you see I’m bleeding for you… I have tried but I can’t hold it anymore! I said,tears falling off my eyes.
it is obvious Royal didn’t still remember all his past but his strict principles keeps getting higher.

“Did you find someone better than me? I asked.
“should I answer that one too? he asked with a face mixed with handsomeness and fairness in action.

“no…but I won’t still give up on you”
I replied And ran upstairs. I broke down in stairs and took my keys and bag.I guess coming here is a waste. I only came here cuz of Royal but I was pushed away.

“am leaving!!!
I announced my dismissal and entered my car.My driver drive on,
I brought out my phone and uploaded the photo I asked my Maud to take secretly when I was hugging Royal. Thank God she did it well.
I smiled and uploaded it…
so that people will think we are together as usual.

I scrolled on other pages and stopped at a poster of Royal and Eddy.

I read the update.
Royal and Eddy are on it again but it’s obvious Royal will win this own.
Royal-five stars model
Eddy–Blinks model.

Different tags were added on their photos but my Royal was extremely gorgeous and fresh in all ways.
That’s why I can’t give up on him.


I was not having lectures in school today,so I decided to stay back home and help my mom to weave mat. I was damn tired and I dare not complain…..

she noticed my mood and said “you’re tired”.
I shake my head and said “am full of energy”.
“better be full” she expounded. and push threads to my side.
“waaaaaaatttt!!! I exclaimed.
“what’s that for?? she aked.
I composed myself and took the thread with my hands that seemed short of blood. I swear,my legs were shaking.She looked at me,I came back to my sense and controlled my shaking body.

She smiled.”You might think I’m a harsh mother but trust me,you will appreciate me sooner or later.I’m also tired too…its just that we have to deliver this mats today. I’m not wicked,we are in this together. I would have said we should rest but this mats are needed urgently” she replied.
I smiled and relax my nerves.

“will you sit while I do the finishing? she asked.
“No,you sit” I replied,simply.
“nooo,let’s do it together” she gestured.

We were able to weave seventeen mats within 12hours.
I breathed out and left the backyard for my room.

I picked my ringing phone,
the call was from an unknown number and I was already warned not to pick strange numbers.
The number called again,I ended it.
it kept on calling,i kept on ending it.
A message popped instead.

Dear Krishna Knight,your presence is needed at dice high staged-hall. Be there in the next 1hour~~ signed-Mrs Rose.
I read the message with a scared look. I think they want to evict me from dice high. Maybe they already know about my background!
I fidget andcsore my sandals.

“where to????
my mom showed up from behind.
“I just got a message that my presence is needed in school” I explained.
“and you’re dressing like this?
she asked back. then took over my closet.

“Krish,you’re 19years old, you need to start acting mature” she said and pull out a white dress for me. I never knew such cute dress exist in my closet.
I changed into it and watch myself in the mirror as she pack my hair since the length is massive and full.

“I hope it’s not trouble” she said and gave me t-fare from my purse.
I rushed out and took a cab.
I was in dice high within 30min. I was rushing,hoping I won’t exceed the time given.
I stood in front of the glass door.

“You must be Krishna Knight”
one of the,guards said.
“yes,did I do anything bad? I asked, feeling a little bit perturbed.
“not at all,just follow me” he said. I followed him,he led me to a very wide office.
it smells for wealth…
Everything inside were glassy!!!

“She’s pretty than I thought!
“not bad for a Start!
was what I heard.
I regained myself and look well. I didn’t even know people were in.

“Good evening ma’s” I greeted shyly.
“Good evening sir’s!! I greeted the two boys who were sitting close to each other.
I don’t think I have seen them before.

“Chris, control your eyes!!
one of the guys chuckled.

“miss Krishna, I will be asking you few questions and will be happy if you will he honest” Mrs rose said in a very outspoken manner.
I fidget and look down.

“Can you tell us more about your background?? she asked.
I widened my eyes in fear. I kept quiet and didn’t answer.

“I think she’s shy”Chris said…

“Do you have a boyfriend? she asked.
“no…” I replied softly,wishing Chris and his partner will stop looking at me…..

“will you keep whatever think we discuss here as a secret? she asked.
“yes” I replied, she wrote something’s down.
“good,follow them!
she commands and pointed at two girls who are putting on common maids uniform.
I bowed and followed the two girls.
I really can’t explain how uncomfortable I felt.

They took me to a room that looks very beautiful.
“we will excuse you to change your cloth” one if the girls said and drop a box on the bed.She detach the price tag.
Though I didn’t see it but it must cost some fortunes.

“why are you doing this?
I asked.
“I don’t know” one of the girls said and walk closer to the door.
“You have just ten minutes”
she said and lock the door.

“Can I really wear this??. I wondered.

“are you through? the girl beemed from the outside.
“No” I replied..

“why is your voice like this??? did you use anything to make it more angelic? she asked.

I sighed.This has always been my weakness.”No… I didn’t use anything and please why are you doing all this? I asked.
she didn’t answer.I had no choice than to wear the clothes.

I wore the lemon off cut top and the tight fitting Jean skirt. The jean skirt stuck tightly to my hips and made them more prominent.

“can you at least change this top? I don’t like the way my chest and my upper cleavages are showing… it is making me feel like am naked.
I protested,they didn’t answer.

“wear the heels”.
was what I heard last.
I don’t even think I know how to walk on it.The last time I tried it,I started feeling dizzy.

“are you done??
I heard the females voices again.
“why are you doing this? I asked,holding the expensive heels in my hand.

I saw myself through one of the mirror …
“am I dreaming….this is not me!!
I blinked my lashes.

“have you wore the black chain?
one of the ladies asked.
I found the black high neck fitting chain on one corner in the box,I put it on…..
I don’t want to believe this is me…..
Because right now,I look like a very wealthy somebody..
I don’t think I can pretend to be what I’m not.

“why are you doing this??
I asked…….

“why is she not coming out???..
I heard someone asking from the exterior……
It sounds like………....Ro…..


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