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[the girl he never noticed]


I smiled like carelessly as I touch my waist where he had touched, everything happened like flash,I wish he can continue to be nice,
I want him to always look happy he his too handsome to be a snub,
something must have made him like that..
the ointment I was holding fell,I came back to my senses and bent to pick it up but I couldn’t find it…the place was too dark..if and only if the chandelier was still on.
Anyways,am grateful it was lotanna.. I continue searching until i found it bride the door,beside it was a necklace,it felt soooo cold.
must be gold and must be for lotanna.
I smiled and went away with both,
I was almost getting to the maids quarter,i saw nkem discussing with a particular security.
the security nodded and went back to his position, their discussion was over.
our eyes locked,
the first thing my eyes looked in his body was where he had bruises.
has he even forgiven me?.
I wouldn’t have pushed him if I knew it was a necklace but he acted so close like he want to take advantage of my innocence…
how do i even get him to forgive him? who knows if my fate of remaining here is in his hands?.
he looked away immediately our eyed locked, I moved away from the way so he could pass.
“nkem am sorry,I brought you this healing ointment if you won’t mind” I showed off the plastic.
he passed by without words.
he is actually ignoring me, but I thought we are friends like ngozi is my friends…
ngozi only get mad at me for 10mins whenever we fight or argue.
“nkem you said am your friend,is this how friends acts,I have been begging you for so long nkem,even when you tell me not to cry of emotional trauma I listened to you and stopped thinking,I always listen to you…now you,you couldn’t even forgive me” I said.
he turned slightly at me.
“i will forgive you only if you will attend Royal’s” he said.
“hmmmm….Royal,in the next village? I can’t am an ordinary maid and besides am ugly…am…
he didn’t allow me complete my statement,his face came close like he wants to kiss me.
I felt scared,friends do not kiss right?.
he smiled and used his fingers to silence my lips.
“you’re the most beautiful creature have ever seen,no one competes with you” he said and took my ointment,he left.
I smiled,we are back as friends.
I returned to the maids quarter and stood at the entrance where there was light so I could see lotanna’s necklace properly.
someone cleared throat in an annoying manner from behind,
I turned it was chioma.
“Mrs okafor calls for you” she said.
I left,
soon I arrived at her door and entered.
“am in need of hot water,can you make one for me?” she asked.
“always count on me” I replied and went out with a bucket.I came back few minutes later.
she had her night bed and retired back to bed,I stayed with her for the night,I made sure she sleep before bringing out the necklace to view.
it has two shooting stars as pendants…so pretty.
I tied it to the end of my wrapper and slept beside Mrs okafor.
I remembered that my song.
believe in all that can be,
a miracle starts when you dream
believe and sing from your heart
Adeife believe,believe and sing.
it has been long I sang out,
I hope I can still do it properly…
aaaaah Adeife,why is your life so pathetic??.
believe by adesola adeomowole.m.
Lotanna’s p.o.v
that trouble girl is something else,I can’t believe she didn’t notice the chandelier light falling..what if it has fallen on her???
trouble here and there…that wouldn’t get her anywhere,she should learn to be a calm girl sometimes.
I rolled my eyeballs as I filled my glass with wine,I have many unfixed issues in my life,
am looking for that girl,
am looking for that murderer who always show up whenever am deeply in love..
before I had wanted to wait until the girl finally decide to show up but right now,I think she is delaying.
and am trying the wise man method.
I want to see you first although I won’t speak to you for now,just want to see you so I will know how to protect you fully,
you must not die like my pasts,
I want to find you and the more I don’t see you,the more clueless I get and I hate suspence,it gives me sleepless nights.
even me,I don’t think am save.
sometimes,I feel like am with you but after a while,you just seem so far away,
why haven’t you notice your bead is missing? or is it not precious to you?
are you not also looking for me?
ohhj you left all the puzzles alone for me to solve,
help me please!
save me from being clueless,keeping you alone in my heart might make me insane.
I know you don’t want me to run mad and I hope you’re not cheap,most village girls are insensible and are quiet a nuisance..
gosh,you keep leaving me alone to imagine what you are!
are women born to confuse me?..
am not giving up yet,until I know who you are..
I gulped down my wine slowly,
my door opened.
who can that be? am not expecting anyone.. by this time!.
I stood up hastily,the money i took hours in counting poured.
everything….so much stresss..
whosoever entered must be a bad luck.
I used my eyes to search around for my mask,I didn’t see it,I hopped downstairs to my living room.
can’t be Jidenna,he always inform me each time he wants to see my room….
I got to the living room,it was Akuna.
I waychrf her walk in,she wore a very revealing outfits,her thighs downwards was on display…her breasts covered as low.
she smiled as she waved “hi”.
I scoffed.
“did you miss road?”, I asked.
she catwalked by my side and walked upstairs. .
“hope it is not my bedroom?” I asks.
“well,I was planning the future…Lotanna don’t you think it’s time we start getting intimate on bed, you’re an aspiring king and you must impregenate your woman before marriage” she said.
I scoffed.
“get out” I said very icily.
“really,we are still going to do it” she said….I took my lips in and followed her upstairs as the gentle guy that I was.
she made an attempt to touch me, my glares alone made her stop..
“I bet you won’t try this if you know who and what I really am…you won’t even dare looking at me not to talk of staring at me,okay the door is opened, get lost” I said and walked past her.
she started crying.
“I know who and what you are!
you’re the owner of GLAMOUR DIAMONDS,the only industry that produce the world’s purest diamonds,I know you’re damn wealthy” she said.
“is that all you know” I turned as I seethed at her desperability.
“you’re peek skincare ambassador” she said.
*is that all” I asked.
she started crying,
she made it worst till I couldn’t handle it anymore..
I ignored her.
“is it because of her,the girl you’re searching for; you’re so occupied with finding her so much that your mind is lost….what did she give you to eat. ..have you forgotten what the queen wants,
Just you and I are the future of this kingdom” she said..
I ignored her and hoped faster to the bedroom door..
“Lotanna,who is she to you hunnn? what exactly has she done for you”
she still cried.
she deepened the cey,there she goes again!.
“fine,have the room to yourself..suite yourself,fuck you! I knew you missed your way” I muttered and left her Alone in my suite…
“where are you going? she followed me…I slam the door on her face..
I left and locate my sisters suite,I brought out the key to unlock it,
nkem passed by.
Do I need to speak with him.
“Hey,nkem” I called.
“ohhh my handsome prince” he retorts in a friendly manner,the intercom on Tracy’s door beeped as it opened automatically.
“Hmmm nkem apart from akuna, does anyone sings in this palace?”, I asked..
“ohh no one sings in this palace” he replied……
or is this girl even hiding her identity? aaaah I better not run mad.
“Do you by chance know the owner of this bead,the owner do you know it? or is there any Ife in this palace?”.
I asked in my softest voice.
“well……” he paused and stared at the bead,just the bead.

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