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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 39

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 39

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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my son!
why is he not coming out?
did Mrs sugar do what it feels to be in control-
I don’t like it whenever I feel best presence around here,I don’t like to see him coming here..
Mrs suga is a very crafty person,am scared she might get him under her control again.
Yes,I mean everyone suddenly see her as something,they think she’s Royal’s mom.

“hon,your son, he is coming out already… waoow! he so much looks like his highness” Anna my most trusted maid back then whispered.
she had already climbed the underground burglary just to see Royal.

“can you see him?”
“does he looks sad,happy,confused?
“is he wearing a smile?…
“can you interpreted his mood swings?”
“did he come with a lady??
I asked…with a happy heart.
Anna smiled but it came out with tears.
“even after all this pain,you still ask questions about your son who doesn’t knows he has a mother”
Anna said.
“I’ve been enduring pains” I said..

the maids climbed the bulglary proof to the top,I saw smiles and all their faces..
“my mind says he will come back soon,Bhewen must have seen him”
Zhao said.

🚺 omg!!!
🚺 mother,you need to see your son, isn’t this boy I bathed and usually sing for at nights….he has grown so much,he looks really like sir Donald.

“Mother,climb up….be fast…you need to see your son” Pragya,the only Indian amidst us said.
I smiled as I stand.
I climbed the first four burglary steps but I fell…
the maids stopped climbing and rushed to me..
🚺 mother!!!!
🚺 omg,mother!!!!
🚺 mother…mother!!!!
they said and help me stand up.but I fell back.

🚺 mother,please stand” Anita said…
I held a side on my abdomen.
“Nita,I can’t stand,the injection romeo gave me,I think it’s working arlready”
I said and spat out blood.
I scoffed out heavy tears…
The maids dispersed immediately they heard cracking sounds.

🚺 ohhh nooo!!
🚺 why are you soo cruel and inhuman… you killed his highness, you still want to take mother!!
the maids wept.

**anymore sound,you’re joining her”
the guards said,
the maids keor quiet as the guard dragged me out to face Romeo and Mrs sugar…

“You thought your son can find out about you….imagine*
he stayed wit you for only a month,what assurance do you have that he will look for you when he’s now 24….
you must be having nightmares!
Mrs sugar said…

The chains in my hands dangled…
I started seeing another thing.
my eyes were in another word.
in that world,
I saw My best wearing all white, his hairs was band up with his presidential bracelets…..
in that world,he asked me what do I want him to give Mrs sugar as reward and I said.*Best Marley,I want you to pluck out her two eyes out. Do not show mercy because it was kindness that killed your father*….
I told him in that world.

The guards made me fell,
I jerked out of my world.
“Mrs sugar please stop” I said.

“don’t interupt my decision,i might inject into your eyes” she said.
I smiled and look at her eyeball to eyeball…
no matter what the pain is,
no matter how deep the wound is,
no matter how it hurts,
I will never allow my tears drop on her presence….

“Flying you to Australia so you won’t get to hear your son name nor feel his presence” she said.

“I already sold you to a slave traders” she said…
me slave!!!!!!!!!
when my son will soon be announced officially as the president.

the guards forced me into the car,
it zoomed off to the airport…
I never cried.
I already know how to endure pains.
my soul is used to it.

“miss Lilly are you here to stare or to write test? the professor yelled.
I stood up.and carried my car key.
“I’m done already” I said.
I looked through krish and signalled Mira, she stood up.
we left.
The girls band followed me also.

“this remaining 30mins is operation prepare your ingredients” I said and the girls smiled.
“Mira, make sure that the chemical concentration is strong….I want her to feel the pain of watching Royal ignore her cos he’s already under my control” I said.
.”yeah,this is still the best idea,we will embarrass her first.
she’s a goddess,
her spirit doesn’t like embarrassment, it will make her weak and inferior…with that, we can capture her for the sacrifice”
I said..

Angel mixed eggs,
she was also breaking then into a very large bowl.
this would be hot!
would surely post this bullying scene on line…

“hmmm I don’t really think this is fair.
This Krishna, she’s human too.
Does she have a mother?
what if her mother watch the bullying scene too? angel asked.
“who cares.? I shrugged.
“at least,have gotten someone for the sacrifice” Mira said.

I will ruin her before she ruins me.
That dance video that went viral,it was Krishna.
That voice clip,it was her again.
her vote is currently high in the secret platform….
males band industry are dying, they need someone fresh,a female with an angelic voice….
Royal needs someone too so as to debut the real lyrics of beautiful love song next month-
is krish not the answer.??

The most annoying part part is that her picture was mistakenly snapped during last month spark…
that top model went mad at Krishna’s thick thighs and fresh skin…
That photo irritates me..
Right now,daryadin is dying to see Krishna.

Krishna has caused me so much damages in dice high…
in my life I have never admire my fellow lady..I’m still at shock I usually look at her more than ten times each time I see her”
I said.
Mira sprayed into an handkerchief, then she kept it in her bag.
That’s for making krish pass our after the bully.

“take the stuffs upstairs”
I commanded.
Mira and I left.


I am really happy.
This test result will really favour me. Mrs Claudia will never regret sending me to dice high,my mom will never regret giving me to Royal.
This is all I wanted…
peace of mind.
I left the CBT hall and hastily went to takey back in the general locker room before it will get crowded.
I checks where Justin was,
he wasn’t there and the guards ain’t there..

💌 sister in law,am coming okay”
Justin sent.
I dropped my phone and sighed.
and students started moving away from me.
💌 hinnn isn’t that Krishna knight?
💌 omg,i can’t believe she sold her dignity for money..
*gaaaaaad she’s in the poster*
*she charmed her way here…
students murmured.

what’s happening-
which poster????
I looked around, students distance theirselves from me like I am a disease.
I ran away when the isolation was getting out of hand.

I hastily looked up.
*Do not infect us….

I saw pictures of me and my mother walking and selling things,I saw pictures of when we were still washing clothes for people..

ohh no!!!!
my heart started beating faster than normal,my eyes wet…
*seriously,what‘s she doing here?
*is this an arena for the poor???
the dashboard started beeping electronically...
it revealed pictures of my mom and I washing clothes…
so much technologies!

*if she’s not the one, she would speak.

Yes,am.the one..
that’s my mother,that’s me!!
so what’s your business!!!
I am poor…! I’m comfortable with it!

I turned and a crowd of students walked out.
Nina came.
she wanted to talk but she stopped when she saw those photos posted around..
Shantai also shifted back.
Even Eve, they couldn’t touch me.
Fighting for me will be so useless because the truth is that, am a commoner!

I ran away…
*she’s cheap..
*she doesn’t have class
*she doesn’t even have dad.
*worst still, her sisters died of hunger
*she cast spells on boys band…
*am certain she’s only trying to get attentions from Royal… imagine?
I heard things as I ran.

I didn’t even noticed students are making way for Lilly to pass.
Someone put leg for me,
I fell and my head knocked Lilly’s feet.
ohhh gaaad,royal where are you?
we are two world’s,
why did I love you deeply,
why did you love me,
why did I allow myself to fall in love…

I looked up,
Lilly scoffed and slapped me.
She felt proud as she showed off her queen jacket.

“do you have brain touches?
she slapped me again,
I quickly slapped mine…
students gasped.
The girls started beating me,
the boys pushed me out…
someone poured a very cold water on me….
I realized it wasn’t water but a chemical that can make one catch cold.

“Lilly please stop!!
I said,different things land on me..

“stay if you know what is good for you” lilly said and smashed a cake on my hair,I missed target..

I was held,
things land on me but that chemical was making me freeze in the inside.
I scoffed out tears as someone push me down.

All through, I protected my eyes..
I can’t be blind at this tender age.
Mira brought a handkerchief and wanted to force it on my nose..

I just couldn’t fight back,
they were much.

Lilly brought out a scissors and deeped it into my very long hair…
She wanted to cut..

“what’s the meaning of this????
someone asked in a very mean voice.

That voice-Eddy…

Lilly smiled…
“stay out of this” she said….

everybody turned back..
all eyes went to the back.
Lilly suddenly felt shocked.
The scissors fell from her hand, eddy quickly carried me…

what’s making her panick??
Why is Mira looking lost???

I know Royal won’t come,
he doesn’t come on Wednesdays…

what’s all this????…..

I looked back quietly and saw him coming with his bands mate….
Lilly smiled…

Students wanted to move closer but the secuirites covered up and became tight.
“Royal that girl,do you know het?
“Is she something to you?
“Who’s she to you?
“What do you have to say about her?
Students asked.

I felt sad.
Lilly already gave something to hold him down with….
He can’t say am something to him.
What am i even thinking?

Royal looked at me in Eddy hand,
I wanted to run away,
Very very far from dice high.
Have never face this type of insult before

“To me,Krishna is……
Everywhere became silent….

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