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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 36

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 36

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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“Baby remove your hand from my eyes” he said to me as his hand left my neck.
I uncovered his eyes and turn to enter my room,
he took me by my wrist again.

“let’s run” he said.
“run to where?” I said.
“follow me” he said and took my hand again.
he hold my hand tight,
we both ran away…
waooow,what type of mansion is this?????

I didn’t even know there is still another stairway up.
it looks like heavens with each stairway glittering with silver in whole,more or less like a paradise.

I smiled as I looked at my hand,where he was holding.
we stepped on the long stairway and passed a different route.
It looks sooo beautiful.
Royal hold hand while running with full speed,his speed is much faster than mine.

“Fast,krish” he said.
I held the stairway rod..
ahh my legs are even shaking.
I still.smiled,
he is obviously not happy with something,I tell it when he is sad And happy.

Finally,he stopped running I still have like five staircase to go,I managed over them.
Now my legs…they are shaking.
seems Royal forgot am still adapting to this type of affluence life.
Its not very easy to get use to it…
maybe because his wealth is tooooooo loud.

He blinked his lashes as he came over to me,he looked at my legs…
“Did I stress you?” he asked.
“No,honey” I nodded.
he looked at me for a while and suddenly carried me up to himself.

“Are you okay?”
he asked and held me underneath my butt very well.
I became stiff at first,
I smiled and relax slowly in his arms.
He is still the only one allowed to touch me anyhow since he is really taking care of me.
His warm breath touch my shoulders.

“Sorry if I stressed you.
I heard something,I know it’s not true but I want to hear it clear from you”
he said, holding me like he has never seen a lady before.

I got sooo shy.
“Baby” he said.
I looked in his face,
he was so close to me,even my nose could perceive his breath really well..I felt like kissing him.
He moved out of me immediately a guard showed up.

“The confirmations!!!
the guard bowed and opened a file,he also brought out a pen,then he handed them to royal.
he quickly stole a glance at me the moment Royal’s eyes get in the file.
He didn’t even notice he was done.

“what gut do you have to be checking her out?” he asked and hit the pen on.the guards forehead.
“Nothing sir” the guard smiled.
“you’re fired” royal.said.

“sir…i… sorry-
the guard pleaded.
“don’t worry,you will get your allowance” royal said.

The guard sturlted.
I widened my eyes in shock.
why is Royal getting like this…
is he a jealous type?

“Tell my driver to get those stuffs off the booth” he said and took me by his right hand to a room along the hallway.
“sir,am I still fired-
the guard asked.
Royal slam the door.

The room was dark,
he turn on the lights,I was waoowed as I look around.
Everything inside was probably of glass, gold or bronze.
it was really pretty… his dance video was playing on the wide screen.

I love the blue water floor of the bathroom it has artificial fish on the floor as designs.
Royal dimmed the lights green.
I had wanted to touch the shining gold jewelry box but I didn’t.
Maybe because I realize it might spoil my Hand….

My eyes glued to a particular spot in the room,money was scattered recklessly on the floor like they fell from trees.

is he also lazy to arrange his own money??
he dropped his call and sat on one of the heavenly couch.

“Honey here! he said and tap the space beside him.
I hastily rush over and sat there.
“will you tell me the truth?
he asked and,made that unhappy face. He doesn’t even know how cute he is with that face.

“Krish,that waist chain I bought for you,where is it? he asked and look me in the eyes.
“which of the waist chains, I can’t even remember” I said.
He took his lips in.

“The one I gave to you at Germany”
he said..
I blinked my lashes and remembered I had given it out to Lilli.
“say something”
Royal said.
“I lost it” I said and saw the disappointment look on his face.

“How did you lost it??
you know I asked you before,you didn’t tell me..-
he said.
I stayed quiet.

“Sweetheart,I know I can’t believe what I heard but I want to hear from you” he said.
I still stayed quiet.

how do I tell him I gave it to Lilly?
he might not buy things for me again abs I really love it when he buys me things,I feel so special whenever he does that.

“Baby,what do you mean?”
I asked…
he slam his forehead,His slivery necklace sparkle,
his ear ring also glitters..

“Are all girls now the same?
he said.
“I don’t understand” I said.
“how did you lost it?” he asked.
I stayed quiet,
he stood up and walked away..
I got to the door.
“okay,I will explain” I said.
he stopped walking.

“I gave it to Lilly when she said that we are now officially friends…sorry dear, I promise not to give her anything you buy for me again” I said

“Henceforth,I don’t want to see you with Lilly or any of Lilly’s friend,do not force yourself to stay around people you’re not comfortable with next time,they are up for no good”
he said.

“Am I still your girlfriend?”
I asked,stupidly.
“yeah,till end of time” he said.
I felt sweet in the inside and quickly got to where he was, he lifted me up.
He drop me on the last stairs and went out.
I entered my took and wore my towel jacket.

I later went into the kitchen to get royals food,praying he eats.
That guy,he is addicted to starving.
I dished it into six different plates and took them to his room two two.

He came in,holding three pink shopping bag.
“You cooked again?” he asked.
“yeah” I nodded and set the dishes and wanted to leave,he moved me back.

*Royal’s p.o.v~~~
I know this is crazy,
maybe because it’s my first time falling in love and I keep praying she should continue to remain innocent and simple,I don’t want anything to change about her.

I don’t ever wanna see her cry…
something might go wrong in my day if she cries.
That’s why I want to take my time in playing on Lilly’s brilliancy.

“Sir,you should stop firing your workers,they are mine friends”
please take him back-
she said.

“I wasn’t firing him…you know everyone sees what I see in you.Who wouldn’t turn back to take a good glance at someone like you”
I said.
She widened her eyes the moment I lock another chain on her waist.
Finally she smiled and point at the shopping bags.
“Are they mine?”
she asked.
“I promise not to give anybody”
she said avd hastily carry the shopping bags.
I smiled….
she’s my happiness..

“thank you..hmm you will never get poor” krish said and hugged me unexpectedly..
“I can test them right?
she smiled and entered one of the glass door in my room while I sat on the dinning to eat.
I picked meat first,
my phone rang…Lilly.

I can see krish through the glass door.
what a shape?
she removed her towel jacket..
when it comes to her,everything is good..

Mira’s [12pm,midnight]
Tomorrow is the last day,
the final day. I was even imagining what it would look like if we are not able to capture Krishna.

Anyways,Lilly said we will talk.
“why have she not called?.
I dropped my phone.
[10am……next day]
I was already good to go,
in a haste,I carried my laptop alongside with three notepads.
My driver was waiting for me, patiently. I joined in the driver seat.

My car stopped inside dice high.
I smiled as I get out of my car,
the outfit Lilly called made me laugh my ass out.

Everyone made way for me as I catwalked,showing off my newly dyed hair.
 OMG! Mira
 Mira the daughter of the top politician…
 Gosh, she’s pretty!

I smiled as I entered the elevator,
i entered two more elevator till I got to Lilly’s locked room.
Jingwen came in.

“Has anyone heard from Nina?”
Angel also came in.
“why will she show up when I,Han Lilly,won students heart in the group chat and also here in school…
You should see the way people are praising me,Krishna issue has been forgotten overnight” Lilly said.
Angel looked on like a lost dog..
Jingwen was also confused.

I was also confused.
This is not what Lilly and I talked about…did she betray me like she did to Nina?
But Lilly😭😭😭😭😭😭

“calm down”
she said and took me out of the locker room to the tower part.

“Lilly what are you doing???
You can never be smarter than Royal, why did you tell him…
do you think he will allow Krishna to step outside his mansion after hearing such information ..
This isn’t what we planned😭😭😭

“No,I know what am doing!
we will capture Krishna is the next 6hours.
she said.

“How??? I asked.

Nina passed by and look at Lilly directly..
She walked away, smiling..

“Don’t worry,she will come to school, she won’t want to miss this test today” Lilly said.

How are we going to capture her?
I asked,she stayed quiet.

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