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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 3

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 3
[The Conclusion🎲🎲🎲]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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i drank out of my coffee when I saw that he was eating to my satisfaction. Not the former Royal that usually use 20mins to eat one spoonful of food.

He smiled as he touch my hand on the dining table,I smiled back and eat a bite of bread and jam.
“Now,I know how to eat fast”
he said and use a fork to put a meat inside his mouth. he tap the glassy dinning table and gestured me to sit on his laps,I did.
His hands encircled my hips immediately.
Royal and the way he touches me softly-
I think am getting use to this already.
he transferred the meat into my mouth through a kiss,he put another meat into his mouth,he was still chewing when I finished mine.

Royal, mr slow eater.
I filled a glass with warm water and fed him when he was done chewing.
he held my hand and drank slowly..

The door opened,
he stopped drinking and we both turned,it was his dad.
I hastily left the glass cup from him and stood up from his laps.

“Good morning father” I pouted,politely.
his dad nodded and went out.
I wanted to leave.
maybe to my room so that his dad can talk to him.

I got to the door,Royal called me back….
“you were feeding me right?”
he asked.
I nodded and went back to his laps,
he hastily kiss my neck down to my collarbone, his eyes locked with mine as he kiss my ears..
his fingers traced my pinkish nipples from my singlet,he tickled it..
I widened my eyes in a moan the moment he squeaze my full breast.

He shut me up with a kiss and nibbled on my lower lips, I kissed back….
we broke up immediately his phone rang.. I saw it,it was Indu.

Royal picked the call and went out.
ummm is the call so important…
Royal always receive calls in my presence.

Indu…who is Indu???
Indu is a girls’ name right??
I just hope it’s not an emergency case.

Royal entered inside.
“You’re jealous right? he asked.
I stayed quiet.
“hunn nooo…I didn’t see who called you? I said.

“Whatever..all I know is that it’s only you I love.Indu is my accountant”
he said.I felt relieved.
gaaaaaaaad,when did I start feeling jealous…
I would have felt somehow..
Royal finally suceeded in spoiling me with affections.

“honey am going to Mrs Claudia’s house in the evening, will you follow me??? I asked him.
“well,I wish but my movement is always monitored…most especially my dad,he’s still scared and five stars are always checking..
you know am the most expensive idol..I have many competitors too, going out isn’t really safe” he said.
I noded,I really understand.

He peck my lips,and picked some files with his car key.
I followed him but I stopped on the spiral stairway.
His dad was drinking wine.

“morning” royal said when he got to his dad..
“same here. Let’s go,we don’t really have time” his dad said.
Royal took his lips in and followed him out. Six mens in suit followed them out.

Lilly’s p.o.v
I was later discharged in the evening from the hospital, romeo came to pick me up with his car.

I don’t want to remember all that happened,I mean am so foolish to think am smarter than Royal.
Of course Royal knows how to protect what he likes..
To Krishna, it’s a blessing..
To me,it’s a disgrace.
when I thought I already have him wrapped all over my carpet, I didn’t know I can’t control him like I always did in the past..

“Romeo,my penthouse please”
I said to Romeo.I don’t think I can stand my dad…I bite into my lips as Romeo reversed the car.

“Romeo is royal. mom in that dungeon? I asked.
“no,she’s far from home” he said.
I shut my eyes in happiness.
Thank God,I still have that diary with me which is not suppose to be..
I’m going to very safe.
The obsession I had for royal nearly made me do.the impossible…

if I give Royal the diary,
he will surely remember his past..
by then,where will my family be????
maybe in a very hot dungeon-

He already had the highest net worth that even in the next 30years,no one will pass his wealth record..
what will happen if royal no who he really is????
maybe no one will pass his wealth record in the next 70years because his late dad has firms,companies, industries all over the world and he has the highest workers in the whole world…
Royal family is truly blessed.
And Royal is kind of lucky to be so much fortunate.
I know that’s why the lawmaker campaign for him to be the next ruler.

“what’s on your mind?
Romeo asked immediately hevdrove into my penthouse.
“nothing…please don’t tell my dad it was royal that commanded the students to riot against me” I pleaded with Romeo..
“okay” he smiled.

I step out of his car and entered my pent house, he drove out.
I ebtered my room and saw my phone and bag on the bed, an envelop was also beside it.

I plug my phone first then I opened the envelop, it was my result.
I hissed and drop it back on the bed, I entered the washroom and took a very long bath.
I came out in just a towel then I wore my swimming pant and bra.
I unplug my phone and fit my feet into a very soft flip flop, I ordered ice cream and went downstairs to sit on the edge of the pool.

My mind drifted to Mira and I smiled.
I know she will be angry at me for using Krishna to blackmail royal and in the end,the both of us loose.

Three cars drove in.
it was jingwen,Mira and angel.
I flashed a smile.
“Hy unnies! I greeted.
“Lilly,how is your health? angel.smiled.
“Lilly I came to see you.”
jingwen said.
I smiled…
“you think am mad at you” Mira roller her eyeballs.
“well,we both lose” I said.
The three of us laughed.

I tied my towel and followed them inside. Jing didn’t waste time, she served herself chips.

*Are you still going to allow Krishna take royal?” Mira asked in a mockery voice.
“what’s that suppose to mean?” I glared at her.
“hmmmm sorry sorry.. I asked as friends” she replied.
I smiled,Mira is like that.
even if am wrong,she will still come back to me.

“Well I just came to say that am quiting this game… don’t misinterpret me,am still going to be in this friend circle but I won’t interfere in any matter that concerning Krishna” said angel.
“coward” jingwen said.
Angel frowned and throw her phone on her.

A car drove in,
I quickly check the window. I wasn’t expecting a visitor.
He came inside and walk upstairs.
“Lilly follow me” he commanded .
I hastily climb up the stairs with him till we got to my room.

“what happened to you?
he asked.
“umm nothing,it was a dirty game with my friends” I lied.
he made a suspicious grin.

“Do you know that the voice challenge is getting tougher and the model battle is now on a higher stake? he asked.
I stayed quiet.
he badly wants me for Royal.

“I know dad but….I ….can’t… sing….
I whispered.
“You can’t what???? he shouted.
I flinched back.

“Lilly you’ve started again..
after all the money and investment I put in this concert and the money I paid to lecturers to make you pass, you still want to dictate for me…
either you like it or not, you’re this years voice and am nominating you for the modeling battle also because it will boost your career..
singing with royal once again will make you go far and ahead of others. The only challenge you have now is dyardin and there’s nothing good in her” he said.

*Dad I know but….
I can’t stand Royal,I can’t face him i will just go and sign up with other industries and team up with someone else” I said.
My dad expression change,
I almost got slapped.

“Are you really stupid….u better stop talking about signing up with another industry because I won’t let you ruin me and my reputation!! he shouted.

I started crying..
my dad almost slapped me for the first time and he shouted at me..

“Mrs Rose already trained another girl, Mitchy,five stars badest tutor is also training her… her identity is very sealed and her voice is very magical, amazing and capable of giving people sleepless nights…
That clip that went viral, it was Krish.
She has killing curves too..
Although she’s in the secret, people who don’t know her already name Herr ‘queen of curves’.
I said…and dried my tears.

My dad scoffed.
“That doesn’t concern me all I know is that you’re for royal” he said

“Dad,I can’t…
I can’t win Krishna, I can’t beat her, I can’t sing like her, I can’t dance like her, my body isn’t perfect like her own…she’s a goddess too dad…
She’s sooo pretty” I said..

“You still don’t want to learn right!!
he shouted at me again.

“Krishna’s body is extremely perfect, not like mine! I said.
“Go and make your body perfect more than Krishna’s own! he said..

“You had better go and change your wardrobe, you’re the next first lady and you’re the most beautiful girl..
even of we are both Korean, one foolish Indian girl can never come and take your place..
Start dressing hotly to gain your fans trust! he said and left.

Jingwen entered immediately and dried my tears. I now became a laughing stock because of Krishna.

Now,she’s my biggest battle,
Royal can have romantic feelings for another girl but not with Krishna…
Jingwen hugged me,
I calmed down.


I was really bored.
I wished I was in Royal’s first mansion, by now, I would be chatting with Mrs Gina..or my teacher would be teaching me.

I really enjoyed that last lesson.
Silly me,I even told her I want to be like her but she told me to be myself.
i guess I said that because I like her too much cos she was the one that taught me how to combine cloths, the colors of clothes I should wear, my walking styles…
she even taught me how to use my voice..
I really like mitchy,
after Mrs Claudia, Mrs Rose and Dora, she’s my next mom.

My order arrived,
I collected it from aunt Linda and went to use the washroom again.
I quickly dress in the green body hug gown and wore the outing slippers..

I went to the dressing table…
i don’t even know what to touch.
Aunt Mitch hasn’t taught me how to use them.
I brushed my hair and tried combing the curly, I picked my phone and Mrs Claudia house address.

I got to the door and remembered I didn’t check mirror,I hastily rush back to check.
my dauntless eyes widened..
I was stiffed. I relaxed and adjusted the longness of the hand.

of course I look stunning but my waist downwards is capable of seducing the guys..
I was so shy to go out, i stayed back for like one hour and ordered another thing, a very very long and wide gown.
It was Linda that brought in the order.

“Krish,no way, I.won’t allow you wear this one,go like this” Linda said.
“hunn am shy, this cloth is somehow. i don’t know it’s going to be like. this on my body…” I said.

“umm maybe a slim girl advertised it. but it’s covering your kneels” Linda said..
“yes…but I think I want something wider” I said.
Linda smiled.
“there are some things you can’t hide. if I wear to be you, I will shake the whole word” Linda said.

“Are you sure this cloth is not seducing? I asked and stood up for her to see.
“No,it’s not your fault…you’re too endowed” she said and walk me out.

I gave the driver Mrs Claudia’s address and entered the car.

he drove into Mrs Claudia’s residence, I hastily step out with my bag. I entered.

A car drove in immediately,
I didn’t bother to look, I rush to the door..
The maids opened the glassy door.
“Hy sweetheart!!!
Anna jumped on me..
I smiled and carried her up.

“Hunn baby,you’ve grown a lot” I said, she smiled and touch my hair..
“I miss you” she said.
“of course I also do” I replied.
we both sat on the couch.

Mrs Claudia came in.
“Mom,I want her to start staying here like she used to do” little Anna said.
Mrs Claudia laughed.

I said and wanted to kneel,
She took my hands and held me up..
we hugged, Anna clapped.

A maid brought in a bag.
Mrs Claudia collected it and opened it,it was a jewelry box and two different saree’s..
I mean wedding saree…

“Mother who wants to do wedding??
I asked,confused. I also saw a princess waist chain among the jewelries.

“which wedding are we going to??
I asked, so much confused.

The door opened,
It was Eddy…
what’s Eddy doing here?????

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