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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 15

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 15
💛 the challenge 💛]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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“sweetheart,what’s he meaning of….
she look well into my phone,
I quickly turn my face to the other side of the bed and held a pillow tightly, my head was even resting on another one.
she stayed quiet and next I heard her laugh silently.

I feel so shy that she’s reading my chat’s with Royal.
hope she haven’t gotten to that stage where royal sent…….
I don’t even want to remember.
Royal have just spoilt me a lot.
I sighed and checked time,10pm and I started thinking about Royal. I couldn’t even sleep,i was thinking about the romance time we’ve had together.

We would have done that thing if my mom didn’t hold me down here.
he likes pressing my breast a lot, and his hand would have been there now.
silly me…
why am I even thinking of those things!

I rolled slightly on the bed and my my mom dropped my phone.She looked at me,I quickly close my eyes.
“you wanted to go and meet him”
she said…
“yes” I said..
“what’s suppose to happen 9pm?”
she questions..
I closed my eyes tight.”Nothing” I finally said.
Her phone rang,she picked it up..
“one minute” she said and entered the washroom.
she didn’t come back on time,I slept off with royal in my heart.

Mrs Knight💗 p.o.v💗
I feel sooo accomplished,
what else do I even need-Nothing!.
I’m just very happy for krish,she’s indeed lucky..
I dropped my phone on a stand and opened the wipe pack,my phone rang and it was an unknown number.

who could that be???
I used my other hand to pick the call.
“Davesena……” the voice said.
I dropped the phone from my ear and look into it.My name is davesena, does this person know me this much cos I don’t have friends.
“who is this??” I drawed..
“Davesena please don’t do this to me” the voice said.
“and who are you?? I questioned, a bit aloud,the voice was silent for a while.

“Governor Amendra Knight!
it gush out softly.I ended the call immediately.
so he is now a governor…good,what does he want from me,life with him was bondage to me!.
I scoffed and pick the wipes I wanted to use.
my phone still rang,I smirks and picked the call.
“what do you want,exactly?”
I questioned harshly.
“Davesena,am really really sorry…I watch you live on stage,I had no option than to track you down” he said.
“you watch me live on stage and so whattttttttttt????” I shouted.

“Davesena i know I did bad.. but just answer this question I want to ask, even if it is just this one in a year, I promise I won’t disturb you with calls–
that girl that won dice’s face, is she our daughter???” he asked..
“who are the ours??” I fired back, he was silent..
“Who told you it was ours….thank goodness we divorced and I really enjoyed the way you caller your family to kick me out,don’t you just dare tracking my line again cos you don’t have the right to take decisions in my life.Idiot” I said with much emotions. I ended the call and went back to the room.
I place my phone on flight mode cos of disturbance.

Thank God am with my child,am with my sweetheart despite the odds.

Krish dad is a wealthy man….
Very very wealthy and grumpy of course but his pride ruined us.
His attitude change towards me when our children started dying,he got hard on me and that was how he sent me packing.

Two weeks after he sent me packing,I noticed I was pregnant again and I looked for him and really wanted to beg him and tell him the good news because I never want my sweetheart to suffer….
I’ve put so much in finding him,
I even traveled to 8 different countries just to see him, I sacrificed everything..

Like I said,he is very very wealthy and besides he doesn’t stay in one house,in fact he changes location every one month.

Even if he doesn’t want me back,
i wanted him to accept krish…
I used all my savings to pay an informant and at last I was told he just came back from the states.

That same day I wanted to go and tell him about krish,my inspirations died down when I heard he had remarried.
How could he do that 1month after we divorced. .
Our divorce news spread,the shame was too much,I had to go and stay in the village for 10 good years. I worked with an orphanage for 1year and i returned back to settle down when krish clock 13.

Amendra is a very bad man.
Jeeeeeeez,my mood just spoilt..
I dropped my phone and my manager called my second phone.
“madam you can check your mail,your stock just arrived” Hazel said.
“okay,I’ll do that” I replied and sat up on the bed.

Krish rolled to face me in sleep,i finally smiled as i ran my fingers through her smooth face.

“You gave me reasons to live, I feel soo special having you as my child, I feel honored that you didn’t die like your sisters…you survived.
I won’t allow anyone take you away from me….don’t worry unnie,am protecting you and Royal and am very close to finding his mom-
I know you will be happy!

I smiled and made,my finger stopped on her lips..they are just so soft..
I withdrew and covered her well with the duvet.
Most times she would sleep talk calling Royals nane.
*royal,tell me you love me*
*i love you*
I would just to her back and she would stop sleep talking..and smile.
*Royal,can’t you see my hair is disturbing me” she sleep said.
I helped her to tie her long hair up, even though I tied it,it was still lengthy.
*Royal,am cold! she said…
I tapped her and covered her well, she didn’t talk anymore.

🎤🎤 Romeo🎻🎻🎻
Lilly called me,gosh in this heavy rain
i had to come to stars,she said she was beside royals secret hideout so that’s where I am headed.

I arrived and she ran out…she was in tears,plus the rain.
“Romeo” she said in tears.
“Lilly are you okay, why are you in the rain come on let’s go” I said and tried dragging her up in the rain.
“No,Royal already knew little out of my dad secret,please i don’t know what he is going to do,you know he has anger issues please” she said.

“what the-
“Yes,fuck” she completed..
I smiled and ran my fingers into my hair.
“And you know Royal” she said.
“let’s go home” I said.
“I don’t want– no let me go”
she shouted still in tears.
“is it really true that krish is better than me?? fans are already creating pages,groups and blogs in her name, the last one i checked already gotten up to 90Million it true?”
she asked in tears.
“is it also true that krish will be the first female to perform at nationals.. I heard five stars want to sponsor her, is it true?” she asked.

I lifted her up into my arms..
“listen you will be fine” I said.
She started crying till I drove her to her pent house.

Mira was in,thank goodness.
Angel opened her room door and I placed her on a couch.
“Is she okay?” Mira asked.
“Hot tea will make her okay,she already drench herself. Cold isn’t good for her condition” I said.
she nodded and I left..

Anita’s p.o.v
hmmm Mrs sugar did a lot of bad things to Royal, imagine!
She’s now a full crime suspect. I marked her on my list.

Imagine giving royal dangerous injections and she made him start dating Lilly when he was 17 all in the name of wealth.
Though it was under an influence plus he had amnesia and he wasn’t even allowed to see any girl during that period.

Well 1year into the relationship,Lilly started misbehaving when royals amnesia got worse, Royal couldn’t do without her cos he always forgets things easily.
The only girl he got used to was Lilly and it was all in the name of amnesia
At every little thing,she would threaten to leave and royal being a gentle and calm guy would keep begging her to stay.
Girls were wishing they were Lilly and that gave her upper hand so much popularity,it really push her career.

When she finally achieve what she wanted from royals wealth,she made leaving a habit and royal kept begging…. gaaaad.

Lilly started her involvement with men,all these Royal didn’t know.
she even traveled just to satisfy her dirty character.

Then finally,she slept with jayden and that was when royal caught her in the act.I think that incident boosted his memory….and that was how she became one of his nightmares.

From there,royal started suspecting Mrs sugar.What replaced that pain was what lead to his anger issues..

Now,I will have to arrest Kani first.
he’s Mrs sugar’s informant and I will force him to take me to Royal’s mom hideout,only that can boost Royal’s memory for now..

I got dressed in a very seductive dress just to disguise myself..
Tulip called me,I pick the call and connected it to the projector.

“Nita,I think you should see royal and ask him some questions,it will really help” he said.
I smiled as I pick my bag…
“do you know what you’re saying? how will I be allowed to enter his mansion hunnn…is it because am lucky to stay in his empire?” I asked.

“You’re a detective,the securities would allow you enter…it’s for his sake” he said.
“and besides,Boss just told him about you not quiet long-he introduced you as the girl working on his family case,you don’t have to panick” he said..

“I will go now,am with a pass card” I said and ended the call. I slip my feet into a red heels and left…

I was standing at his gigantic gate 30mins after.I presented a pass card, it was even signed and I entered.
how can someone be this rich?
wealth in all.

The door was opened by a guard,
I entered and was asked to sit on a couch,I smiled and selected a white coloured one.
I looked around,heavens!!!!!

I crossed my legs as my desires increase.i have a lot of questions.
does he stays alone?.
is he in a relationship????

my phone buzzed…I admired the spiral stairway while looking through my phone.
 Anita,don’t get too carried away!!

 okay,boss! I replied and continue dreaming..
I heard footsteps,I looked up stylishly, it was him..
He was wearing a white robe and a black room slippers..
his hairs was banded up.
waoow,sooo cute.

“Good morning, your excelle-”
I stood up..
“are you the detective?” he asked, softly. His voice sound like music.
“yes,I nodded and manage to control my desires but I lost it when our eyes locked-

he’s too handsome to resist.
“Hey” he snapped his fingers. I jerked and smiled..
Gosh,what’s wrong with me??
the more I tried looking away,
the more my desire increase…

He wasn’t even looking at me…….
gaaaaaad,Anita control yourself.
“Miss,are you really a detective?”
he asked when he caught my glares.
I starmmered as I bite the inside of my cheeks.

“what’s really wrong with me now?…

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