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Beautiful Love Song Episode 34

Beautiful Love Song Episode 34

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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he took his hand away,I felt some shocks left my body. I took my hands away and clasped them together, making sure that I get snuck beside the window.
“You promise not to run away,right? I guess I would have found you if you were not running away” he said in a bad boy smiled.
“I’m sorry” I uttered.
He took his black headset and wore it.Next,he took his phone.
“sir royal, I would like to listen if it is not private” the driver said.

“Not private….
it is the rubbish I sang alone in the studio that same day Romeo stole my contract files and song. Would you mind listening to the rubbish?
Royal shrugged.
“yep,there is always sense in every nonsense” the driver replied with subdue respect.
“I don’t know why you guys keep praising this song that I can nonsense” he smirks and connected his phone to the car bluetooth,the song played on.
I got goose bumps while listening to the song.I swear,it is not nonsense, the words he used was so emotional.

“it’s cool” his driver said.
“Chris and double J said so” he replied and disconnected his phone from the bluetooth that was beeping green.
I sighed and look at him..
though I have been singing secretly but I must admit that this little thing he is calling rubbish is a big something.
He caught me staring,I look away quickly and pretend as if I was admiring the shopping mart display through the glass window.

“Krish,you want something? he ask.
ummm,he already knows my name, he didn’t forget it.

“No,thanks for the ride”
I answered another thing.
“I see” he smirks and brought out a mask.He wore it within a swift, the driver packed carefully beside the mart.
The door side doors were opened at the same time by two guards from the last car.
“follow me” Royal blurts,still handling his phone.
People were looking,
Girls were dreaming.
it’s obvious they know it’s royal. I followed him in so as to prevent any form of racism or violence from strong headed fans.

🚺 Hi”
🚺 Hey,what’s your name??
🚺 you better be his niece and not his girlfriend.
🚺 She can’t be!
🚺 she’s the one,how will Elliot open the door for her if she’s not the one..
🚺 Hi,let me be your friend.
I felt soo shy following him in. He even made it more shouting by holding my hand.I would have stopped him but who am I to tell him that??~~ Krishna the daughter of a widow. Sounds funny right!

🚺 Hi,Krishna… you’re pretty” a girl waved at me.I recognize that girl as one of dice high student that poured sand on my face the day Lilly bullied me. I look at her,then look away.
why is she greeting me??
She’s part of Han Lilly’s puppet!!

🚺 wanna be your friend” she pout.
I look away and moved in properly.
Royal left me and mistakenly brush his fingers from my stomach down my waist line.
He spoke some things with the manager….
Not quiet long,people buying things alongside with those that were about to pay went out…leaving only me, Royal and his guards in.
Such authority!!!

“start buying” Royal said.
“I don’t want anything” I replied…
collecting things from guys looks awkwards to me, they will want something in return.Maybe what I won’t be able to offer. Why will he suddenly start spending money on me??.

“krish,start picking” he said
“I can’t,I don’t want” I replied with a slight bow.
“I command you to start picking whatever thing you think a pretty girl will like” he said.
I bashed my lashes and started picking things that I think a lady will always wish to have.

“Am done” I said and showed him what I picked.
“just five…pick up to fifty if you really want us to leave here” he expound.
Gosh, my hundred marks….
I need to get to camp..

“okay” I replied and push the trolley to the cream section. I don’t know what to touch because all are glassy. I look back and saw his guard following me…I look away and started picking anything my hand touch. I resumed back to the cloth section and pick anything my hand touch,I picked fansy slippers,sneakers,bags..till they where up to 50.
The guard assisted me in pushing the trolley to the cashier.

After much calculation,
the cashier raised her head and sent Royal a seducing look.
“9.9million” I heard her say.
just this small thing!!
Royal drop his credit card. “take 12” he said..
Payment was made, the guards picked the bags,Royal cling to me. My nervousness increase.

We rush to his car.
Those that were in before went in.
I really make a mistake by pretending to be looking at the mall.
twelve million rupee notes just wasted like that.

We arrived at camp late,
Students were not outside. Such a great relief.At least,no one will notice that I was with Royal and that we came together.

“thank you for the ride”
I bowed and opened the car,I went to carry my baggage. One of the guards handled royals luggage.

He took a separate way,with his guards flooding beside him.
I would have love to take the same route with him but it will arose suspicion.

“You forgot this”
Eliiot said and brought out those shopping bags.
“It’s not mine” I replied simply.
“You must be joking.Have you forgotten you pick them with your hands? he arch his brows.
I made a quizical look..
“please be fast,I need to catch up with Royal” he said, holding four different shopping bags in his hands.

“or should I help you take it to your longue? Elliot asked.
I kept quiet.
Him following me will cause loads of trouble,it will cause alarm for han Lilly and co.They will want to know the reason why Royal’s most trusted guard is following me.

“No,don’t worry.I will manage”
I said and took the bags.
He smiled and left.
I took another direction in and made it to the reception which was located on the first floor.
I wrote my name down and signed after showing her my payment slip. She handed me the two days agenda and some other things that I will be needing.

“You can go take a rest in your longue, the test,training and other activities will resume fully tomorrow” she said. I nodded and walk in,passing many doors.

Since I paid five million rupee notes, I’m going to stay in the upper tower which was described to be the most beautiful place of the building.

I got there tiredly and found where I am suppose to stay with Lilly.
I was actually thinking of where to hide the shopping bags but I didn’t find none.

I gave up and pressed a particular button on the smooth glass door that had a black coverage installed on it.
The door opened slightly.
The loud music playing inside made me go deaf for a while.
I mean here is for training and learning, not for music stuff.

Lilly opened the door widely….
There were eight other girls inside if I could count well….

“look here girls,meet my boyfriends maid,Krishna knight” Lilly said.
I moved in with everything I was holding and went straight to my bed, cursing whosoever put me and Lilly together silently.

🚺 she has nice hair…..
🚺 Nice skin…..omg!! her breast…
🚺 I could use her in modeling my products because of her fleshy cheek
🚺 she doesn’t look like a maid but we will still believe you.

“why won’t you believe me???
Lilly said. I ignored her trash and opened the first shopping bag to bring out something eatable but my hand brought out a cream.

“You know she killed her 6sisters…
There are actually nine in there family.Yuck,so wretched.
She has 6sisters but she killed them all.Four died as still birth while three died of unknown sickness. As if that was not enough,she killed her father”
Lilly said and pointed fingers at me.
my tears fell freely as an ocean.
How will she say such a thing??
I didn’t kill my sisters,it’s true they died.They died as still birth and that’s the reason why my mom is always protective. She doesn’t want me to die like my sister did.Talking about my father,i don’t know about him and my sisters,I didn’t even know…they died as still birth,how am I suppose to know when am the last born.

How did Lilly even know????

“Such a bad luck.
I trust my royal, he will never stoop so low to this worthless bitch who ate her sisters up.Beggar!
Lilly scoffed….

“She’s a mere fan who I’d always fighting opportunity to work as royals maid” Lilly said.
I blink tears and slept.
Guess that’s the easiesr way of ignoring her and her troubles.

I couldn’t sleep at all,
the noise from the stereo Lilly played made me got headache.
She was busy smoking with her friends. I stanked and choked….

They started dancing…
Their moves were hot and sexy bit the noise could make one go deaf.

“What am I even doing???
she’s suppose to stay outside.Why will she be watching us dance? Lilly stopped all of a sudden and opened the door widely.

“Let me call Romeo”
she said……

“Lilly,why are you doing…..
I didn’t finish my statement,she slapped me.
I slapped mine back.

🚺 whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!
🚺 who taught her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
🚺 Lilly,what are you waiting for?? Evict her!!! I mean how will she slap dice high queen. Lilly do something”.

I look at Lilly..
she was busy handling the landline.
” prepare an eviction card for Krishna Knight.Dad,I want her out of dice high” I watch Lilly laments.
Her friends stood,using their eyes to check the content of the shopping bags.

Just then,the door open..
it was one of dice high workers,
she was holding a red card in her hand. My name was inscribed boldly.

“But Lilly” I said.
She slapped me.
I wanted to slap mine back,but the workers.
“miss,it’s better you leave and start going right now,this enviroment is very dangerous at night”.
The workers said.

I look at the card,
then back to Lilly.


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