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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 38

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 39

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Our eyes locked..
I started getting scared even though he was not close to me.
“what am I even saying?..he dare not try nonsense.
All he could do was just to stare lustfully at me.
I trailed his eyes,they were looking from my waist downwards.

Justin touch my have on the couch,
I faced him and smile but it was with confusion.
are they trying to delay me?
aaah why are they getting like this-

“Sir Justin, am having test-
or have you forgotten?
I asked in a soft whisper.
“I know…we are waiting for Chris”
he replied.
“okay” I nodded and try not to look back at where romeo was standing.

“hmm what about your friend?”
he asked.
“which of them?” I asked back.
“Eve….does she hangs around?” he asked.
“Yes…she have a boyfriend too”
I replied,he smiled.

“the food,I think we should cook”
hr said.
I widened my eyes.
But my test-
sir why are you delaying me-

“No sir,no buts .
“Krishna,quickly run and follow me”
he whispered and rush up the stairways. I stood up and followed him to the wide kitchen..

staying here with Justin-
he war on one of the fridges,one was holding an apple with the other was operating phone.
“krish,start cooking…
cook food that will take up to one hour because Chris will be back in the next 1hour” he said while looking through his phone.

“Sir but I can go to school without you and Chris” I said.
He drop his phone and rolled the hand of his sweater up.

“what are we cooking first?”
he asked and started bringing out ingredients.
I stayed quiet and watch him.
He brought out an apron and a scarf.

I think royal told them to delay me.
He subconsciously doesn’t want me to go out anyhow these days.
That’s unlike him.

I wore the apron and tied the scarf,
Justin set a pot wrongly, I did it in the right way…
I started mixing the ingredients.
“ohhh ” he raised his brows in a cute smile cos my hands couldn’t reach the cupboard which was hung high.
He smiled and helped me with it.

“Should I pour all the salt?”
he asked and wanted to open the transparent lid.
He couldn’t even open it..

he shouldn’t know.
everything are always done by maids,even the cork on their wine bottle…
I smiled as I watch him trying to open the lid of the salt.
“I’m not a pervet” he smiled.

“do it like this”
I demonstrate and he opened it.
he dropped it and check his gold wristwatch.
“it’s time to leave”
he said and took his car keys and phone.
I untie the apron and scarf.
we left the kitchen.

Romeo was still there in the living room,Justin waited,I carried my bag and followed him out..
Chris was standing beside a black sport car,
the car was cool,
he looks calm in the gold tracksuit he wore,a gold chain was deeper in his inner tux.

“whose car do you want to stay?”
Justin asked.
“anyone” I replied and entered Chris car since his car was the nearest.

“good morning sir”
I greeted.
he raised his thumbs up at me cos he was on call.
“pretty get in”
he said and quickly went back to his calls.
his calls took long.
tests would have started already.

Chris turned back to Justin’s car and I saw the tatoo on his neck.
“Justin, I forgot that stuff,quickly help me with it…tell Zipporah water” he said.

“No problem,bro”
Justin said and went inside.
A maid came outside with two verrry chilled bottle water in a tray.
Chris beeped his car,
the maid carefully drop one on the space beside the drivers seat.

She hastily opened the door of where I was sitting.
she did that quick bow and pass the water to me,
she smiled and didn’t allow our hands touch.
she kept on smiling.
I returned her smile…
she touch her chest and smiled the more.At this point,I was more than surprised.
She leaned forward,
though there was distance but I could still see her close.
“Hy…” I said.
“madam,tell me your name.I like your personality and simplicity already”
she said.
“I’m ziporah,assistant chef” she said.
“Krishna” I said…
“but I thought you’re sweetheart”
she said.
I smiled as I lean more forward.
“Do you know me before?”…

“hunn yesss,I am the one sir Royal usually sent to receive most of your ordered confectioneries..
she smiled…

She moved away immediately Chris ended his call, she ran inside.
This is my second goal…
I want to make poor ladies believe that they can also climb higher through my modeling career cos I was once like them…

“what were you talking with her?…
Chris asked as he drove out.
He increased the car Ac.
“nothing,she’s my friend” I said.
he crackled.

“who’s Mrs sugar? I asked.
he made a loop sided smile.

Mrs sugar…..
I don’t really know about her,
but I know that she’s a royality, she’s her village queen mother which means Romeo is a prince.
Am not certain about her being royals mom because of the way she usually treats Royal, a good mother never does that way..
she have powers and authority too.
At some points,she have rights to decide” Chris said.

His car drove into dice high.

 ohh sweet Krishna..
 omg,she’s pretty,I wish she is the one for royal and not Lilly.
I heard whispers.
Lilly and her lies.

 isn’t that Chris?…
 gaaad I thought I saw this article?
 isn’t something suspicious with Lilly’s promises?.

I didn’t hear anything further immediately I entered the elevator with Chris.

“I’m having an appointment in the next 20mins,Justin will be in the off building, he would have been in the same test hall with you guys but there are limitations to such actions.
We are not allowed to expose ourselves too much to the public” he said..
the guards are around-
hope am clear”
he said. I nodded,
he left.

I hurried into the general locker room and drop my bag,I kept my phone very well.
it’s a computer based test,I I don’t have to take anything along..
Just my biometric and passcard.

*Hy,you must be Krishna”
a blonde haired girl came by.
“exactly, she really have guts thinking she can have the almighty royal to herself” another girl came in.
I recognized her to be Jingwen,
Lilly’s band member….

“humm she’s a murderer who killed her nine sisters” jingwen said.
“I didn’t hear that side of the story.. as pretty as she is,she have such dirty character!!
“I thought she’s gentle!
they started ranting on me.

“stop that!!!!
“be careful with what you believe”
Nina moved in and the girls kept.
“disperse now! Nina shouted,
they moved out.
I wanted to follow,
she signalled me to stay..

“Hy” she greeted.
“hello” I replied,my eyes on the floor.
I was getting much more uncomfortable with the way she was staring at me like she has never seen a human being.
is she trying to be friendly?

she touch my shoulders,
“ohh sorry” I whispered and moved back.Her eyes went to my thighs.
gaaaad,what’s wrong with we humans?
why is competition their priority?

“Nina,is there something different on my body” I asked.
“are you staying with royal?”
she asked back.
“do you have a modeling tutor?” she asked…
“hmm Royal employed one?” she asked.

“Queen Nina-
permit me to leave,I have test” I said politely.
“smart” she said…
I ran out.
I joined the hall.

“miss submit your biometrics and take a seat” the professor said.
I quickly sat at the front.
Everywhere became quiet immediately the girls band entered.
Lilly say in the seat at my right hand side,Mira sat at my left hand side.
The rest of their members took other seats..

I wonder why they keep smiling to each other,especially Lilly.

📰Mrs Sugar….

I was tensed and disturbed.
who the hell gave bhewen information that Royal is in India?..

Now the whole of China will start looking for him.
Even those that haven’t seen him before will start looking for him.
Most,for good.

this would be tough,
it will only be easier for me if I can get Royal under my hold and with that,Bhewen will never have the chance to meet him.
Only bhewen can explain his deep past to him cos he was is protector right from birth…
worst still,I don’t know where I kept the diary.
perhaps,it should be with Han Cheng.

“Queen mother,the lawmakers are here” a maid rushed in.
I did a “let them come inside’ face.
Slowly, I took my seat on a separate gold built chair.
The lawmakers entered with a slight bow,Mr Alex(lawyer) followed.
Romeo came in and sat on a separate couch.
He scorned the lawyer rudely..

“where is Royal?”
Mrs Samantha asked,
everyone stood up,
Romeo stood up,only me sat down cos am the mother.

“I guess we are gonna stay like this till he comes” Mrs Ivory said.
Romeo scoffed rudely.
30mins passed and royal haven’t still arrived.
Everywhere was tensed up,
I could feel that cold air of superiority lingering around.The same air I breathe in when I took him away when he was one month old-
I don’t want to remember that bad thing I did for his family…

I opened my eyes and spot him close to the glass door.
Guilt tore the depth of my heart as I saw through him, I felt cold in the inside….

is this the son I nursed?…
my heart kept skipping beats.
He entered, the lawmakers sat down.
Romeo scoffed and sat down also.

he greeted and sat down on a gold haired couch.
I couldn’t look into his eyes,
whenever I do that,I remember the pasts.

After series of meeting,the lawyer asked exactly what I wanted to hear.
“Romeo,choose what you want from the shares” Mr Alex said.

Royal and Romeo eyes locked but Romeo quickly look away.
“I want cars,estates,70% of the money” Romeo said.

The lawmakers faces went blank,
mr Alex was shocked.
“won’t you leave anything for your brother?” he asked.

“you asked me what I wanted”
Romeo said.
Mr Alex adjusted his spectacles.

“Let him take them all”
Royal said very fluently.
“what about your share??” Mrs Samantha asked. Royal already stood up and Elliot was already at the door.

“I don’t want anything”
he said with so much authority.

“It was stated that you must also ask for something” Mrs ivory said.

Royal turned.
“In the future,I will tell you what I want” he said and left.
the lawmakers also left.
“Foolish queen mother-
you didn’t train your son well,
and in the end,you nursed and trained another persons son into someone great”.
My inner mind said as I watch Romeo walking out with his car key.

“Royal’s death is certain!
I shouted,deep within me.

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