Beautiful Love Song Episode 33

Beautiful Love Song Episode 33

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I looked away when the stares was getting too much,the stares weren’t ordinary.It scared the hell out of my heart that I had to wear my cap,hastily.

“baby,won’t you tell her to get water for me? Lilly bragged.
Royal still look at me with emotions.
I look away again and turn to leave, Royal caught my hand,softly.
Lilly wanted to walk away… Royal drag her back too and slowly left my hand.I felt some shocks leaving me the moment he drop it.I think those things are natural…
It normally happens when one is not close to guys and once they touch you, you will feel somehow.

“Lilly,did you injure her here?
Royal scoffed with hurts in his voice.
Lilly made a blank expression and look at my wrist, exactly where she hurt by pushing me down the stairs.
“did you injure her? royal asked.
“I did it but it was not on purpose. Royal it’s just a mark,it will soon erase,I’m promising you I won’t bully anyone again and besides,she is a commoner… marks and scars are meant for the poor.Why being concerned??Lilly shrugged as if it was nothing.

Royal tried walking out,
Lilly followed.
“get out” royal pushed her away and took another glance at me.He wasn’t looking my face nor my body, his stares was directed to the marks on my wrist.
Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing his bracelet,he might go wild.

He went upstairs and snapped at the chef.”I want my meal in the next 30min” he said and walk up.
At last,he will eat it.
Who knows if he didn’t have the chance to eat anything since morning??? well,I already promise Mrs Rose to help in the little way that I can.
Chris stood up and followed immediately,swaying his halfly drank plastic water.

“Beggar” Lilly scoffed and sat on the couch with her legs crossed.She flip her hair backwards and flashed her hotly polished nails.
“ummm Dora dear,I need water” she said to Dora.
Dora left were she was standing and surprisingly went to the kitchen to get Lilly water,she even served her.

“Dora, I will be going”
I told her and left since she already told me that she will be spending her night here.
I walked out,
the securities opened the door for me,I moved out properly and check my bag to bring out some change.

“miss,you won’t get taxi here,you will have to trek outta the boarder if you really wanna catch one” one of the guards told me.
I nodded and walk out of the boarder,
Royal’s car showed up,
I never can tell if he is going somewhere.
He unveil his mask after packing carefully in front of where I stood and boom,it was Justin.
shitttt!!!! why am I always daydreaming???

“Get in,krish” Justin said and opened the back seat himself by using a very little remote.
“ohhkay” I bowed and entered into the back seat.The car was comfy and back relaxing enough.
The drive was slow and filled with suspense….. Just a cool music from the car stereo.

“You’re gonna attend training camp?
Justin asked.
“Yes siissiir,I can’t afford to loose 100marks” I replied.
“ohhh,you already paid? he asked and bite his lips.
“yes sir” I replied.
he smiled and I wonder why.

“when?? who paid for you? in which section will you be staying? he ask
“ummm sir,I paid last week,I don’t know who paid for me” I replied.
“you paid and you don’t know who paid for you? Justin asked in a chuckle. I kept quiet for a start.

“I don’t know who paid for me,I only got the receipt and payment slip from the counter attendance.Maybe Chris payed for me” I replied.
He chuckled.
“Chris didn’t pay for anybody” he replied.

“how much was paid? he asked.
“5million won” I replied
“you’re lucky you will be staying where celebrities stay” he said.
“.maybe Mrs Rose or Mrs Claudia” I replied in a guess.
“Nope,not them” he said.
“then who? I asked.
“I can’t answer that” he rolled his eyeballs. I folded the payment slip into my bag the moment his car drove into my street. Talking of how he got my address,I don’t have an idea.
“sir,I’m okay here” I said.
he slowed down,I moved out,wishing he will tell me who paid for me.

“Do you care to know who ask me to drop you? he asked.
“Mrs Rose” I said. “Noo” he said.
“Chris” I guessed but I failed.
“since you don’t want to tell me this again,help me tell the person thank you” I pout and left.

Justin’s p.o.v
I stared at her for long,
I even watch her enter her compound before backing off.It’s not that am stupid but it’s royals wish for her to get home safely.
I just hope things work out fast between them. We would have make it faster by introducing them to each other but the psychologist treating royals amnesia warned us not to help them in other to make their bond stronger.

I drove back into the mansion and rushed in,Lilly was still there.
Gosh, she’s even sitting as if she’s the owner of the house.
such effrontery???

“Lilly, won’t you leave?? you need to prepare for training camp tomorrow” I glared at her.
“no,not yet time” she replied.
Just then,two maids came downstairs and moved to the dinning
I think it’s Royal’s food.

“leave it,I will carry it to him”
Lilly said and catwalked sexily to the dining, I watch her open the food.
“yummmy yummy…don’t worry, I will take it to him” she said and carried the food like she’s carrying an egg.

“Firstly, who cooked it?? she asked.
The two maids bowed reluctantly and pinch each other.
“it’s it’s it’s” the stammered.
“I cooked it” Dora said.
“Better” Lilly snorted .
I went ahead and took the plate from her. “Lilly go home, we wanna lock up” I said…
She sighed and left.
I took the food in one hand and my phone in the other hand.
Eliiot called.
I pick up as I walk up the stairs.
“make sure you lock Royal up.He need to attend camp tomorrow” Elliot said and hung up.

I was soon in Chris room.
He was penning down something, maybe he’s going through some confirmations while Royal was standing beside the window, operating four phones at the same time. How hardworking?!?
at least,this people should allow him rest.
He switch on another one…..

“I told you already to have the permits pushed through so why are you disturbing me?? he asked.
I understand he was on call.

Another call came in,
he stopped all what he was doing. Maybe this particular call was important.

“Dad,begging mom is not an option. Even if I beg her,she won’t still sign my presidential finals. She’s just using the argument romeo and I had last to hold me down..
How do you expect me to beg Romeo? I can’t beg Romeo……
How will I beg someone that is stealing my wealth and achievement and a secret manner?….
I don’t wanna talk about this, Dad, maybe some other time……..I will gladly beg if and only if mom will stop all her unfair treatments. You can imagine telling me to share my sweats with Romeo 20% by 80%”
royal scoffed and ended the call.

He walked to one of the black couch and carried the food I brought.
We exchanged glances, he then open the food. …..

He ate small,
he look at us again and ate more and more with enthusiasm.
Our first time seeing Royal eating like this without being forced.

“The chef has improved” he said and took a bite of the grilled sauce.
We kept quiet….
Jeff was silently doing a video.
And then boom,
we ran out and lock him in… that he can take a rest.

Krishna’s p.o.v
I packaged a mini traveling bag with whatever thing I will be needing. I just pray my partner should be off good behaviour.

I stuffed money in my bag and carefully place Royal’s bracelet, credit card and bandana in my fansy bag. I promise to return them if we meet by chance again.

I opened my trolley and brought out a scissors, I was about cutting out of my lengthy hair when a knock came on my door. I kept the scissors I was holding and adjusted my black top.
The top was short and waist revealing, I had no choice than to tie a cardigan.

“Don’t forget the rules”.
she announced and drop me some money and junks.
I nodded and went out with my travelling bag.

I got to school 30min late and quickly joined the announcement hall that was already filled up.
A woman was there calling names.

📡You pair up with your partner and take the same car.That means you will be working together throughout the camp session”
the woman announced into a very loud microphone.

There were different categories…..
she called different names till she got to the category that the money I paid fall into….
I think the person that paid for me really loves me…5million won for just a day….making 10million won for just two days.

The hall was not as full as before.
📡 listen carefully” the woman announce till attention was rapt!!!
Everyone listened…..
I held my bag well.
She called names……

📡 Justin and Jerry,room 01″
she said.The key was given to Justin, Jerry followed him out.
🎤 Chris and Eve, room 02″
eve collected the key and drove out. I don’t really know where the camp is but it must be a beautiful place.

🎤 Jeff and Dora, 03″ she announced. Dora beemed and waved her fingers to her fans before picking the keys….

📡 Romeo and Charlotte…. 04″

📡 Royal……..” she paused….
put me with him……I don’t mind paying extra money” there was noise

📡 we’re sorry but Royal must be alone” the woman announced. I could see Lilly boasting around already.

📡 Finally, Lilly and Krishna” the woman announced.
“ohh that one,she will stay in the toilet” Lilly bragged and went ahead to pick the key.

I followed her……
She turn to look at me….
“Mira, Angel, meet my boyfriends maid” Lilly showed me off to her friends.
“Scam!!! she’s too pretty for a maid, she looks like a governors daughter” Mira said.
“are you sure she’s not crushing on Royal, be careful?? Angel said.

“She dare not…. she’s a common beggar, she can’t even enter my car not to talk of staying with me in the same room” Lilly scoffed and drove away, leaving me stranded….

Too bad I don’t even have the address…..
I would have taken a cab.
I didn’t see Dora nor Chris….
Gosh, I can’t believe I will score Zero.

I wanted to cry…..
Even if I go,will I stay in the toilet??

Two cars drove in,
Followed by a red Lamborghini then a limosimue….
The glass of the Lamborghini was tinted,making it difficult to see through.
A guard ran out of the car and came back almost immediately with a key.
I kept on looking hopelessly.

The car had ready drove out,
like seriously,I lost hope.
That same guard came out and walk up to me.
He lifted my bag without me telling him to do so….

“Join that car…
please make it snappy” he said in a hurry.

Nobody told me,I followed him to the car. I entered without looking who was sitting at the back seat.

“Thank you sir” I thanked the guard who turn out to be the driver then I turned sideways……..
Royal……. I closed my eyes and reopened it,he was the one.

he shut me up by holding my hands in the car….
“I can now recognize you anywhere and at anytime…hope you’re keeping my bracelet safe?? he asked.
I nodded without looking at him.

ohh noo,those shocks!!!….
I hope he’s feeling the same.
I look into his eyes,he was staring at me sweetly…The shocks kept on increasing.
I wanted to withdraw,he held back more tighter.


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