Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 25

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 25

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I looked in the direction of where I heard that name, camera lights from my fans blinded me plus it was night.

I heard it again,this time the voice shouting it was cracking.
And fans made it difficult for me to see through them.


isn’t that Royal????
🚺 his ethereal looks keep me drooling and climbing high.I know it when he walks,talks and I can feel air each time he is around me,it gives me joy.Perhaps,he would always be considered unique as long as he is alive.

🚺 his lips are soft….ohh no,he has no lend,I just saw his real eyes color,they are oceanic blue, they are pretty,I love the way he carries himself with pride.

🚺 his simplicity is outta the world…
You won’t know who he is if you ain’t told,I was in a doubt when I heard he has thousands of people working under his firms and industries all over the globe.
His source of wealth is sooo enormous, I couldn’t believe until I confirmed.

(sealed p.o.v)
No wonder girls are killing themselves when they already know that everything he own would be shared between the two of them….
Donald Marley,I wish you are alive to see the handsome guy your one month old baby boy had turned into..
He is not only handsome,
he achieved twice of what you’ve achieved…
I wish you would be alive to see how wealthy and brainy he is.

(end of sealed p.o.v)

The camera flashlight keep increasing.I took my lips in and glance around maybe I would see who the hell shouted that name,I couldn’t figure who the exact person was….

Sweetheart shivered and lock her hands around my waist,I could feel her trembling like a jelly.
“Krish,wait a little bit,I’m trynna figure out something” I said and beeped my car maybe I would see the person but I still couldn’t feel it..
my fans are much,
how am I suppose to figure it out?..

“honey,am scared,the camera light is blinding my eyes” Krishna said and hide her head cutely in my chest.
“aaah soory,that’s what we celebrities do feel” I said.
She held me more tight like I would run away…

“my mom won’t be happy if my eyes her get blind” she said.
I smiled and took her into the mall.

To that person who is referring to me as Marley Junior and Best Marley, I will get you meet you someday and ask you why you’re calling me that.

“Are you okay?”
I asked Krishna who was still closing her eyes and I think something got into it.
I stared down at her lips and gently blew air into her eyes,
she blinked her long lashes and slowly open her eyes..

I her chest and smiled.
you this bad boy,why do you like looking at my chest” she drag my ears playfully.

I wanted to kiss her,
she ran away and started picking things, I also picked toys and confectioneries for Theila.
We paid and left.

I drove into sir zayns mansion.
it’s really huge too but xingzi made me hate coming here eversince she did that terrible stuff.

When I told Chris and Jeff,
they didn’t believe me at first..
Chris said she needs flogging that I should have flog her with cane, we ain’t in the same category for crying out loud…

Jeff said “is she really 17?”
Justin smiled and said “Is there any difference between her and Lilly?”…

That artitude made me stop coming here.
My coming here today is just to make little Theila happy.
That small girl still have brains and I love kids with brains.

“this place is cool…your family house is really pretty! Krishna said and look through the car window as I drove in and park carefully beside a waterfall.
She wanted to step out,
I stopped her…

“Royal let’s enter” she said.
“no way,not today” I replied and touch her lips while I use my other hand to pick my phone.

“Theila,am outside” I said into the phone.
“waaaoooow!! she screamed in excitement.
She was out within a minute and she was putting on pajamas.
She stood at the window side,smiling like a kid who just got a new teady bear.

I whyne down the glass to see her face clearly. Her brown eyeballs shone the more she smiled…
She smiled the more.
“Hy,Hon!!! she waved.
I trailed her eyes,she was looking at Krishna who was busy staring at the waterfall.

“Brother,is that her…
is that our wife to be! she screamed and round the car with her brown curly hair bouncing up.
She opened Krishna side if the door.

“Hello sweetheart!
Theila waved at sweetheart.
Krishna smiled and touch Theila hair.
“You’re beautiful,you really look like those goddess I do read about in books,you look pure and natural”
Little Theila smiled and suddenly took Krishna’s hand.

I smiled and look at them.
It’s alright,everyone I take her too likes her…

“Brother,is she a goddess…her hair is a way too long! Theila said.

Krishna widned her eyes and stepped out of the car.
“Do you know me before?” she smiled as she asked.
“No,am just meeting you… I like you already.Can you be my mum and Royal will be my dad?” Theila asked..

Theila,you’re talking too much-
I said. She smiled and took Krishna in.

I followed them and carried the shopping bags, pressing phone as I work…
this my addiction unmm..
And that Theila,she talks too …

I opened the door and met my mom hugging Krishna, she even wore her her bracelets.
“what’s your name?”
she asked and use both hands to touch her cheeks.
“It’s Krishna Knight” she said.
My mom smiled and hugged her.

“umm,mom call her sweetheart and me too,my name is sweetheart and I am her baby and I want to start staying with them” Theila said.

You this talkative,does your mouth never pains you..
You will cause your brother trouble, you won’t allow him rest”
my mom said to Theila and took Krishna to a sit,the maids served different things on the dining.

Just then,Xingzi started walking down the stairs.By then,Theila was already on Krishna’s lap,she was teaching her how to plait hair on a doll..

Xingzi walk down the stairs,
I stood up immediately and made a turn on another stairway.
“you’re leaving! Theila asked.
“Nope,I will just go and see dad” I replied and walk up the stairs…

I glance back at Xingzi,.she leaned on the stair rod and stared at Krishna for a verrrry very long time.
Her face was sad..
Her dressing too was crazy.

She was just putting on a transparent white polo and a white short that shows her pant. I don’t think she was wearing something underneath and that’s the main reason why am leaving for upstairs.

 Brother are you going upstairs because of me?”
Am I soo bad….
Mike said am worthless,is it true-😭
she sent me.

I stopped halfway on the stairway and turn to look at her,she was sitting on her empty chair, her eyes were swollen and she looks so disorganized.

“Hy” Krishna waved at her.
And why is she looking so sad?

Theila left Krishna’s lap and rush me on the stairs.
“Brother,let me tell you something”
Theila said. I bent to her level.

“Royal,xingzi was disgraced openly by Mike,her class president” Theila chuckled.

“Why? who dare disgrace her? who is mike? I asked with hurts. how dare that fool disgrace my foster sister?

Royal am I really worthless😭😭😭
I was disgrace of a crime I knew nothing about????
Brother, that idiot lead bully called me ugly,he called me worthless😭😭.
Xingzi sent.

I turn back and look at her,
our eyes met and she started crying real tears..

ohhh why are you????
Krishna stood up and used her finger tips to wipe her tears.

“which school?” I faced Theila.
“BBM high! Theila said.
I nodded and walk out. I know that school pretty well,the owner and I are quiet business partners.
But how dare the idiot bully and disgrace xingzi.
Even though she has a dirty character, that doesn’t mean he should disgrace her.

I put a call across the manager.
Your Excellency sir,-
What did I do to deserve this honour call from you-
he said…

“You know about xingzi case right?…
I asked,he kept quiet..
“I’m taking to you” I said.
“Sssiiir” he sturtled….

“You have just 30min to come and plead or else,you’re gonna watch your institute close down in your presence! I said.

But sir—
he said, I hung up and started checking time….

Just 2min to the dead time,
A car drove in,he step out quickly and bowed in my presence.
“I’m sorry,your Excellency sir” he said
“yeah,me too” I scoffed.

She’s inside…
Now,you’re gonna prostrate to beg and you’re gonna do that again openly in your school” I said.

But sir-
he said….

Your time counts now! I said, he rushed inside…
He stepped out 40mins later,
sweating profusely like a Christmas goat. Well good for him..

I look into his face,
he bowed it down…
“Never knew you’re this partial in judgment” I told him and walked in.

.Royal,you actually did this for me, did you forgive me?” xingzi sent.

I’m sorry,I won’t do what I did that day again- she sent again.
I tuckled my phone into my pocket and walked in, Theila was still playing with Krishna’s phone.
I moved close to krish and lift her up from her waist.

“You’re going?”
Theila asked.
“Don’t go,please” xingzi said.
my eyes drifted to her,
she already used a towel jacket to cover her transparent wear.

“who’s she???
she asked Theila.
“his wife to be?” Theila said.

“She’s pretty and curvier, can I talk to her? please don’t look at my dirty side….
how else can I repent?” Xingzi asked.

“its okay, you can talk to her” I said.
They started talking and laughing while I sat on an empty chair,sipping in wine and pressing phone.

“hy sister in law.!!!
Xingzi called krishna…
I choked on my wine and started coughing..

Seems I will cough till morning,this one that xingzi is calling Sweetheart sister in-law.


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