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[the girl he never noticed]



turned hastily,he was nowhere;
was i high? thinking he just said those words to me!.
Am i seeing well or am i imaging things….
Am I sure am okay?
Adeife work work work,you’re serving punishment or have you forgotten!
dumebi came,i hasten with the dirt, I still have to pack again.She dropped the can and left.
I carried the can along to the garden so as to water the flowers.There was even a tap there.Waooow.
I started watering the flowers,i
suddenly heard a voice.
“welcome princess Akuna”,i was lucky to hear this because everywhere was quiet and the security man has a loud voice.
Akuna is actually here! is it that she didn’t sleep at all in her home…..
then I think am finished if i should cause troubles in her presence!
I faced what I was doing,I still heard footsteps approaching.
“princess akuna,welcome!…
whatttt Akuna?? Akuna???
where do I hide? she must not see me,she will pick on me and probably tell me stories of what usually happen to ugly girls.
“Ikechukwu! I heard her voice says.
“my princess, you can not see the garden now, it hasn’t been clean.Why not go into the mansion” ikechukwu said to her.
hmmmm did he stop akuna because of me…cos this garden is clean enough for her to pass.
I heard HER voice shouting as if she just won a lottery.
“yes,I should see Lotanna”
“am the first girl he spoke to and is with ever since this village”
I heard her says.
how long will she keep screaming because she had chance to stay with him during the royal feast..
no words, I think she left already.
I carried the can from where I dropped it and saw something glittering on the floor where it was laying.I tried lifting it with five fingers, it was heavy until I used my ten fingers(both hands)..
what’s this rare ruby gem doing here all alone??? I know it cost fortunes!.
Lotanna,I know it is his.
must belong to him because he likes diamonds so much and he likes being careless with expensive things.
I will keep this one for him too and return it just as I returned his ring.
I kept the diamond inside the empty can,I covered it so that no one will see it then I kept the can at the back of the garden before leaving..
I got to the maids quarter,dumebi already kept my food.
“Adeife your mother said you should come home for something important. The king already approved it,eat and go faster so you can return quickly”.
the head maid said and left.
I left the palace after eating.I even saw princess Akuna and prince Lotanna strolling out.
where are they going???.
they most be close friends now,I better mind my business.
I ran off.
believe by adesola adeomowole.m.
Akuna’s p.o.v
I felt so fulfilled as he followed me out,I know he was forced to do so by the queen(his mother).He doesn’t like talking and I really want to mean something to him,I dream many things with him..if he becomes the next king,I will be the queen and if he doesn’t become the king,I will be a popular person because I know his wealth status.
Even his mother wants me for him,
she said i should try and win his heart.He has hurting pasts,
what replaced the pain was being quiet and his hatred for females!.
He didn’t even have any friends,he likes being indoor after business.
what am I even saying??
he has a lot of people working under him,the only thing that keeps him busy is his scriptwriting and perhaps,music.
I stared at him with much desires as we walk out,he turned sideways and said inaudible words as he chewed slowly into his companion..
“what exactly do you want?”,
he asked trying not to be harsh..
“I want to make you happy”, I said.
“you’re even making me more sad”
he said…
I stayed quiet,we still walked but he distanced himself from me.
soo wide distance.
“why didn’t you choose my brother… gosh,you’re actually acting as one of my recent nightmares” he said.
first time he would speak to me, looking directly in my eyes.
“till then,conversation ends!
he said and left back into the palace.
the things I heard made me jolted into reality.He really left me but he spoke to me.
Ohh my gaaaad
the prince was talking to princess Akuna,gosh are they close???
ohh my,I wish he is still here!
such sexy figure,Akuna you’re lucky!!
the words I heard made me feel so happy! I felt as if an angel just kissed me…
“hi” olamma came to me.
“he asked me out” I said,dreamingly.
“ohh my gaaad,what did you reply… you’re lucky” chiamanda chipped in..
I rolled my eyeballs.
“Not yet,I won’t tell him yes now.I will keep playing hard to get” I said.
my prince is soo cute…
*****Jeez,he asked Akuna out***
I wish it was me he asked out…
****I would have said yes*****
looking at him his running me wild,I love his physique.
***ohhh my gaad,his twin brother should show up for gaad sake****.
I overhead murmurs.
I smiled,I understand what Lotanna coming out can cause.One would literally loss concentration.
I turned,something caught my eyesight.I frowned.
“what’s a girl with such shape doing in the palace? won’t she seduce my Lotanna???
I wanted to see her face but she had gone far.She’s too hot, her shape is too pronounced.
I left the midsts of the maidens..
speaking of Lotanna,I hope he comes to the waterfall in the evening,I would like to see him again.
Adeife Adeife
Onome had called me home,I thought it was something useful not knowing it is something frivolous. She called me to clean her store,she made me do all the house chores…and lastly, I must not sing! she had warned me sternly.
even in the condition that she is,she still acted so bossy.
even after everything,I do not wish her death.
I branched to see Ngozi after all the works,I plait her hair and in turn she gave me a new waist bead which I gladly accept.It was had letters containing the short form of my name “Ife”.
The waist bead,I won’t wear it.I already said my future husband will be the one to buy waist bead for me.
I returned to the palace,there was no work,the maids were resting.
I decided to check the gem I kept.I approached the garden where I kept it,thank goodness it was still intact. I carried the can instead of removing the gem.
what if someone sees it and call me a thief?.
Now,how do I return it?
I know you said we shouldn’t see and meet again because trouble is my nature,I might cause you one but I won’t stop helping you in the little way that I can.
“my friend!! someone tapped me.
turn out to be Nkem.
“where did you went?”, he asked.
“hmmm no worries am back.” I said.
“cool,come to my room you have not finish telling me the story” he said.
“your room!! I exclaimed ad I remembered what the old man tried doing to my poor self.
“friends right” nkem said.
my fear start cooking up….my fear for guys eeeeehn,it can burn up 24 storey building…
I’m a very principled person,although emotional.
“so when will you come?”,.
he asked.
“sir,am coming …dunebi sent me message” I bowed in respect and left before he would say something else.
I entered the hallway and pretended as if I want to deliver something.
I finally found his door,it was locked.
ohhh it’s evening,
he might be in the waterfall side.
The door beside his open,it was his twin brother.
should I drop it with him??
oh no,I better drop it with the real owner.
(believe by adesola adeomowole.m.)
I was almost reaching the gate,dumebi called me.
“Adeife,where to? she asked.
“I want to rush somewhere” I said.
“it’s wrong ooo,the head maid will get angry if she knows about this” she said. .
“Aaaah please don’t tell her,I really have to deliver something” I said.
“okay,do not take long because she will soon be back” she said.
I nodded and ran there…
he wasn’t there yet,the place was so calm and very neat.
I found a suitable place to drop it, a place where he would find it.
I dropped it and left.
I got to the gate and realized the waist bead Ngozi gave me wasn’t with me….gosh,I felt like crying loosing that pretty thing. Every maiden has that type of waist chain with their respective names on it.
I wanted to turn black, too late Mrs okafor saw me.
“Adeife what are you doing outside? is that the rule??? she said.
“I’m sorry” I said and ran into the palace…
“your last chance” she said.
I bowed as I moved in fully…
Lotanna’s p.o.v
I look so bothered,searching for it again.I thought I dropped it in my room or did I bring it here??
gosh, why am I always careless with expensive things!
my eyes was really red,even purple.
Even if someone find it,am sure the person won’t return it because it worth so much fortunes.
I moved down, very close to the waterfall and there it was down there, it was just as it was.
ohh my goodness,
Lotanna you’re careless-
but wait,I didn’t keep it here,someone must have kept it here.
something dropped underneath it, I picked it up,it was a spiral chain.
“Ife”….is this a name.
must be Ifeoma,Ifeyinwa or even Ifeanyi…
or did the spirit that sang with me drop it here for me to find?.
I made bubbles with the gum I was chewing and brought out my phone.
It’s remaining one thing am looking for,my script book.
“Hi” someone said,I turned,
it was Akuna.How did she find here?
or did she drop this for me?
no,it mustn’t be!
my headache appeared out of nowhere…
I looked down at her waist,she was putting on similar thing with the one I was holding..
“hi” she said.
“did you by chance drop this? speak the truth even if it will be once”
I said and showed her the one with me….
“remember the truth” I said.
“well Lotanna i……

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